Chapter 1


She was sitting by the window in her cabin chamber, the candles lit on the wall dripped hot wax on the floors as the boat moved to the seas waves. The crew was readying to leave the port of Kings Landing.

Daenerys heard a knock at the door. The knock was impatient as she had not but stood up from the little table aside the window before there was a second rapid knock.

She reached the door, turned the knob, as the boat caught a gust of wind. Jon in her doorway, bracing himself with the rocking of boat.

"Jon?" she looked at him quizzically, her voice lost in the back of her throat. There was a fervent passion in his dark indigo eyes… his gaze was so steady that it felt penetrating. She knew this look. He wants me.

Jon stepped forward …they now stood face to face… she could feel his warm breathe on her cheeks.

Before she had time to contemplate…The King of the North abruptly shut the chamber door with a thud.

In one sweeping rush Jon enveloped her in his arms. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest and fluttered .. His hands took hold of her hair and porcelain face. Jon's lips collided with hers causing the hair on her skin to stand, sending a shiver down her spine.

This isn't want it is need …desire. We shouldn't do this. But it felt so good so right. He kissed her with a passion that she had thought she would never feel again, or had she ever felt this before? No not with Khal Drogo, not Darris ..not with anyone. He was her match her equal, he never bended to her will, disagreed with her at every turn. She needed him in so many was. She had tried so many times to stop herself from imagining what it might feel like to be taken by Jon Snow over these last months.

His tongue was warm against her lips, invitingly she parted her lips allowing his tongue to explore her own.

Her mind traveled to the many times she saw him staring at her for ever so slightly too long to be appropriate. How he would look up or away quickly to kindle his honor, almost like a boy caught in his act. Never once had he openly lusted for her, just sending her lingering glances with a brooding face.. it was so hard to read. In only months she had grown to need this man to love him, to need his presence near her.

She met his passion with her own letting her hands run through his hair grabbing handfuls of his dark silky locks, she felt his hands travel above her fur dress to her breasts, cupping them in his hand greedily.

Suddenly a suprised gasp escaped Daenerys lips as she felt Jon's hands savagely tear down the seam of her dress collar...completely right down the middle, exposing her bare breasts.

Her belly fluttered and her breasts swelled in anticipation…..

Jon held the small of her back, pulling her into his chest one hand still full of her right breast, brushed his calloused thumb over her nipple; making her womb ache she moaned. He held them like this melted together backing her further into the room. His tongue exploring her mouth…backing her onto the nearest wall he spun her around her back facing his chest.

The lurch of the boat made his body slam against her back ….hard …. against the cabin wall knocking the wind from her lungs, her dress hung over her hips now as she felt Jon press against her ass. His hands wrapped around her body pulling her to him, she melted into him…..he lay kisses on her neck and nibbled her ear…the sounds of her murmurs and whining purrs to his touch hardening him.

Jon's hands left hand found itself between Daenerys' legs, finding the mound of hair between her legs soft silky warmth, whilst the other on her breast…His tongue deviously licked and his lips sucked in all the right places down her bare back.

Dany moaned…bracing herself with her hands as the boat sway. She felt Jon's finger find her sensitive sex and his fingers circled it over and over making her cry out for more. His fingers just teased and his thumb brushed across her wetness. He spun her around again this time picking her up by the bottom of her ass, like it was of no strain to him.

Jon carried her to the other side of the room and laid her on the bed beneath him, all the while his lips never leaving hers.

His cheeks and ears flushed as fierce desire ignited his body. Oh gods he thought how I want her….to taste her. There was a savage hunger that burnt inside him and his eyes glazed over in a trance.

Daenerys closed her eyes as she let Jon explore her body with is hands and his tongue. We should stop, We are royals, this isn't theres a certain way things should...Dany's thoughts washed scattered as ...Jon began kissing her neck...his calloused hands run across her breasts, nipping, biting, hungry.

Sounds escaped her but she was unaware, Dany let her hands caress his body in return..gliding over each muscle, each scar searing his touching into her mind.

She did not want to care anymore about protocol of royals, I don't to care anymore...all she wanted was Jon inside her to feel him. The Mother of Dragons was only feeling now…she was done ruling for now she would allow Jon to rule this court between them.

