"We're lost again, and it's all your fault, Ash Ketchum!"

"My fault?! No it's not! I know exactly where we are!"

"Oh yeah? And where's that?"

"We're—on the way to my next gym battle, that's where!"

"Well clearly your sense of direction is about as good as your sense of balance when riding a bike. Like the one that you stole and crashed!"

Yep, Misty and Ash were fighting again. Pikachu hated it when they fought. He had jumped off Ash's shoulder to walk ahead when he sensed another one coming. His very good hearing was a little too good when Ash was shouting in his ear at Misty, so he preferred not to ride on his trainer when they were arguing.

Brock was walking slightly behind the group, staring intently at a map. "Hey guys," he said, trying to lessen the tension, "I don't think we're that far off the path. We just passed this tree," he pointed to his map, "about 15 minutes ago, that was the last trail marker we saw. I think if we go just a little further east, we'll find the path again!"

Misty replied with a snarky comment about Ash not being able to read the map, and just like that they were jumping down each other's throats, with nothing Brock could do but keep up pace behind them, focus split between examining his map and attempting to quell the fighting.

Pikachu sighed to himself as he listened to the decibel level increase in their voices. He momentarily considered hitting the pair with a good Thunder Shock attack, but decided against it. If only there was a way to get them to stop, he thought.

As they walked on, Pikachu couldn't think of a way to get them to stop, but his sudden increase in exertion was causing a different reaction—in his bowels. Well, if he could get the group to take a break, at least that would get them to stop yelling for a little while.

"Maybe if you hadn't of sold your compass so you could buy that third rice cake back in Saffron City, we wouldn't be in this predicament!" Misty hollered.

"I told you, I sold it because it was broken!"

"It wasn't broken, you just didn't know how to read it!"

Pikachu reached up and pulled on Ash's pant leg.

"Not now, Pikachu," Ash said, before turning back on Misty. "If you hadn't of freaked out and ran off back at that old stump because you thought there was a bug Pokemon behind it, maybe we wouldn't have lost the trail to begin with!"

"Oh, so now you're blaming me?"

"Yeah, I am!"

"Pika!" Pikachu tugged at his pant leg again.

"What, Pikachu?" Ash asked, a little more harshly than he normally would have to his Pokemon.

"Chu! Pika-pee!"

Ash stopped walking and sighed. "Hold up, guys. Pikachu has to take a Pika-poo. Brock, do you still have some toilet paper?"

Misty, still shouting, said, "Pikachu is a Pokemon! He doesn't need toilet paper! We're low on supplies as it is!"

"Only because you always use almost a whole roll yourself whenever you need to go!" Ash retorted.

"I do not!"



Brock jumped between the two of them. "Why don't we take a quick lunch break while Pikachu does his business? Ash, you can go collect some wood to make a fire, and Misty, you can help me purify some water to cook with!" He gently pushed them in opposite directions before either of them could argue.

The small bundle of sticks in Ash's arms would make a wimpy fire, but he didn't seem to notice. He was still fuming over Misty. As he slowly made his way back following the aroma that was already wafting from Brock's mess, he thought he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. "Pikachu?" He asked, believing he heard a rustle in the bushes nearby. "Is that you?"

Pikachu hid behind a stump, realizing he had picked a bad spot as far as privacy was concerned. He knew he had to make a quick getaway to a better location, fast.

Ash heard something and turned to see what looked like the flash of a lightning-shaped tail disappearing. "Pikachu, where'd you go?" He asked, dropping his pile of wood and dashing off after him.

"Pikachu? Where are you?"

Ash chased him at a run for a couple of minutes before slowing to catch his breath. He wandered aimlessly for a little while, calling for his Pokemon, before deciding he needed to get back to help Brock with building the fire. Unfortunately, he realized he was lost. He picked the direction he thought he had come from, and started walking.

