Seventeen year old Ben Tennyson was waking up in a dark room rubbing his head, he looked to his wrist to see the omnitrix still there. He then dusted himself off as he said, " well everything I in order! Where the freak am I?"

He then heard a cry and walked towards it seeing notes all over the walls a sigh of madness he put a hand on it as he read, "Wait this involve experimenting on….. A BABY!"

Ben backed away in horror as the crying got louder and he followed it coming to a baby girl in pink footie pajamas on a table crying she had bright pink hair and black eyes across form her was a tube with eyes floating it black slime, a white x formed between them as it blinked at him.

Ben shivered before he picked up the little girl, and held her, " Don't worry kid! I won't let anyone hurt you! I'm going to get you out of this sick place...!" He then noticed a name take on the pack of her outfit, "Crona."

He then heard clapping and turned to see a hooded Medusa.

the witch laughed, " Well now sneaking into a witches' lair trying to run off with her child Now aren't we brave, or are just too stupid to live ?"

Ben growled, "you were going to experiment on your own child! You are the most evil thing I've seen in my life! And that's saying something lady!

the witch then held out her left hand summoning a vector sword, "Now put the baby down and I'll end you quickly!

In a moment, the Crona cried as her little hand mistakenly touched the omnitrix touch screen triggering a transformation in Ben! The baby watched eyes widen as where Ben once was, was now Xlr8.

Medusa eyes widen in shock as she said, "What the spell!?" She then charged only for XLr8 to avoid through speed where he span around tail whacking her in the back of the head sending her face first into a wall.

the baby was stunned and wide eyed as Ben said, "kid's ok I would love to stay and kick your butt but I got to get this girl out of this mad house!"

He then raced off as Medusa removed herself form the wall and said ," he just Changed right before my eyes! What a big surprise! That thing he became is too alien for him to be a were beast! SO HOW!?" She then waved her hand over a crystal ball showing the image of XLR8 facing one of her proto-type black clowns.

the thing fired Vector arrows at him only for him to turn around and slam the dial on his check and became Terraspin and the arrows bounced off his shell.

Her eyes widen, " he has magic immunity!? Impossible! What the hell is this Guy or guys!"

She then watched as Ben turned around, and shifted Crona to be in his left flipper and his right chest holes fired off an air burst knocking away the Clown into a wall where the back of it's skull shattered making it melt into slime.

Ben then hit the dial coming FastTrack who now had a greenbelt where the dial rested " Great now I have to deal with Zombozo knock offs! Don't' worry kid I got you!" He then raced off again.

Medusa's eyes were wide, her face clearly showed how stunned , " he changed again how?" she then remember his touching of that dial, " It's that thing on him that's doing this!"

her lips curled into a snake like smirk as she looked at her old plans, " screw those things if I had that weapon I could kill the grim reaper myself! After all if my body was magic proof he wouldn't be able to hurt me I could just blow him apart with that wind magic!"

she waved her hand over the crystal ball following ben as he said, "Wake up my failure clowns! Time to be of use! Catch this guy! I don't care if Crona lives or not I want the man! I want his powers! I want his weapon!"

With ben he ran into a room filled with malformed humanoids with black and purple clown faces limits misshapen covered in black alien blood roaring at him with mouths filled with at lest seven rows of shark teeth.

Crona cried in fear as Fasttrack saw them all around him, " I'm with you kid! But don't worry no Clown will ever defeat Benten!" he then slammed down on the dial and became Echo Echo!

Crona then looked around stunned as form the one holding her came many more who circled around them!

Medusa's eyes widen as he said, "Wait their souls aren't linked! What happens to one of the copies doesn't affect the real one! This is impossible! It's impossible! What the hell are you BenTen!"

The clones then opened there mouths as the real ben removed as a new clone removed his head phones and put them on crona saying, "you need this more than me kid!
In a moment the clones let out there sonic screams making the clowns scream as there bodies explode unable to handle it!

Medusa held hear ears as her Crystal ball shattered she could hear it and it forced her down on to her knees! "WHAT IS HE!?"

back with ben with the clowns gone all the clones remerged with the real one as Ben timed out leaving a Confused Crona as Ben ran off saying, "Don't worry Crona you don't have to be scared with me around! And thanks to echolocation I now know how the way out of here!"

He then raced off avoiding traps easily as he made it to the stairs out where he saw a panting enraged Medusa holding her vector sword she was shaking and said, "Ok Ben! Here's the deal you keep the brat you hand over that wondrous weapon of yours!"

Ben then said, "the omnitrix was made to help people not to be a weapon for people like you! And also go ahead block the door, I have many ways around!" The selection screen then showed up as Crona giggled at it and slapped it starting a transformation.

in a moment Ben was big Chill who unfold his wings and said, " close but no!" he then touched his chest becoming clockwork who said, " I'm going to stop time now!"

Medusa charged and was frozen for a moment and when she restarted he was gone and she fell face first and when she got up there was a message written on her arm, " No one beats Benten lady! People like you have tried sense I was ten but they never win!"

Medusa was stunned and shaking as she got up and saw the door open, "he did stop time! I WANT THAT THING! I WANT THE OMNITRIX!"

She then rushed outside to reveal the whole place was underground in the middle of the desert to see massive amount of portals before her eyes widen as she saw the portals were arranged so they spelled out, "Try your luck which portal did I go through? Where in the multiverse am I?"

She then looked at the portals seeing images of events she knew about happening differently form the witch wars, ending with witches winning, to the events of today with Ben using different transformations.

Medusa's eyes widen as she said, "and here I thought I knew madness! But this takes the cake! Other timelines! The multiverse is real! He wasn't even from this world! Wait…. Not of this world! I LOST TO AN ALIEN! NO ONE WILL BELIEVE ME!"

she then saw portals starting to close so she quickly jumped in one.

once all of them closed there was a moment before a black portal opened and a burned beaten and smirking Medusa walked out holding her broken left arm!

she then looked at a crystal ball in her hand showing an image of the omnitrix smirking, "amazing! Simple amazing! The multiverse! The omnitrix! Alien life! So many amazing things most people would never believe even if they were insane! Even if I covered the world in madness no one would believe the wonders I've seen!"

She removed her hood showing her hair color had lighten she had been gone so long to her at least. She then walked back in, " and while it was years for me barely a moment has passed here!"

She walked down her steps and said, " I have my me and Ben's baby's original blood I'll make a copy using that and alter the plans. Raise her good and powerful Ben. I want to see how our master piece turns out!"

She said smiling insanely as she laughed in madness, "Oh what wonders the multiverse has!"

Meanwhile in the Bellwood.

Ben was showing up in the middle of it through a portal as clock work who looked damaged.

ben then timed out to show Ben panting his hair grown out, and his cloths dirty and damaged as he held a crying baby as he pant and fell to his knees, " Help please!" He was fighting to stay awake.

Everyone then ran up to him and the child.

Blukic was blinking and said, "did Ben vanish and show up with a baby!"

Driba was blinking in shock and said, " yes you think it's his?"

Blukic then said, " I don't know I've never seen a human baby with pink hair!"

Driba then grabbed his overalls ,"this is Ben we're talking about who's to say the child is in anyway shape or form human!"

Blukic then said, "How could it not be human he's human!" he then pushed his friend off.

Driba then acted like he was turning the omnitrix dial, " because he doesn't have to be human! I mean he yells hero time like whatever five minutes!"

A medical Team then rushed in helping Ben up and the baby up as he said, "I was gone a month on my end how long here?"

one of the medics then said, "we didn't even know you were gone!"

to be continued.