Hey, Yeah I know I need to update the other story too. But this one has grasped my attention I've planned this one out a little better than the other story. But here's another chapter.

Percy Pov:

The last thing I remember was getting blasted by my mother's power, I didn't black out instead I was in a paralytic state flying through the sky. I found myself crying at the thought of both my parents fading. Why did they not say anything about this earlier. "Apopis has made our Pantheon fade young one. He will not rest till all of us have faded" Ra spoke in my mind. Aten, was Ra's original incarnation. I closed my eyes hoping, I would wake up with all the pain in my heart gone.

Unknown POV:

Perseus sailed through the sky towards the island of Delos where a little girl sat staring up at the stars.

Artemis POV:

As I sat down looking up at the sky, I saw a shooting star, or at least that's what I think it is, I sat there for five minutes before suddenly the shooting star changed it's direction and came hurtling towards the island, I had to go find mother and make sure she was alright. After all I was getting another sibling soon. I ran through the forest, my senses tingling warning me to go faster, I sped up. Five minutes later I was at the cave. "Mother we have to leave now." I panted. "I cannot leave Artemis, you know that as well as I do." I groaned as I went back to where I was sitting before, to find a boulder, at least with a boulder at the cave, mother would be unharmed .I terribly misjudged the position of the 'shooting star.'

I looked up to find it was coming right at me. She closed my eyes accepting my fate. I expected to be incinerated by the force of the falling star. When the strangest thing happened. It never came. When I opened my eyes I saw a boy who was glowing and floating. As I touched him I heard a voice "Artemis, this is Perseus. You will soon value him as much as I did, take care of him, and be careful not to hurt him. He is one of a kind, do not forget that." With that the boy collapsed into my arms. Perseus. Destroyer. If he destroyed anything I loved he would pay. I trudged through the forest huffing the entire time. This boy was heavy. He looked about 12 years old but he felt like he was a full grown man.

When I reached the cave I didn't say a word, I just glared at my mother. If we just left this island I wouldn't have to carry this heavy boy all the way back. I dropped him on the floor and covered him with a blanket.

"Who's your friend?" Mother asked. "His name is Perseus. He was the shooting star" I said, my mother's face fell for a moment, then it resumed it's normal look: cheerful. "You should go to bed Artemis, it's late." She chided. I didn't need to be told twice. I walked over to where I dropped Perseus and lay down a few feet away from him, covering myself I wondered what the boy would be like. I would beat his butt off the island if I didn't like who he was. With that lovely thought, I closed my eyes drifting into the realm of Morpheus.

I know, Short Chapter. But Blah. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this shall post another one soon.