She felt his mouth everywhere, her collarbone, shoulders his teeth then found its way nipping down her thighs... his hands under her ass gripping firmly, he bit her hip and "OooHHHH".

Opening her eyes only long enough to see Jon's coal eyes peaking through his black curls. Jon found her gaze and suddenly stopped, sitting up on his knees ...oh no no he's changed his mind ... no no on your knees, She thought.

He watched her smile lazily … Dany on her back naked before him...entranced at his site he lustfully drank her in all of her. His eyes followed the lines of her body the curves or her breasts lingering there watching her breasts rise and fall with each breast.. the small of her waist such delicate skin ..the fullness of her hips, Jon swallowed the taste of her skin and her tongue in his mouth.

Did she have the slightest idea what she did to him? Each nipple pink rosy hard and erect beaconing him to suckle.

Daenerys eyes followed his gaze travel her body and she, Jon's grew warm and hungry, his muscles tensed, with a dampness …her eyes traveled the path of each scar on his chest to his navel and she dared her eyes to go lower …it was there she saw his manhood grow taunt. Jon saw her now her breath quickened at the site of him, his need for her her neck flushed red in heat. She looked up at him.

Their eyes locked, ravaged in tense desire.

Their gaze lingered fire and ice collided then, sizzle crackle and there was no holding back.


He lowered his head this time to her her lips with and intent to devour her...traveling to her navel and her breathe caught in her throat, as she felt the scruff of his beard against her skin.

"ahhhh" escaped her lips. This Queen ...this queen, stubborn, strong...how many days over the months had he felt it? This desire they denied themselves...it had driven him to the ledge...and now he would take her there with him. The long months of disagreements, bargaining, reluctant agreements, so many encounters leaving him wanting to show her how to behave, the sexual tension had built up becoming intolerable, he would make her body shutter in ecstasy he vowed…. it was his only endeavor at the moment.

Jon kissed her navel lower and lower.. each inner thigh and then his lips kissed her mound of silver white hair. She cried out as his tongue licked quickly over her …. sliding his tongue inside her listening to her meowling much like a kitten… so wet and warm, finding her numb with his lips like a wolf to a mothers teat he suckled, he feast on her sweetness.

"Jon please," Dany begged.. curling her toes, tongue inside her he watched her writhe as she grasped the bedsheets into her tiny hands balling them into fists. This is what he wanted to give her what no man could.

"I am your King ", he stated huskily as he continued loving her with his mouth…sucking on her tiny bulb until he could feel it pulsating warm between his lips, he wanted her to feel all of his frustration. What she does to him, every second of every encounter leaving him unfulfilled.

"Yes Yes…" whimpering now, the things he was doing with his mouth was UNGODLY. Jon continued to suckle and penetrate her with his tongue.

She tastes like warm, honey and salt he thought. Jon observed her arching her back as he slid his finger inside the wet warmth…she tossed her head into the pillows. He licked her there she was throbbing now and swollen from his mouths tormented suckling, he brushed his calloused thumb across it…so sensitive. She cried out his name.

He was having a hard time controlling his desire but watching her struggle holding on to her pleasure was all the encouragement he needed. Peering through his dark curly locks he continued as her breasts rose with each arch of her back, her breathing grew ragged until she was close...too close. He smiled…silently taking in his achievement …. and he withdrew his finger. She looked up suddenly shocked flushed and wildly angry. That's the fire he thought smiling.

...bewildered at the sudden loss of his affection. "Jon No please." She begged him grabbing his hair and attempting to push him back down to her lady parts.

"No, I will not have you release on my fingers…" authority in his voice. He took his pants from his waste and tossed them carelessly. Jon positioned himself hovering over her chest to chest, pushing her legs apart with his own.

"Jon" she pleaded. Feeling him there against her, his gaze bore into hers, he gave her no warning as he thrust… she felt him enter her…. hard thick filling her… Daenerys gave a cry of pleasure ...so loud he was sure someone would knock on the door.

Her wetness surrounded him as he thrust inside her so deep…and tight it almost hurt his shaft… he buried his face in her neck, closing his eyes and moaned out in delight, "Ahhhh, oh Gods."

