Pika: Goodbye Stars






OK! Pika get it. Pika KNOWS that Pika hungry. Nothing Pika can do. Gettit?

Pika no want to eat berries. Berries not good, not ripe. Pika prefer Brock food. Brock food so tasty. SO good.

Pika wonder, where Brock is? Pika not seen Brock in SO long. Not since night Pika can't remember.

That night a blur. That night gap in Pika memory.

Pika remember Rockets. They takes Pika. Rockets always take Pika. Pika in big Mewoth balloon. Pika high, Pika so high that Pika felt sick with scaredness.

Pika in cage, Pika not get out. Pika falling. Faster and faster, faster and faster, faster, faster, fasterfasterfaster…


Then, Pika on a beach. Everything hurt Pika now. Pika not like was before. Before Pika happy, Pika strong. Now Pika weak and sad. Pika lost everyone. Everyone forget about Pika. Light in Pika gone.

Pika hope Brock happy.

Now Pika think of another hooman. HIS human. Pika's Ash. Pika get sad when he think about his Ash. Ash no care about Pika anymore. He no look for Pika. If his Ash did care about Pika, he come and find Pika.

Pika not silly. Pika knows his Ash has other Pokemons to train and to be with. Maybe he happys just with them. He let Butterfrees go. Now he lets Pika go.

Pika miss his Ash.

Pika so lost. So long time. Pika so hungry and so thirsty. Pika live in the forest, but Pika no like the other Pokes living here. Pika used to think he like ALL Pokes, but these Pokes not good. Pika not belong here.

Now Pika eyes close. Pika want sleep again, but tummy no want. Pika's tummy loud and hurty.

Pika need food. So bad. More than sleep. But no food, not for Pika. Pika too tired to look for bad berries anymore.

Pika shut eyes. Will Pika open eyes evers again? Pika not know. Pika not care.

Pika remembers to say goodbyes before eyes shut. Like Pika always does. Always…

Goodbye Misty.

Goodbye Sun.

Goodbye Brock.

Goodbye Stars.