Blue's patterns had faded from Pink arms. To help cover her traumatized veins, Blue applied them again, this time decorating her up to the shoulders. The thin sleeves of her wedding dress displayed their details and Pink traced the lines with one of her ornate nails, glancing up occasionally to her made-up reflection.

The stress of the tower still made a cameo upon her face. Much of her color had returned, but her skin still appeared slightly pasty; the veins her plants had drawn had calmed but were still visible, less so beneath Blue's work. Makeup corrected the darkness beneath her eyes, and despite a few silver strands, her hair retained most of its coloring.

In the mirror, Blue stood behind her with hands upon Pink's shoulders. Sometimes one would come to touch Pink's temporarily tame hair.

Her lips coiled before she spoke. "Are you ready for your veil?"

"I think so." Pink picked at her nails. "I guess…I can't believe how nervous I am. It feels like I've been waiting so long."

"It has been a long time."

The morning after White had arrived, both remained in bed as the sun passed the window. The light changed as White slept, and Pink combed her fingers through her rough silver hair. Sometimes their eyes met. White's would flicker open as if she had fallen asleep somewhere she wasn't meant to, catch Pink, and the queen would calm and smile. The drowsiness, however, would claim her again, and Pink would kiss her cheek to return to waiting and smoothing through her hair.

Around noon, the door opened.

At the sound, White fell out of bed. Her muscles tensed as years of fighting caused her to pull a dagger from her gown, stumbling. Pink sat up and reflexively flattened against the wall.

Yellow glared at the sight of the knife, and both stood in place. White caught her breath, regained her footing, and lowered it. She moved her left hand back to her side, having held it out to protect Pink.

"I'm not going to hurt you," Yellow began. "Thank you for coming, White."

Her shoulders dropped. "'Thank you for coming?'"

Pink leaned forward, to hold her free hand.

"Did you make her suffer for fun? Is this a joke to you? Some kind of…test? Look at the poor girl!" White indicated Pink and turned back, gripping her fiancé's fingers a little harder.

Yellow blinked slowly and sighed. "I needed to know you were serious about marrying Pink, and that this wasn't a game to you, but the way I went about it was incorrect. I apologize for what I put you through."

White exhaled. The light from the window bore down. "I don't know what you have against me. I've never done anything with Pink that we didn't discuss first." She inflated with a breath and released it slowly. "What happened?"

"You were my mother's friend!" Lightning burst from Yellow's nails, and she put her hands down. "You're too old for her," She gasped, "But," and calmed, "But I can see how she loves you. I don't understand it, but the last thing I want for her is to be miserable, so thank you for coming, White."

All three Diamonds quietly drew in breath and after a few seconds, White threw her dagger to the floor and came to touch Yellow's arm, still holding Pink's hand. They continued regarding one another, and White bent her brows. "I don't know what Orange would have said about our relationship, but that doesn't change the fact that I love Pink, and I would do just about anything for her. I understand your concern, but I promise you, I'll take good care of your sister."

"I know you will." Yellow sighed. "You look terrible."

To that, White laughed. "Thank you. Did you send that note?"

She adjusted her lips, "I did."

"Then I forgive you," White hugged Yellow, and Pink embraced both of them, enticing White to wrap her arms around each sister and squeeze them close.

About two weeks later, Yellow opened the door behind Blue and Pink, who watched as she came in. She stopped still at the sight of her sister dressed entirely in white.

Pink granted a smile and Yellow took in a breath. After fully reeling it in and holding it a few seconds, she admitted, "You look beautiful."

"Thank you. We were just about to put on my veil."

She didn't reply, crinkling her lips and eyebrows instead.

Pink turned toward her, the gown whispering of the movement of her feet beneath it. The flowers dappled across it shifted and gossiped to one another, and she swallowed a prompt gulp. "You look nice, Yellow."

"You do too. I'm sure White is going to lose her mind when she sees you."

Pink secured her bottom lip while Yellow's stare melted. Its normal points had rounded for the sake of soft edges, where her lightning had run its course and left a pack of soft clouds. Expelling a little ozone, she said, "I wish Mother could see you. I'm sure she would have something to say about your bride, but…"

Pink regarded her frills as Blue squeezed her shoulder. "Who is to say she can't?"

"Yeah." Rosy fingers brushed by a few petals. "Maybe she can."

"Here—" From her pants pocket, Yellow removed a long chain that had rusted bronze in places. Acting as an anchor, a locket hung at the bottom and swayed as Yellow brought it forward. "She told me to give this to you at the right time. I wasn't sure what she meant, but now seems good enough."

"Thank you, Yellow." Pink opened the locket to reveal a miniature piece of art, featuring an orange woman with a demure, mischievous grin, cradling a pink bundle in her arms. One of the child's arms had escaped the blankets, however, and reached upward to latch onto her mother's necklace. The shape of her lips held back a laugh and perhaps a kiss for her baby's forehead, as they were posing for a serious painting.

"I wish I could have gotten to know her—" Pink held her hand before her mouth, but didn't touch her lipstick at Blue's glare. "Mom was so beautiful."

"She would have loved to see you."


Blue collected Pink's mascara-saturated tears with a hand on her hip. "You're not supposed to start crying yet," she said gently. "We haven't even gone out there, and you're already smearing your makeup."

"I'm sorry—" Pink opened her goopy eyes and wheezed. "I just love all of you, and I wish she were here."

"I know," Blue took the necklace and placed it around Pink's neck, pinching her ear. "Let's get your veil on."

"Before the old woman suffers a stroke."

"Yellow! You promised you would be nice."

"I promised I would try."

Blue laughed as she attached Pink's veil. Its translucent white, floral-printed lace hung light and loose around her shoulders, obscuring her image. The bride stared at herself in the vanity, lips agape and cheeks rife with color. Her pounding heart made music for the scene.

The three walked to the garden shortly after that.

Beyond the sea of chairs and attendants, the well-groomed hedges and rich flowers, and Luna and Goldine sitting next to one another, stood the altar with White inside it. Exhaustion still lingered on her face and her crow's feet remained more severe than usual, as well as the bags beneath her eyes, but despite any physical imperfections, her ensemble sparkled in a constellation of well-placed glitter and pink flowers. Even only seconds in, White gasped and tried to prevent the steam rising from the corners of her eyes. Hand on her chest, her mascara went up in smoke, and against the tempo of the song and her short procession, Pink ran to her. Nearly dropping her bouquet, she picked up her skirts and knocked White out of her heels, crying and laughing. They squeezed one another as the officiant cleared her throat.

"White!" Pink said, filling in the empty spaces around her neck and waist.

"My Queen." And White ruffled her veil by pressing her cheek against it. "You look so beautiful," her tears evaporated again as she cupped her bride's face and stole a good look. "I love you."

"I love you too."

"My Diamond, your shoes."

"Oh. Of course," White stepped back into her heels and the ceremony began with both courts in attendance. The dragons whistled in the background as White and Pink's wrists were tied together and a crown was set upon the young bride's head. They kissed amongst the cheering and fainting audience members, and untied the bow in place for rings, holding hands to the reception.

"Look at how happy she is," Blue leaned against Yellow's shoulder and clutched four of her fingers.

"I'm glad." A sigh came and everything went with it, along with electricity. "She wanted her to be happy. If only she could see it."

Blue kissed Yellow on the cheek and pulled her from the chair. They followed the other guests inside, so they could all eat cake and dance until dawn.