Closing his eyes, he could still remember the past. He could almost feel it. The taste on his tongue and the scent in his nose. He loved how Lilium's skin glowed with a healthy bronze-gold tone, the softness and suppleness of his skin as he caressed Lilium's back.

Lilium's long eyelashes that would brush against the very top of his cheeks as he closed his relaxed droopy eyes. Those pupils would stare at its opponent with such burning intensity. So much words unspoken, yet his eyes were always showing. He was man with less words, but all of the words he had spoken were all useful, intellectual, smart- like him.

He remembered the way he moved, elegantly- like royalty and lithe, like a sly panther in the wild, circling his prey. His steps were soft and quiet, almost silent, making his presence diluted.

As he speaks, his voice would be gentle, yet filled with intent. They would often be sharpened with the aim to kill, velvety but deathly. The lilt in his words always made Grossular shiver with thrill. He was two-faced, but his other side was beautiful. He had such manipulative nature, yet he was so, so sweet at the same time. How is he so contradicting?

Grossular would do anything for Lilium. He loved it when Lilium would always sometimes be a little naughty, and showed Grossular love. He was temperamental but Grossular was patient and kind, willing to put up with Lilium. He wanted silly things, yet Grossular did nothing to stop the silly boy. Look what happened now. Though it was not like he had a choice.

Oh, and his scent! The fragrant scent of delicate flowers, exuding out of him as he walks past. Perhaps it was because he's from Furuwau, the district that was filled to the brim of with flowers. He remembered once visiting Lilium's home. The place was overpowering with the scent of lilies. There were a variety of lilies, pink, yellow, white…

They had walked to the back garden, away from all his pesky brothers. They were like him. Suspicious yet beautiful. They were pretty much the same as Lilium, but they lack the charm. Their younger brother was more successful in terms of connections. They lacked what their brother had.

Lilium had led Grossular through the maze of walls in the palace, when they finally saw a sight of the exquisite fountain. It was one of the most popular sights in Furuwau. Even though it was not open to public, it was a well-known place.

Their hands were intertwined. Lilium's slightly sweaty palms warming Grossular's cold fingers. He always had cold hands and Lilium was always the one that helped him warm them up.

Lilium stopped just beside the fountain. He sat down on a bed of wild flowers growing on the ground, pulling Grossular down with him. He let out a rare smile, tugging Grossular closer to him. He was craving sexual affection. Grossular never knew if it was out of love, or human nature. Did Lilium ever had any feelings for him?

Lilium undressed Grossular. His pale body, a stark contrast to Lilium's, as the black-haired male touched him. He pulled Grossular up on him. Grossular's legs straddling both sides of the smaller sized male.

Both of them were hard and needy. Both craved touch and satisfaction.

He slid Lilium's cock inside of him, as he felt the fullness in him. He was aware that it swelled in size due to pleasure. Lilium tugged on Grossular's hair, forcing Grossular to move his hips and body.

They had sex outdoors. It was all fun as the sun's rays beat down onto them, stinging Grossular's pale skin.

Lilium had put a flower behind Grossular's ears, making him look slightly feminine with his silky white hair. He watched as Grossular rode him, his face getting redder, sweaty and his eyes tearing up.

Their relationship had a lot of pulling and tugging.

Grossular sipped his tea, bitterly. It even tasted more bitter than usual. His usual order of black earl grey tea with no sugar, seemed… bland and bitter. It seemed like it needed sugar.

He sighed, putting the warm mug down. His hands were wrapped around the mug, trying to gain heat for his cold fingertips. He missed Lilium. He really did. He could barely stand it any longer. The disturbing hum at the back of his head, telling him he missed Lilium. Well, his mind didn't need to tell him he missed the brown skinned male… His heart already did… rather rudely.

He couldn't go back to Furuwau. He'd grow weak in the knees if he had step out of the airport, and get hit with the smell of the familiar flowers. He'd take a taxi to the palace way out, away from the city, pay the driver that would give him questioning stares for being there, but yet, he would not be able to go in. He was scared. He didn't even know if Lilium loved him.

He would crumble.

"Chief Officer Grossular."

He snapped out of his daydream.

Grossular turned around to the see the blue haired beauty. Muave was the most popular power woman in the whole of ACCA, many men and woman alike admire her for her bravery, especially after the attempted coup de tat happened. She was made the highest position officer of ACCA after that.

"Muave, don't call me that, I'm not even a proper Chief Officer anymore." Grossular smiled bitterly at his old counterpart he had worked with. He knew Muave looked up to him, but if she found out about his lingering infatuation with the traitor of ACCA, what would she think? This made Grossular's stomach do a tiny little flip.

"No, no, you are still an officer, it's just that your work load has lessened… but why do you still look so stressed? Is there anything I can help with?"

They had chatted about topics unrelated to work for these past year, hence they were pretty close already, yet Grossular could not remove the 'wall' in front of him. He couldn't help but distance himself from others.

"It's… nothing. Probably because of the new development project. Nothing much."

"Ah, I see… But if you're really stressed, do take a break. You don't look too well recently."

Was it showing that much?