His breathing ragged and shallow, she bit his earlobe wrapping her legs tightly around his hips. He continued to thrust in and out of her as deep as he could, her hands entangled in his hair her lips brushed across the scar over his heart… he wanted to be buried inside her.

His length hitting against her inner nub….causing her nails to dig into his back with each plunge only exacerbated his frenzy.

They moved in a methodic rhythm a dance, a dance of a wolf and a dragon entangled how long ? Many mintues...hour more...Time was lost to them..each time they were close they slowed waiting not wanting it to end yet, building into a frenzy of murmured lustful sighs and whispers.

Tongues hot and entangled, this was what he wanted.

She would be commanded for once... he would control her…she would come on him.

His balls grew tight, at the thought of the power he held over her…His Queen...he began to sweat. His mouth full of her breasts, murmuring her name "Dany" againsts her erect nipples.

All she could do was hear it, her name escaping his lips and feel him inside her. A friction the grew so fierce she wanted to let go now it was to hard to breathe the heat he was building inside her.

His eyes locked on to hers ...She felt his thumb on her nub again… applying just the amount of pressure and friction she needed as he conquered her with every thrust.

She matched his rhythm meeting him as she moved her hips ….and each time he dwelled deeper inside her. Jon pulled away from her lips just briefly long enough to see a violet fire flash across her eyes ….her neck was flushed red.

Jon licked his finger and slid it into her ass…and then .."ooohh" her voice in pleasure and surprise...just barely enough to not cause pain…

...but sensitivity...ooohh yes hhmm...Her mind reeled at the sensation of his finger and hard shaft filling her

...She couldn't hold on anymore she couldn't, she tightened around him ….Jon felt her breathing go shallow, heard long pauses between each breathe so caught in what she was feeling she was forgetting to breath.

"that's it that's what I want, come dany ..

...come on me let me feel you." Dany began whimpering at the sound of his words, her nipples grew hard …breast aching in his hand…meeting his thrusts with her own she needed to let go she couldn't hold on to this passion any longer closing her eyes tight Jon's tongue met hers ….Thrusting inside her his body against her sensitivity.. more ... more too much ...His finger there inside her that way it was….oohh yes, yes please she had never felt anything like it, her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

She is close. He moved his finger in her ass very gently …. ravaging her with his tongue, "WHO is your King?" he demanded, never stopping his thrusts never pausing continuing to pleasure her, bodies moist, hot.

Her body grew tense at the sound of his erotic words beckoning her to come on his length, Him he was her King…. Jon… Yes, yes I want to let go now.

"Who?, tell me dany" he whispered in her ear, enjoying the power he now had over her. His finger tip moved slowly in her ass delicate little circles as his hips thrust deep.

"Please!" Dany whimpered pleadingly.

"WHO IS YOUR KING?" determined to hear it on her lips.


"Say it!" he growled against her ear. He thrust again….his finger moving in a slow circle inside her ass.

"You are MY KING!" she cried out... she felt him pounding inside her hitting her inner nub , the friction was too much, his finger …..his raspy voice in her ear demanding of her what was HIS, she couldn't hold on anymore. ..."Joonnn" she cried. Her body tensed as he felt her tighten around him ...blinding pleasure racked her body, pulsating through her until her vision went black...not stopping his delicate finger from circling inside her.

Jon felt her spasms around his length and her body shuddered in waves underneath him as her orgasm rush through her body, as she gasped to breathe ...the sound of his name on her lips causing his body to reach its peak.

He spoke her name in a loud moan and he lost all control with his final thrust he felt her warm juices rush against his own as he released himself inside her, filling her.

He continued to move inside her slowly wanting all of his seed to bury deep. He felt her body go limp beneath him as he let out his breathe … to her sigh of relief.

Minutes later he was still inside her ..entangled together..he picked her up and laid her body over his chest making sure he never left her...not yet …her thighs lay limp over his hips…

Dany's head on to his chest…her hand found his hair lazily, her eyes coated with intoxication found his.

"My Queen," Jon whispered taking her small hand into his, kissing her finger tips.

The sun had faded and the nights stars were out, they fell asleep in the cabin to the swaying of the boat and the sound of each other breathing.