Despite his looking, he could not see hide nor hair of Pikachu anywhere. Ash stopped at a tree to listen when he heard what sounded like a splash of water and a giggle on the other side of the tree. He peeked around to look. It was a clearing with a spring of clear water not twenty feet away from the roots of the tree he hid behind. A red circle seemed to be floating on the pond, until it moved, and he realized Misty was swimming in it. Ash jumped back behind the tree, making sure not to be seen, then carefully peered back around to watch. Misty was enjoying the cool water, apparently bathing herself. That gave the boy a clever idea. He would wait behind this tree and wait for Misty to come back out of the water. When she did, he would jump out from behind the tree and scare her! He snickered at the thought.

"I may have to hang out with boys all day," he heard her say, "but I certainly don't have to smell like one!"

She appeared to be getting ready to get out, and Ash hid himself again, grinning from ear to ear. He was gonna get her good, he couldn't wait to see the look on Misty's face when he scared her. The splashing of water told him she was climbing out, and he stole one last glance to make sure he would get his timing right.

Then he stopped and stared.

It was like a switch had flipped. He wasn't sure why, but it had somehow completely slipped his mind that she was probably naked when she had begun her bath. But it wasn't that fact that had caught him by surprise. Instead, it was the way her body looked. It was like she was a new person, now. Stunning. Satisfying. Awakening.

The first thing he noticed was that her balls were missing. Ash puzzled at this immediately. Why did she have a flat little - nothingness? There was literally nothing there! Just a kind of crack—what was that? Did her buttcrack line go all the way past her thighs and up her front end a little or something? Where was her pee-pee? And her nuts? It was the strangest—and most glorious—thing he had ever seen in his life. And he wanted to keep staring at it forever, but he tore his eyes away to look at—

Her breasts. He knew girls had boobs, since you can see them in their body shape and in their clothes. But he didn't think he had ever actually seen them exposed, before, or that they were this pleasing to look at. Misty's were so—amazing. Beautiful. Two perfectly smooth round little cups, perfectly curved, sloped, and angled to two pointy pink nipples.

These two eye-catching centers were framed by her slender body, attractively moving and flexing as she wrung out her wet hair and walked to the log to where her clothes lay. Her flat stomach was heavenly. Her legs were so shapely and so fine. Her butt was so round and appealing—at least her butt looked normal. It looked like a normal butt. A normal, beautiful butt.



He'd accidentally stepped on a twig. Misty spun around, saw he was watching her, and exploded. Well, not without hurriedly picking up her shirt to cover herself with first. Then she erupted.


He held up his hands in surrender. "I wasn't trying to, I swear. It's just that—your balls are gone!" He pointed at her crotch.

"My—what?" She said, now confused as well. "Girls don't have balls, you pest! We have vaginas!"


"Vaginas. Didn't your parents ever give you the talk about the Pidgeots and the Beedrills?"

"I'm sure my mom has talked about Pidgeots and Beedrills loads of times when teaching me about Pokemon, but I don't see what that has to do with anything. Ahh!" He looked down, surprised to find a bulge in his zipper. He tried to suppress it with his hand, but it didn't seem to satisfactorily flatten.

"Darn it, I hate it when this happens," he said.

"Come on, don't act like a pretty girl has never given you a boner before," Misty said, still covering herself.

"Well I don't know what a 'boner' is, but this is the first time I've ever seen a naked girl. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and my pee-pee is big and hard like this, but I don't know why. It usually goes away when I go back to sleep."

The anger in her eyes was dying. It was starting to turn into sympathy for Ash apparently not knowing anything about the human body. And excitement. Even though her hand was covering her crotch and her other arm holding her shirt over her chest, the way Ash was looking at her was really turning her on. It wasn't the way she wanted it to happen, but maybe she had finally broken through Ash's seriously heavy childhood innocence/obliviousness. She decided to drop her hands and let her shirt fall back onto the log, exposing herself to his full view. She couldn't ignore the throb that noticeably pulsed through his zipper at that moment.

"That's it, Ash Ketchum," Misty said, placing her hands on her hips. "I'm teaching you everything you need to know about the human body right here, right now."