My name is Stephan Kirkland. I'm a 18 year old human male. I live somewhere with my mother in the Northern Plains, well I used to. I'm running away from my mom. Back then, I lived in a luxurious house where I can have anything I ever wanted. The luxury wasn't the reason that I left, it's hard to explain.

I've never been outside of my house, and I wanted to see the outside world. So last night, while my mom left to go get groceries, I grabbed all money I saved, took all the things I needed, and climbed out of the window. Since I was isolated in my house, I never got to see anything but I was told about everything. I learned about the Templers, Keidrens, Basitions, and all sorts. I missed out on having a life of my own, but my life starts now.

Recently, I bought a ticket to a ferry that was going someplace in the south. It's been a week since I left home and hopped on this ferry. As I've been on water, it felt weird being around so many people. I took a romance novel out of my bag. I liked reading books, they give me things to imagine as I read each paragraph. I wondered what my mom will be like once she finds out I'm gone. My mom wasn't horrible, just was different than what she used to be.

"I'm sorry, mom, but I must leave you," I said to myself.

Suddenly, a large storm hit us. As the boat tried to withstand the storm, it hit large rocks causing massive damage. I was in the top deck, as I was being shoved around by some of the other passengers until suddenly I fell off the ferry and landed on a lowered lifeboat.

As the waves from the storm drifted me away from the ferry, I watched in horror as the boat hits a large rock, causing it to start sinking. I don't know if some got to the lifeboats in time or not. I felt bad that probably some perished, but I'm glad that I wasn't one of them. And here I thought I was going to make it, until I saw a large wave coming at me. So this was my big adventure I dreamed of, only to die a horrible death in the middle of the ocean. I closed my eyes as I felt the gigantic wave lifts the lifeboat, causing me to fall into the ocean.

I can remember the days with my parents. Me, my mom, my dad were always happy together.

My parents never had keidran slaves or any kind of servant. My dad taught me how to cook, clean, and other things when I was six. My dad told me that he would take me to see the village when I was little. He died when I was seven. My mom was alway watching me before Dad died. After he died, she became overly protective and never let me step foot out of the house.

Suddenly, I felt a light in my face. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a big blue sky with white clouds. I saw myself in the clothes I wore at the ferry wreck, consisted of a red shirt and brown shorts. My shoes were gone, they must've got lost in the ocean. I was laying on sand. I never felt sand before, it got everywhere, even in my long black hair. I don't think I like sand. Most importantly, I just realized something... I'm alive.

After that horrible near death experience, I'm stand here in my first beach. I look behind me and saw a large number of trees. They weren't like normal trees, but they were very tropical, possibly palm trees. My mouth was very dry, I needed some water. I saw a tiny stream to the shore. Hoping it's fresh, I used my hands to cup the water to take a sip. All I could taste was the disgusting saltiness from the ocean water. Needing to find fresh water before I die of thirst, I walk into the large jungle.

I followed the tiny stream through the jungle until I saw a large pond. I took a sip to see if it's fresh, and thankfully it was. All of a sudden, my stomach growled. I don't know how long it's been since the shipwreck, but it's been a while since I ate. Before I can tried to find something to eat, I felt like something was watching me. Then, it felt like they were gone.

On the bright side, I found my coconut, but the problem was how do I get it open.

"Who are you, and where did you come from!?"

That voice was spoken in some language I can't understand. I looked behind me and saw a cheetah, it was ready to attack me and eat my meat. The cheetah then ran out from the bushes and pinned me down.

"Don't make me ask again! Who are you?!"

The cheetah was talking, but I don't understand its language. I was scared, I thought I was gonna die in the storm but instead I'm going to be eaten alive by a cheetah.

"Please don't kill me!" I cried.

"Huh, I guess you only speak human," the cheetah said.

Now the cheetah spoke my language. I must be still asleep or worse... dead.

"Y-Yes! I only speak human and I'm friendly," I said.

"Where did you come?" The cheetah asked.

"I don't know, I just woke up here," I answered.

"Well then, you seem to be telling the truth," the cheetah said.

