Hey, there is no doubt you all hate me, but I've been busy with work but I'm gonna start writing again, I can't promise you consistency, but I can promise you my effort which hopefully, is sufficient.

Perseus POV:

When the blackness cleared we were at the banks of the River Lethe. "So I just drink from the river?" I asked more out of disbelief than curiosity. I got my reply when my companion flashed out with a grunt.

I bent down to the river, and scooped a hand full of water. I closed my eyes and sipped the water, there was no going back. The water was cool and slimy, with no taste but had a slight burning effect.

When I opened my eyes, I was irritated, I thought this was supposed to work, I banged my fist onto a close by rock, breaking it, then suddenly I fell to my knees and blacked out.

Line Break

When I opened my eyes, I flinched at the bright light, I was no longer on the gloomy banks of the River Lethe. I was in a garden. Shackled to a bench. This is what the last Egyptian god is reduced to. Pathetic.

I was looking around to see if I could find anyone around. No one perfect. I closed my eyes and imagined the chains, destroyed. I heard a clink and open my eyes with a satisfied grin. But at the sight my eyes met, I turned cold once again. In front of me was none other than Artemis.

Artemis POV:

When Perseus destroyed the shackles I knew something was wrong, he was supposed to forget. I jumped down from the tree I was hiding in and silently crept closer to him. Over the years I forgot what his face looked like in detail. His tanned face was chiseled and his raven windswept hair looked like a mess of black. He was athletic, but you could tell him muscles were defined. I realized I was staring at him when he suddenly tensed up. Our eyes met. At that moment I wanted to just curl up and die. In his eyes were betrayal and hurt. The same as before. It hadn't even become less. I found the courage to ask him what had been eating into my mind for the last few minutes. "Perseus do you remember?"

I got my response when he said something under his breath and flashed away. Unfortunately I heard it.

Hestia POV: