The dinner table sat plentiful, with platters of roasted meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as heavy pitchers that brimmed with cool wine and iced tea. Despite the display, Pink Diamond gazed into the surrounding greenery and faraway rolling hills that bordered the palace. Small droplets of rain drew a fog over the entire valley, making the scene resemble a watercolor painting. She watched the skies especially, and their long, loose strokes of grey and white.

"Pink," Yellow Diamond filled her sister's glass with tea. The ice clinking drew her attention. "Would you prefer rice or bread?"

"Oh, rice please," she took her napkin as Blue Diamond gave her a look.

"It seemed as though you were thinking of someone." She stole Yellow's hand, which her wife had left upon the table, and winked. Upon contact, their rings sang with the same frequency as two champagne glasses tapping together.

"It had better not be that goddamned White Diamond." With the silver ladle, Yellow slapped too much rice onto Pink's plate. It landed with a splat and expanded outward, leaving little room for anything else.

"Oh, Yellow. So what if she is thinking of White? They obviously like one another."

"That's what I'm afraid of," Yellow leaned over to kiss Blue, and ended up touching her lips to the woman's eyebrow. "She's a bad influence."

"You were a bad influence too," Blue slid her fingers along her veil and her golden bangles jingled. "It didn't end too badly for us, did it?"

"I was not a bad influence." Yellow stood straight up and put the hand holding the ladle against her hip. She took up a regal stance, addressing the other Diamonds in her regalia and gold. "If I remember correctly, I courted you fairly, and we're practically the same age. I wasn't a nasty old woman, preying upon the young like a cradle robber."

"Yellow—" The bridge of Pink's nose grew rosy, just as the high points of her cheeks. "You make it sound like I'm a baby."

"You are a baby! There's no reason a woman that old would need to be involved with you. Didn't she just celebrate her 15 hundredth? She invited all of us to that tacky party."

"Oh, Yellow. You're such a grump. That party was really fun."

The golden woman neglected to respond and continued loading Pink's plate with meat and vegetables, then moved on to her wife's dish.

"It was a fun party," Blue had cradled Yellow's hand in between both of her own, running her prints over every knuckle and past the callouses at the tips of her fingers. "I think Yellow decided not to like it because she's a stick in the mud."

"If I'm the stick, then you're the mud, Blue Diamond. I want what's best for Pink, and I doubt that White is taking all of this flirting seriously." She finished and sat down.

"I'm not mud, Yellow." Blue still held her hand, but had turned away, closing her eyes with a kind of dignity and cried a single tear.

"I'm sorry." One queen kissed the other upon the cheek. "You're right. If you were any body of water, you would be the ocean because you're so deep, blue, and beautiful."

"Do you mean that?" They had come to face one another, and Blue dragged a few of her nails against the other Diamond's jaw. Their faces were near enough for butterfly kisses. Either set of long lashes almost brushed against one another.

"I would never lie about my love for you."

"Oh, Yellow."

They kissed one another, and with a smile plastered onto her face, Pink Diamond began eating. She stared for several seconds as the two refused to part, laughing in monotone as sparkles flew off of them and landed upon her plate.

"Hahahaha." Pink's eyes had opened as wide as they could, until they were perfectly round. "Gross."

Neither Yellow nor Blue gave her any mind and only separated when they damn well pleased. The dinner finally commenced after the pop between the couple's lips, and despite various topics of conversation, Pink still viewed the cloudy glass and the falling sun inside it. Her attention sought the rainbow of hues, releasing an occasional sigh between bits of food, to which Yellow classically rolled her eyes and Blue stifled her laughter.

Shortly after dinner, all three went to bed. They exchanged hugs, and Pink ascended to her room upon the third floor, just as all the lights inside the palace dimmed.

Before burying herself beneath the thick sheets of her bed, Pink came again to the window and unclasped its heavy golden locks. The glass had yet again misted over, and her fingers left prints upon it as she pushed it wide open to stick her head outside.

