It Never Happened

By Vengeance 208

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or settings – this is a non-profit piece of work and falls under fair use.

Author's Note: This is not just a 'New Moon' remake with the genders swapped; it aims to be different from NM (New Moon) – though obviously with some similarities. In some ways, I found the start of New Moon (and thus the entire plot) slightly weird, I always thought that Edward's reaction to Bella being injured by Jasper was unrealistic. I reckon something less harsh is in order; so, I am going to try and remedy that (using Beau and Edythe).

The book begins after the events of Visser 2315's alternate Life and Death ending, which you can read on this site. It's basically the original Twilight ending, ported over to Life and Death.

Now enjoy...

The wolf was about the size of a small car, illuminated only by the light from the moon above; a bright crimson sphere hanging overhead. It was russet in colour and shrouded in shadow from the thick canopy of trees obscuring the moon's rays. The wolf growled softly, though stood still, facing me – seemingly relaxed. A branch snapped, and I felt the air whip the side of my face. I looked around at what a second before had been nothing – and saw Edythe.

The wolf snarled harshly at the appearance of the vampire, a sound like a meat grinder. Its lips pulled up, exposing vicious teeth – teeth that looked like they could tear through even Edythe's hardened skin. The animal's eyes were locked on the new threat, ignoring me completely. There was a blur of movement and Edythe was suddenly in front of me, her posture rigid, muscles tense.

"Edy-" I started to say, alarmed.

"Back away Beau," she interrupted in a hiss, her voice tight, the stress leaking through – though she tried to hide it.

"When you get out of sight, run."

Barely a second after she had finished speaking, the animal began to advance – snarling louder. I stood still, rooted to the spot frozen with fear.

"Go Beau," Edythe shouted – now not even bothering to hide her panic.

My slow retreat turned into a full sprint away from the animal; I ran out of the clearing and into the densely-packed trees. My breath ragged, my heart already pounding; I was too scared to worry about whether I would trip. I sounded loud in the silence of the wood, my footsteps crashed through the forest as I ran. Suddenly a scream pierced my ears, a scream that was beautiful, a high elegant sound – even as it expressed intolerable agony.

Author's Note: Hello readers, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read the first chapter of my Fanfiction. It aims to be a continuation of Life and Death with the original Twilight's ending (for the gender-swapped characters of course). It will not, however, be a simple "New Moon Re-imagined", there's already an excellent Fan Fiction by Visser2315 to cover that.

All feedback is appreciated (I can't promise to read all of it but I'll try). If you think my writing is poor, or inconsistent please let me know. I want to try and capture the characters the way Stephanie envisioned them, please let me know if you think I've made ANY errors, or the characters seem OOC (out of character).

If you do give critical feedback, make sure it is polite. Advice and examples of where I go wrong/ what I could improve are always appreciated. I think that I struggle the most with character dialogue (keeping it in-character).


-Have a Nice Day


-Updated 28/01/18

Fixed minor errors and improved the Author's Note.