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Chapter four

It had been only a couple of days since he had first met Reborn, hell since he had first gotten into Japan for that matter. Not to mention since he had gotten the information download, he had, as well as had given one a download of information of his own in return. One that let both Tsuna and Reborn know just what he could do, as well as to warn them about thing he couldn't quite control at the same time.

So even the very first day had been there was something that had been a very benefiting for him, even if it did end up with him agreeing with something, he wasn't so sure he wanted to be part of. And even if it did open him up to dangers, he had no idea had existed before today; it still was something he was rather happy that had happened.

Not only that but, he had also been treated to the amusing sight of Tsuna reacting to the fact he had a melted ice cream cone on his head; had had it on his head for a while by then at that. Though honestly even with how amusing that sight had been he really could have done without the high pitch scream Tsuna had released after Harry had mention it.

Currently Harry was leading a Reborn, Tsuna and someone Reborn called one of Tsuna's guardians, a boy called Gokudera to his trunk; with Reborn riding on his shoulder as he did so. Shooting Tsuna with his gun to get him to move faster, while Gokudera continued to make threats to Harry under his breath about what he would do if this was a trick or trap in some way.

Hearing this, Harry had to sigh a bit as he found himself thinking back to his first meeting of Gokudera. It hadn't been the greatest of meetings, but it had been a rather memorable one. It was a meeting that had happened not even moments after Harry had finished getting his explanation. \

And was most likely caused by the fact that Harry had told Tsuna about the ice cream cone that had been there for about the last thirty minutes. Seeing as it was the high pitched Hiee that the teen in question had released that had caused on Gokudera to come running.


Harry had just mention that Tsuna still had the ice cream cone on his head, and he had been expecting a reaction of sorts as he did this. Maybe a shout of disgust as Tsuna knocked the ice cream cone off his head; or something similar to that. Sort of like how most people would have reacted if something like that had happened to them; depending on their temperament.

But what he got wasn't exactly what he excepted, even if later on Harry figured he should have given what he did know of Tsuna so far, and that was the fact that Tsuna let loose a high pitched Hieeee that left Harry wanting to clutch his ears from how high pitched it had gotten near the end. Harry swore it was something similar to a dog whistle and could be heard for miles; it had to have been.

Something that was made just that much worse when Reborn, still on Harry's shoulders, decided to add his two cents into what had just been said And by that Harry meant that Reborn began to shoot at Tsuna, purposely missing him just by mere inches, for not up holding the standards of the Vongola, and embarrassing himself in front of a new ally. That is when Harry heard rapid footsteps making their way towards them along with a loud cry of.

"JUUDAIME-SAMA WAIT UP! I'M COMING TO SAVE YOUU!" Then Harry saw a silver haired teen around the same age as Tsuna, maybe a bit older, meaning he was around a year or so younger than him, running towards them. With what looked like a dynamite in his hand raised ready to light and throw in their direction.

Fortunately, it seemed that Tsuna had seen this as well, as just before silver haired, loud mouth, teen decide to throw his weapon at them, and just before Harry raised a shield that would reflect part of the explosion back at the teen in question while blocking the rest, Tsuna jumped in front of said teen while crying out.

"Wait Gokudera, don't do that. Harry is nice and he was just telling me something, and Reborn has said he is going to be an Ally or something like that…JUST DON'T THROW THAT!" Hearing this, Harry realized that the teen who had come running was apparently Gokudera, who was apparently Tsuna's friend if the way he reacted to the screaming meant anything.

As well as finding out the teen either was really blunt or didn't have a brain to mouth filter, like most others had, because the next thing out of the Gokudera mouth had Harry sputter out laughter. While at the same time restarting the chaos that had just been interrupted by his arrive in the first place and that was

"What that on you head Juudaime-Sama?

Memory end

Unfortunately, it seemed that his laughter caused Gokudera to not like him or something like that; as he believed he was making fun of Tsuna for some weird reason. Which ended up with the dynamite from earlier getting thrown at him, despite Tsuna's protest, and for Harry to throw up the shield he had been going to put up earlier. Ending up with Gokudera getting thrown back form the blast of his own bomb and Harry only suffering from a slight drain in energy; as his slightly purple tinted shield protected him.

Which opened up Harry to a whole nother bunch of questions from the angry silver haired teen, while at the same time being accused of being a UFO from Gokudera. Something that wasn't helped in the least bit by the fact that Gokudera had also seen some of his more inhuman characteristics like his sharper than average teeth; which had then gotten him asked if he was a vampire after he denied being a UFO.

Though considering that Harry asked if Gokudera was Tsuna's attack puppy and seemed to be completely honest in his comparisons of Gokudera to a dog, his reaction might have been fair. Considering it was then, and in reaction to being called a UFO, when Harry had bared his teeth enough for Gokudera to see them enough to confuse him for a vampire in the first place.

Still after denying that and restraining the urge to attack the loudmouth bomber they had been able to get some explanations out; mostly due to the fact the Reborn had made the facts get out. Like the fact that Tsuna had just recently meet Gokudera and Gokudera had sworn to be Tsuna's right hand man after Tsuna had saved his life in the fight they had been having.

Which had confused Harry at first, seeing as he really couldn't see himself ever swearing to serve someone, work alongside them yes, but sever under them under their control, no he couldn't do that, But Gokudera seemed happy with where he was so Harry decided to put it off as one of the Puppies quirks and get his mind off of it.

Currently thought said Puppy was getting on Harry's last nerve, as Harry led them to where he considered his sanctuary and one of the very few safe places that he had. Seeing as at the moment he was leading the group towards where he had set up his camp for his stay in the town in question.