The wind blew cool from the light rain that had fallen all day, carrying the earthy scent of freshly watered plants. The sky had grown still, and the sound of the frogs' gentle croaking took the night air, as had the chirping of crickets that together made an ambient symphony. Sometimes Yellow's dragon, Goldine, would add her voice like a singer over the band, whistling a few impressive high notes. Amongst them, Pink Diamond breathed in deep and made a long, but contented sigh.

With her hand upon the windowsill, she grew long strands of ivy. They branched out from her fingers and overtook the palace wall, some of them forming into braids that composed a ladder-like structure. It grew from the mouth of her window, all the way down to the feet of the first floor.

Pink shook off her hands and wiped her brow, heaving in a sigh of the fresh, clean air before folding herself into the thick blankets of her bed. She landed upon it with a thud and relaxed into the loving arms her warm sheets. Though her body calmed to the point of stillness, her lids remained open, and she watched the window over long intervals.

About an hour passed. Pink would close her lashes for a moment, only to open them again whenever an unanticipated sound wafted through her window. Perhaps a branch would crack or the wind would rattle the glass, but it was the heavy and somehow quiet thud that took Pink from her bed and implored her to look outside.

There, a few steps before her vines, stood a dragon with milky-colored scales and a marble-like woman, whose forehead-set gem reflected the colors of the rainbow. Even in the mellow light of the half moon, her stone sparkled as she looked up to the girl in the window.

"White!" Pink whispered and waved to her, bouncing silently in place as the other Diamond began to climb the ladder. She set one hand over her chest as the vines complained and White's flameproof cape blew with her upward movement and the breeze. All of this the intruder accomplished quietly, until landing inside Pink's chamber with a solid tap of her boots on the floor.

"Pink—" she whispered back and let out a gasp when the youngest Diamond squeezed her as hard as she could.

White laughed with half her voice as she set Pink inside her arms, leaving kisses along her forehead and cheeks. "I missed you." One of those gloved hands brushed over her insane hair. "Thank you for waiting all this time. How have you been?"

"I've been fine—" Pink stood on her tiptoes to catch White's mouth, and ended up smiling into the kiss as White did the same.

She always smelled of fire. Pink tasted her warmth as she held her close, setting her face into the nooks and crannies of her visitor's neck. "I'm so happy to see you."

To that, the elder Diamond held Pink, breaking the silence occasionally to brush kisses across her face. Her long lashes caught the valence of Pink's rosy skin, and caused a deep burning within her stomach and a warmth that drowned her to the shoulders. It began at the base of her spine and numbed her legs and arms, pushing her to rely further upon White's embrace. The older gem supported her, and made the sensation worse all the while.

White touched their lips briefly and Pink untied part of her armor.

"Well now—"

"Will you lay down with me?" Her quick hands kept working, until they had loosened the plates and pulled them apart, setting them carefully upon the floor. "You can tell me about your day and whatever adventures you've been on."

"Alright, but I want to give you something—" White reached beneath her shirt and pulled out a little jar. It glowed in the dark in warm, golden tones. "It's honey," she said, as she pressed it into Pink's palm. "But it's from a very special type of bee, one that lives very far away from here. They have pink translucent wings, and their bodies are so orange they're almost red."

"Wow," Pink's eyes filled with stars. "Will you show me one day?"

"Of course. As soon as we're wed, we can go wherever you like."

Pink squeezed White's hands. "Do you mean that?"

"Absolutely. Are you worried?" The soft lighting accentuated the bright silver in her eyes, and the little crow's feet around them. "I don't want to meet you secretly like this. Perhaps it feels as though it's not as legitimate, but I mean it, Pink Diamond."

"Then…" Every degree of heat rushed to her face and made reality grow a border of roses. "Will you marry me, White?"

"I will," The queen held the princess. "But I won't elope with you. I want you to have a proper ceremony, with all of your friends and family. You deserve a beautiful party."

"Yeah, I'd really like that." Pink set the honey upon her dresser and came back to kiss White on the cheek. "Take your boots off and lay down with me."

"If you insist."

White lost a fraction of her height upon removing her shoes and took up one half of Pink's bed. The host filled in her empty spaces the moment she occupied the sheets. White took Pink into her arms and surrounded her gently, occasionally weaving her long fingers through wild, rosey locks. Their tips might trace the frame of her face while they gazed into one another's eyes.