True, he was thinking too much of Lilium these days, so much so that he could not sleep. He was on his mind 24/7. His work deteriorated because of that, causing him to stay up even later. His body ached due to his bad sleeping posture and he was feeling slightly under the weather… But he didn't know it was that bad.

"It's fine. It's fine."

Muave gave him a speculative look, but nodded and continued on anyways.

"Did you know about the findings of more oil in Furuwau? They are exporting it out further north, for much higher prices these days."

"F-Furuwau?" He stammered. Hearing the word that had been constantly plaguing his mind was a splash of cold water to his face.

"Yes… It's worrying to be honest. I'm really hoping for Furuwau to come back."

"Y-yeah, it's… not good." I might never see Lilium again. Grossular almost said it out loud.

Lilium was too prideful for the 13-districts. He would not come back ever. He wouldn't want to face the people that had seen through his plan. He would never want to come back now that his independent nation was doing much better than before. Hell, why would he? He was even more rich than before. He was not the materialistic type, but he is self-sufficient for the rest of life. Why would he come back to Badon?

He swallowed. His throat hurt from the dryness. He was never… going to see Lilium ever again.

"I… I think… I need to take a break. Muave. I need to take a break off work for a while."

"E-Eh? What? All of a sudden- I'm fine with it, and all, but… but, what's wrong?" Muave was taken aback, by Grossular's sudden outburst. The white-haired male looked frantic as he gathered his belongings. He gulped down his scalding tea, not caring about the scorching burn at the tip of his tongue.

"I need to go. Sorry, Muave. Another day, alright?"

Muave was stupefied, as she blinked at the rushing figure, already making his way out of the café. This was perhaps, the very first time she ever saw Grossular act so out of character. He was always so… emotionless, calm and collected.

What would he do next? A wave of emotions rushed through him as he ran up the stairs to his apartment. He lived in a small condominium apartment not far away from the office. It was a tiny apartment compared to the other Five Chiefs' houses. He didn't find the need to spend extravagantly on a shelter. The shelter just needed to be sufficient and working, that's all that matters.

He was such bipolar opposites to Lilium, he noticed. Lilium lived in palaces, mansions, and high-end buildings, while he lived in small apartments. He loved being simple, while Lilium loved being extravagant. Lilium was always the ones with flair for drama and emotions.

Would he take the nearest flight to Furuwau? Would he run there into Lilium's arms?

His footsteps slowed.

The big question still remained in Grossular's head.

Does Lilium love him?

He felt an uncomfortable lump in his throat and he swallowed it down, blinking away the doubtful tears.

See what heartbreak could do to him…

As he neared his apartment, he noticed a single flower on his doorstep. It was placed on the brown rattan door mat he bought from some cheap home décor shop. He realized it was a Stargazer Lily. The dark pink petals looked fresh, and the scent deep.

He picked it up feeling the smooth petals.

Grossular remembered.

They were both in Lilium's room- which was unexpectedly less floral. It was adorned with silks of various colors, the bedding soft with multiple cushions and the walls had intricate paintings on them. Even with the lacking of flowers, Grossular could still smell the faint scent of flowers.

Both were on the bed, lying down. His head was on Lilium's lap- one of the rare moment Lilium was that touchy and affectionate. He played with Grossular's hair, pleating it, wrapping it around his fingers and running his hands through Grossular's thick locks.

"Did you know flowers have meanings?" Lilium spoke first.

Grossular looked up at the bronzed male. From the view underneath, he looked godly. His features were prettier than usual.

"No…" He spoke softly, his deep voice echoed slightly in the room.

"For one, Stargazer Lilies… The beautiful dark pink lilies with the sweet scent? It's really attractive, and it can be sent to lovers, meaning 'I miss you'."

"Will you?" Grossular questioned.


"Miss me."

"Huh? Well…" He hesitated.

"Tch," Grossular clicked his tongue, and got up from Lilium's lap. He knew the answer in his heart.

Now, seeing the flower in front of him, he felt his knees go weak. It was like his entire soul was being sucked out of his being. He… He wanted to see him. He wanted to see Lilium, and kiss the hell out of that silly spoilt brat. He wanted Lilium to fuck him so hard, he would not be able to stand the next day. He missed him so, so, so much!

Grossular dug the keys out from his pocket. His fingers were cold again- he could barely feel them, as they trembled. His hands weren't helping him get in. He was struggling to open the door. The keys weren't going in right, and his hair was obstructing his view.

Pushing his hair back, he growled in frustration, finally able to get his key in the hole.

Please, please, please be there.

He swung open the door.

What he saw made his heart stop. He knew that he might be there. However, he couldn't believe it. After a whole year without seeing each other, he could not picture what Lilium would look like… But he did not picture Lilium to look… like this.

The sun kissed male sat relaxed against the wicker chair he had at the entrance of his apartment, his legs swung over the arm rest, as he used his arms to rest his head against. His hair was shorter, making him more boyish, and his body slightly lean. He looked… so much more… alluring. Perhaps, it was because he had not seen Lilium for a period of time, that's why Lilium seemed more irresistible?

Just then, the more handsome version Lilium opened his mouth to speak first.

"Hello, Grossular."