We're just gonna pretend that Saraj did some damage to Ceony, enough to hurt at the end of the climax so we can get some nice angst and hurt/comfort.

Ceony exhaled a shaky breath as Emery spoke a spell she had never heard of, watching the life die within Saraj's eyes. She was bleeding and wounded in many different areas-Saraj wasn't the type to leave without a trace-and from her own spell usage of bursting glass. By grace she was glad Emery was mostly unharmed, save for some bruised areas and two wounds that could heal with time.

She solidified her promise to herself that he wasn't going to die here.

But she wasn't sure of her own well-being.

Saraj had used quite the amount of hair blades, along with some extra weapons she didn't know Excisioners could create. Not that she would know anyway. She managed to dodge the first few, but she still was cut in many areas, dress torn and body bruised blue.

Falling to her knees, Emery rushed to catch her before her head hit the ground. The pain throbbed insistently-something that she had ignored while fighting Saraj. The rush of adrenaline died down, creating new pain that she had never felt before. She understood emotional pain without qualm, but physical pain was a whole new division she had yet to truly learn.

"Ceony, Ceony, love-" For the first time, he looked panicked without even attempting to hide it. The coolness he tended to extrude had been thrown out for a new emotion on his face: fear. It was an emotion that tended to be brief and short, but for the most part he'd come to his senses without fail. Usually. The draft from the windows blew his hair in such a manner where his emerald eyes were constantly shrouded, but even in small glimpses , she could see wetness.

"You're talking like I'm going to die. Ah..." She laughed, groaning as a particular wound opened in a different direction. Muttering a curse, she watched him attempt his best way to staunch one deep wound on her abdomen, the raw and weeping flesh, seeping out red in waves from her movements. "I don't really think this whole Excisioner hunting is for me."

"I don't understand Ceony. I simply don't understand you." Emery said, applying pressure to the wound as if he had done it many times before. Maybe he had. She wasn't really sure of his past, besides the fact that he was in this line of work briefly when he was against Lira. "I explicitly told you not to do anything stupid. You do exactly that without fail. What am I supposed to do with you?"

"It got the job done, didn't it, Emery? Besides, you're equally as in trouble for the crime you're accusing me of." She asked, crying out slightly when she lifted her hand to his cheek. He grabbed hold of her wrist and she realized that he was trembling, his fingers sliding between her own to hold them.

"But that's not the point, Ceony. You're harmed! You could have died! You gave away the secrets to bond breaking to a dangerous criminal. Even though it didn't work in his favor-you did it without thinking, without tact, without any sort of judgement! Just like you always do!" Ceony's eyes widened slightly at his outburst, his voice raising in a manner that she had only seen once, maybe twice if she put her mind to it. "You could have died. I..."

It was rare for Emery to yell.

It was another thing to see him sob.

She had never seen him cry.

The way he cried had a rawness that she hadn't witnessed before, as though whatever wounds she was carrying, he mirrored, plus some more. It was the type of crying one would expect from one who had heard news that caused one to tremble and lose all sense of calm. He attempted to stifle it at first, but the thought of her dying already consumed him like a tsunami.

She tried to bring herself to think of their previous interactions, particularly within his heart that would provide a moment that he had sobbed in such a matter. There was nothing that immediately came to mind, but it wasn't easy to access her memories with such pain enveloping her every movement. She wondered briefly of the canyon she had seen in his heart, if it had expanded further due to this incident.

"Emery-" she attempted to wipe his tears with her other hand, even as her fresh wounds were moving in new directions. "I'm fine. Look at me. Stop looking at the blood, stop looking at the wounds. Look at me."

In a feat that Ceony knew was difficult for him, he moved his attention to her face. When he did, he was the textbook definition of grief and devastation, even if he didn't actually lose anything.


She recalled back when her siblings would get wounds and cuts from playing. As the bigger sister, she calmed them to placidity, enough to get them help for their wounds and to put them back to the world. Perhaps she could do the same for her heartbroken love.

"Breathe, Emery. Breathe like you're a brand new paper creation that was just told to do so." Ceony spoke in a tone she hadn't used in so long, one that demanded attention without necessarily forcing authority onto the listener. She watched him take her words without qualm, taking deep breaths as though he really was a brand new paper creation in her hands. "It's just blood. It hurts, yes, I openly admit to that. But it's going to be fine. Do you hear the sounds of the outdoors? Of the cars that I am sure carry help?" He only nodded. "Help is on the way. We made quite the ruckus, you and I. And Saraj, but we're the only people they could probably get upset at."