Pink Diamond reached beneath White's shirt. Her nails traced past crème-colored flesh.

"I thought you wanted to hear about my day."

"I do." Their voices kept low and stayed private, like a ripe little secret they passed between their mouths. "But maybe I also want to touch your boobs."

"Well, alright," White laughed as Pink rolled up her top. "Today wasn't all too interesting. I attended to matters in my kingdom, but I did think an awful lot about you, and I gave Luna a bath."

Pink's fingertips rolled past White's nipples and she shut her heavy eyes. They grew a little hard as she tugged on them.

"I thought you might have your servants wash her. I'm sure Luna loves the attention, though."

"She does, and they're a little too afraid of her."

The elder Diamond exhaled as Pink squeezed her breasts. She handled them with care and stroked them with the end of her nails, leaving slender scratches that drew goose bumps onto White's skin.

"I don't mind giving her a bath. It brings us closer."

"Mhm…" Pink drew nearer, and touched her lips to White's neck. "Did you do anything else this week?"

"I did battle with a vampire."

"For real?" Pink stopped, with White's tits in her hands.

"Truly," she grinned. "She was about to bite me, just like this—" Her teeth scraped against Pink's neck and she released a cry.

"Shh!" White held her even closer, and both of them laughed with little volume.

"You surprised me."

"I'm sorry." White set her plump lips to Pink's forehead. "Anyway, we stopped sparring before she could take a bite out of me." Her fingers found Pink's ear amongst her bush of silly hair, and traced along its ridges.

"Aw, I thought you were going to tell me a cool story about revenge or something."

"I'm sorry, my love. Though if I ever do need to seek revenge, I'll be certain to let you know."

"Thanks, White." Pink tugged at her left nipple until it made a distance toward her, and savagely let it go, causing White's breast to bounce back into place.

"Be nice. I might really have to bite you."

"I'm sorry," Pink kissed her chin. "I'll make it feel better," and then she set her mouth upon White's chest.

"I'd like to kiss you first."

"We can do that too."

Instead, Pink connected their mouths and White rolled on top of her, pushing her into the bed.

Whenever they kissed, Pink would lace her fingers through White's equally wild hair, trailing them upwards from the nape of her neck through surprisingly soft strands. This would always cause the Queen to gasp. She might even break apart their kiss for a moment to look at Pink, wearing as much surprise as she had the very first time.

Blush in a powdery grey would always burst onto her cheeks, and at such an expression, Pink would grin and touch the frame of her lover's face. Her wise visage appeared so beautiful under the influence of such youthful emotions. They froze and warmed one another simultaneously, until neither could take any more and continued to kiss.

It would go on until White would take her gently—holding Pink carefully in her powerful arms and stroking all the right stretches of skin, the way a musician would pluck a string with perfect pace. Pink would melt in her lap beneath the kisses, catching every degree of her fever as she swallowed her moans and writhed in quiet pleasure.

That night, White held and sucked upon her neck, keeping her steady as her old fingers worked between Pink's young legs. "When you're mine," she whispered, "You'll be able to cry as loudly as you like."

An orgasm bubbled in Pink's stomach, and White observed it in her eyes, which remained half open and glazed over.

"White—" Her speech was all air.

White connected their mouths and sucked on Pink's tongue as she came. Her back arched inside arms that held her steady until the white-hot wave passed and she collapsed with a sigh.

The silence consumed a few seconds as Pink caught her breath and White turned her lips to her lover's cheeks, and nose, and the corners of her mouth.

"I want to be yours," she whispered, "I really…"

"Soon," White laid Pink down and took the place next to her. "I promise, my love."

They embraced. "I love you, White."

"As I love you, Pink."

Pink merely gave her queen a look, basking in the rainbow waves of her fading pleasure. The coming down made her lashes heavy enough to close them. White continued to hold her as sleep stole her consciousness away.

She remained and stroked Pink's hair.

"Soon," she said. "Hopefully very soon."