As that was where Harry could temporarily leave his trunk without too much worry about it being there. What considering it was locked in such a way that only he could get into it without there being a serious back lash; such as self-destroying in the worst-case scenario. On the other hand that did mean that he had to be the one to open in and the only one that could safely get the others all inside it; which was why Gokudera had been grumbling about what he would do if it was a trap.

None of which really frightened Harry, though if it had been a trap it would have been Reborn, he would have been more worried about then Gokudera; by far. As Harry felt given half the chance, he would have been able to escape Gokudera as unlike him it looked like Gokudera had really done a lot of physical training and relied mainly on those bombs of his.

All of which Harry could make useless with the shields he could make when he combined his magical shields with the cloud flames he had; something Harry would admit he did a bit more practice at being up faster. Yet at the same time felt he would be fast enough when it came to the silver haired puppies bombs as he was rather obvious when he was using them, nor where they hard to miss being thrown at him; like a bullet would have been.

But considering he wasn't trying to trap them, Harry figured he would have to ask Reborn for help with in increasing his speed and power with his shields; as a just in case. Which wasn't something he was looking forward to, as something told Harry that it would be utter hell for him when it came to training with said hitman.

However that didn't matter much as now, as they were current at the room he had rented out for his stay, and there for in the place he had his trunk at; meaning that it was time to introduce the three behind him to his training chamber. Now if only he could figure out just why the idea of doing so and letting Reborn have control over it to a degree, sent shivers of pure and utter dread down his spine all would be good.

Once Harry had got his trunk open to the correct room, while keeping the others locked seeing as they wouldn't be any help at the moment. As Reborn had let him know the other two didn't even really know about their flames at the moment, let alone needed a room to practice them in. Which would probably be the only room they would also be interested in at the moment anyway.

So, with that in mind Harry got only his training room open and let all the others inside; the chill down his back getting even worse as he did so. And made even worse by the fact his gut instincts were sending him a sense of utter doom while letting him know that whatever was happening would also make him strong but there would be hell to pay for it.

Holding back a shiver from this feeling and doing his best to steel himself for what he felt was about to come, Harry turned around and told the others that had followed him into his trunk.

"Well this is it, and the controls for it are right by the door. They can control the levels the dummies fight at, as well as the level of gravity the room is at as well. Got the idea Gravity idea from an Anime and it seemed to really work. Right now the gravity isn't on as I make sure to turn it off before I leave, but it can be upped and I do have a command word that can override the controls that would turn it off if it ended up being too strong. But right now, it can't go over two more levels then what I currently have been training at as a precaution more than anything else, same for the training dummies for that matter. They…" Here Harry trailed off as he realized he had been rambling and blushed slightly before looking at the others to see their reactions; almost regretting it as he did so.

As Reborn was suddenly by the door, where the controls where eager looking at ways to 'help' with the training. Tsuna looked a horrified and seconds from running out the training room door as fast as he could, and then there was Gokudera reactions. As he scoffed and told Harry; clearly lying through his teeth as he did so

"This isn't so impressive I'm sure Juudaime-Sama could do better than this, and doesn't need YOUR training grounds Especially if someone as weak as you are the results!" Hearing this Harry was hard pressed to ignore the instincts that told him to utterly destroy Gokudera and show him just how 'weak' he really was. Instead he responder back in a voice of poisoned honey.

"Is that right?" And after getting a nod his voice got sharper and even more poisoned as he continued on; feeling his could flames aching to come out as he did so.

"Well, at least this training room made me strong enough I could easily ignore those bombs of yours; while running circles around you at the same time. So, who is seriously the weak one in this this room, after all?" This seemed to enrage Gokudera and had him gearing up to light up another one of his bombs.

Or at least he was going to until suddenly the very gravity around them upped and caused all three of the teens in the room to hit the ground hard. Gokudera and Tsuna because it was suddenly to heavy for them to move. Though Gokudera wasn't completely pinned down and was trying to get up from where he had landed. Unlike Tsuna who at the moment did seem to be utterly unable to move at all; pinned down to heavily to do so.

While Harry on the other hand, had hit the ground as hard as he had because he wasn't prepared for what that happening; so he hadn't braced for it. Making him hit the ground just as fast, as suddenly and just as hard as the other two had because of this.

Still as he was getting back up to his feet Harry found himself meeting the sight of Reborn staring down at them from the control of the room. An unholy smirk seen clearly on his small face, and even with the distance between them Harry could see the evil gleam glittering in those soulless black eyes of his.

Causing a Harry's eyes to widen as every instinct in him screamed at him to get as far from Reborn as he could. A feeling that got even worse as Reborn opened his mouth to speak, then all Harry felt was his stomach dropping to feet.

"You should really try to get along better, after all you'll be going to the same school together soon, and even be classmate at that. Wouldn't want allies like that to be fighting in such close quarters, would we?" Hearing this, Harry's eyes widened even more, and he was able to wheeze out a.

"What." Which got him and even wider smile from Reborn before the toddler shaped hitman in question all but chirped out.

"Yes, and your name there will be Haru Sawada, or as it will be there Sawada Haru. You'll be going there as a cousin form his mother's side whom was nice enough to give you her husband's last name as yours would make you stand out too much here." Here Harry was given another smile and before Harry could protest the fact that his own looks would make him stand out, let alone his name, Reborn once more upped the gravity.

Causing both Gokudera and Tsuna, who had both finally gotten back up, to go slamming back down and for Harry's own knees to bind slightly as he forced himself to get used to the new weight without falling down.

As he did this Harry began to curse himself for letting Reborn know about the controls and began to wonder if activating the voice commands to release him would be worth the hell it would unleash on him at the same time.

Something he began to question even more when Reborn, instead of activating the Gravity again instead activated the Dummies directed all at him; at what Harry was sure was close to their max level. Or at least the Max level he had managed to reach so far.