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Apollo POV:

I don't know what happened all those years ago, Neither Perseus nor Artemis has disclosed that event, unfortunately that only makes me more curious. Whatever happened shook the both of them up, Artemis stopped talking to me altogether, she prefers hunting with her little group of girls, running around killing things (most of them male). I wish I could turn back time, I miss the woman my sister once was, now she's like a different person. Perseus never stopped talking to me, but whenever I bring the event up, he disappears in a sandstorm (yeah, he can do that now.) I've thought up a list of who to put Perseus with to make him smile again, I swear, all the girls he meet drool over him, but it's like he just doesn't care. I guess I lost that part of Perseus too.

Perseus POV:

As I was running through the forest, a blur to anyone, but an Olympian, an arrow whizzed past my head, my hand fluidly flew back, grabbed the arrow, brought it forward and stabbed it into the tree trunk to my right. The shooter gulped. A girl of fifteen, Stood there clad in silver. Oh Great, Her again.

"I thought I told you if I'd see you again, I'd kill you." I said in a serious tone.

"You still haven't given me your name, boy" She spat out.

Before anyone could register what happened I had her pinned to a tree trunk, I leaned in to her ear and whispered "Tell Artemis, you met her worst nightmare, and if I stumble upon another silver clad fool, they will sent to Hades before she can blink" I said in a low tone, filled with venom.

She blacked out. From fear or from lack of oxygen I know not.

I let the limp body of the huntress fall to the ground.

Ever since the day since I saved Artemis from Orion, I have encountered several members of the group she calls her 'hunt'. All the times have ended the same. Letting them off with a warning. But now I'm seriously contemplating a more serious action than just scaring these girls. As much as I scare them their pride does not allow them to step down. But in the end, their pride will be their downfall. So much for the Balance these Greeks love so much.

I have learnt that over time, my pantheon has spread it's influence to the island of Crete which in turn influenced the Greek Pantheon.

The first time I heard that, I had such high hopes, but unfortunately, the only god to have survived the Egyptian fading is me, and that stupid chaotic worm.

Apollo has tried to set me up with several women, but after what Artemis did, I have lost the ability to trust. Speaking of Artemis, I have not seen a bigger hypocrite, she runs a group going around killing men for the very exact crimes she committed against me.

Maybe I should teach her a lesson. While I was contemplating my future actions, a bright flash managed to bring me out of my thoughts. In front of me, was the last person I expected to see.

Third Person POV:

The young man in a black coat, visibly flinched as a figure emerged from the bright flash that obscured the young man's vision just seconds before. The young man fell into a bow.

"You know you don't need to bow to me" The figure said casually.

"I do so, because I respect you." The young man said, rising from his bow.

"I have found a cure."

The young man says nothing at first, but then inches closer to the figure.

"What is it?" The young man asks softly.

"Water from The Lethe" The figure says.

The two disappear in a cloud of blackness. Both unaware of the goddess of the hunt listening into their conversation.

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