Chapter Name- Imperial Lions

Battlecry- Kaiser Mit Uns (local Gothic dialect for "The Emperor is With us")

Symbol- Rearing Lion With a Sword in Hand.

Homeworld- Kronor, A Cold Alpine world urban world that is directly ruled by the Imperial Lions.

Genesire- Roboute Guilliman, Possess their genesires skill at strategy and ability to govern well.

Founding- 16th Founding

Geneseed flaws- No Particularly mentionable but possess discipline that is above the already exemplar levels of Astartes.

Organization- Semi-Codex Compliant but with some variations. Including semi-unique usage of Chapter Serfs and more focus on Devastator Squads and other distance combat alone with more regimental formations and gunline tactics. They are famous for traveling with a truly massive army of Chapter Serfs who fight alongside them. Each 149 Man Company of Serfs (these combat ones are known as Caroleans) Is lead by a single Astartes. The inspirational factor of fighting alongside the Angels of Death and the adamantium discipline of these forces make them an incredible Regiment comparable to Cadian Kasrkins or Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. Roughly half of Imperial Lion Astartes lead these Carolean Companies while the rest fight in typical Codex deployments

Size- 1,200 Marines along with 60,000 Carolean Chapter Serfs.

Chapter Master- Gustavus Carl, 749 Year old veteran of numerous crusades. A Legendary Void-Commander who has crushed numerous traitor fleets.

Combat Doctrine- Prefer to distance themselves from their foe and attack with synchronized Artillery and Gun Lines to keep continuous fire upon their foes. Never allowing them to recover or retaliate.

Equipment and Fleet- One Battle Barge, Four Cruisers, and 15 Escort craft. Fairly Standard equipment for an Astartes Chapter. More Mark VII armor than any other mark. Above average number of artillery and bikes.

Role- Crusader Chapter, Makes a Decade long crusades across the Galaxy, returns back to Kronor to Resupply and recruit.

Chapter Legend- Chapter Master Friedrich, invented the Caroleans method after a particularly disastrous crusade that left the Chapter with only 109 Marines.