He laughed at that. Mirthless as it was, it kept him from sobbing.

"If I could take it from you, I would, you know that, my darling?" He lovingly moved a strand of stray ginger hair, "I would take all the pain from you if it meant you would be fine."

"I know. But I'm sure it'll be fine." She felt her eyelids becoming heavy, the room warping around her as though another distortion spell had been done. She could briefly hear the loud bash of a door and a man that sounded like Mg. Hughes calling her name.

Her eyes adjusted the bright lights when she opened them after what felt like an eternity. She blinked in an effort to adjust her vision, finding herself under the same ceiling from when she woke to some odd time ago after facing Grath.

The feelings were of equal, the same throb of her head, the stone feeling of being unable to move-it was reminiscent to that same time. From that, she deduced that Mg. Kilmer probably helped her yet again. She must find that man and thank him for both times, but it was less of her concern as she realized there were two other people with her.

"She's awake. Welcome back, Miss Twill, to the land of the living." Ceony managed to focus enough to attribute the voice to Mg. Aviosky. Had she been more focused, she would have said that Mg. Aviosky's tone betrayed a touch concern and relief-sounds Ceony would have never thought to hear from her.

"I died?" She questioned, her voice indicating dryness. Emery pushed a cup to her lips, which she drank from without question. The cold water made contact with her tongue-it was wonderful, inviting. She glanced up to him, seeing that he was patched up, worse for wear, but still fine as it was.

"Not exactly, that may be a bit of an exaggeration on my part." Mg. Aviosky absentmindedly adjusted her sleeves, "Mg. Kilmer used some spells to assist in your return, though we quite almost lost you there. Had we not gained a testimony from Mr. Bennet, along with the disturbance you two made, it would be quite a different story. Be glad that Criminal Affairs has quite the abundance of resources." Even when she was sure she was being scolded, she couldn't help but smile.

"I see." Ceony looked to Emery, who practically seemed like he was about to fall apart between his tight lips and white knuckles. He still extruded professionalism, leaning back against the wall, but Ceony knew better. "May I talk to Em- Magician Thane? I'd like to uhm...talk about something. But please don't leave, I do have more to tell you." Glancing between the two, Mg. Aviosky could have said something in objection but instead only nodded.

"Of course. I will be outside." Mg. Aviosky made her leave and the moment the door closed, he rushed straight for her bed, combing his hand through her unbraided ginger locks.

"Thank the heavens you're okay." He murmured, kiss her forehead in earnest, "You're the type of woman that makes me pray to God, Ceony."

"How long was I out?" She questioned, bringing herself to a sitting position. He sat at the edge of the bed, right next to her hip.

"Long. Similarly to last time, roughly ten days." He smiled, one of those smiles that were more than just in response-an true one. "Mg. Kilmer will have to finish up with you, but then you'll have to go back to the jurisdiction of Prit."

"The Excisioner, I take it?" She still didn't quite understand why Criminal Affairs carried such individuals in their employ, but she supposed that it couldn't be helped. The man still saved her life, twice.

"Binder, my dear." He took ahold of her hand, kissing her knuckles gently. "I do despise that I have to practically bring you back into Prit's hands. I've missed you."

"You miss my cooking." She clarified, smirking. She glanced at his frame. "You've lost weight. Are you only eating sandwiches again? You know, there are other foods out there."

"Perhaps. But I trust you more with a stove than myself, my dear. What I can create typically turns to inedible mush." They shared a laugh, the thought amusing to entertain. "But after that, everyone can finally call you Magician Twill. And I will be graced back with my dear."

"So sure, are you?" She quirked an eyebrow at him, to which he only grinned wider.

"I trained you myself, Ceony. Give me some credit here. Might I add that a measly test is nothing in comparison to what we have gone through these past years." He stood up, "And there won't be anything strange about our union any longer."

She returned his smile in equal favor. Someone knocked on the door, to which Emery returned back to his brooding position of professionalism against the wall to prevent any questions. She glanced at him, to which he merely winked and whispered, "Soon, my dear."