The cheetah then got off of me and stood on his... hind legs?! I was able to get a good look at him. Not only was he a cheetah and tail and everything, but he orange eyes and a slim build. He wore nothing but a black loincloth. Wait! He's an animal, he can walk on two legs, and he can talk. He's a... He's a...

"You're a keidran!" I said.

"Excuse me?" He asked.

"I never seen a keidran before," I said.

"You never seen one in your life?" He asked.

I shook my head no.

"Maybe you're really not a threat," He said.

As we smiled knowing neither will stab the other in the back, my stomach growled ounce more.

"Sorry, I haven't ate in a while," I said.

"Don't worry, ma'am, I'll take you to the village," He said.

Did he think I was a woman? I guess my looks make me appear as female. My black hair was long enough to pass my shoulders and my body has always appeared feminine. The long hair wasn't my idea, I don't want to talk about it.

"Sorry, but I'm a man," I said.

"I'm sorry, you just like a woman," He said.

"It's okay, I'm Stephan," I introduced myself.

"I'm Aikan," he introduced.

As we walk through the shady forest. I was just mesmerized by the plants and trees.

"You don't go out much, do you?" Aikan asked.

"Actually, I never been outside at all," I answered.

"Never?" Aikan asked.

"I only been outside for a week, now I'm here," I said.

"Well, I lived in here all my life and I love it here," Aikan said.

"And what exactly is here?" I asked.

Aikan stopped walking, extending his right arm to show me what's in front of me.

"Welcome to Menagerie," Aikan said.

All could see was a nice village. There was multiple shops, food markets, and as a really big surprise: a lot of keidren. There were dogs, wolves, tigers, big cats, and foxes. I don't see any humans like me or any basitions.

"I've never seen so keidren before, or at all," I said.

"Yep, Menagerie is the island where only keidren know exists," Aikan said.

"No human or basitions?" I asked.

"Nope," he answered.

My stomach growled even louder, I might die from starvation.

"Let's get you some food," Aikan said, "My house is not far."

We then walk up this uphill stone sidewalk to see a whole mess of houses.

"This is amazing, so which one is yours," I asked.

Aikan takes my hand and points my finger at the biggest house in middle of it all. Wait, does that mean he's...

I looked at him in shock, as he nodded his head yes. As we stood in front of the big house, I realized it's as big as my house.

"I must let you know, my father is the chief of the island and it's been years since he's seen a human," Aikan said.

We step foot into this big door.

"Father, I have a friend here!" Aikan yelled.

"I'm coming, my boy," his supposedly father said.

This cheetah keidran was about taller than Aikan and was wearing black and red robes.

"So who is it this ti-"

He was in the of asking his question until he saw me.

"Is that... a human?" He asked.

"Yes, father," Aikan answered.

"Hello?" I asked nervously.

Aikan's father walked up to me, and gave me a big hug. Here, I thought he was gonna kill but I thought wrong again.

"It's been so long since I seen a human again!" Aikan's dad said with joy.

"It's a pleasure," I said.

After hugged to death by his strong arms, I finally got something to eat. All they had was meat. It turned out that they are carnivorous, they can eat other things but it makes them sick. I've never eaten so much meat before, my parents would have multiple things besides meat. Still, keidran do cook eat pretty good.

"So, how did you get here?" Aikan's dad asked, "No human knows Menagerie exists."

"I was on a ferry that wrecked in middle of the ocean, and I woke up here afterwards," I said.

"Normally I would never let a human come here, but you are an exception," Aikan's dad said, "And for that, you can stay."

"Thank you so much, Sir," I said.

"You can me Yeol. We have a extra room, you can sleep there," Aikan's dad said.

"Thanks a lot, father," Aikan said.

Later that night, I decided to go to bed. Aikan showed me the room I was staying in. There was a desk with a chair and a big bed. Back home, my bed was normal sized but it wasn't as big as the bed in front of me. I look out the window gazing at the stars. I wonder how my mom is doing now that I'm gone.

"I'm sorry, Mom," I said to myself.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep. For the first time I stepped outside, it led me to this place, and I can't wait for the next day.