Friday – 6thof April – The Burrow – 1998 – 6:07 AM

Harry Pov

"YOU LIED TO ME!" My voice cracked slightly as tears burned the corner of my eyes.

How fucking dare they! They were being paid to be my friend! They were being paid to spy on me! They were being payed to care about me!

"We do care about you mate, but shouldn't we be given something for everything we had to be put through to stay friends with you. Shouldn't we be rewarded for everything we've done for you? Shouldn't we be rewarded for all the shit we had to carry for you?" Ron said as he stood in front of the traitorous Weasley family and Granger. He was standing in front of them like a human-shield as they huddled behind them.

"You all-, …you all disgust me. Molly, Percy, Ron, Hermione…, Ginny. Did you all do this so you could steal from me? Who gave you permission to take form my vaults?! Who gave you permission to do this to me you backstabbing, lowlife, scoundrel, cheating assholes that don't deserve a single Knut you stole from me!" I screamed my little rant/questions as my face went red from the tears in my eyes and the lack of breath I had gotten from me screaming at them.

"Dumbledore told us to do it Harry dear. Dumbledore gave us permission. Dumbledore has a marriage contract between you and Ginny that cannot be broken unless your Guardian does it or you become a Lord which you can't do until next year. You get married in a week." Molly said as she tried to calm me down but she wasn't going to succeed, I snapped my glare to her before showing as much hatred as I could towards Ginny.

"We were going to get married and I catch you and your 'family' talking about how you can steal more money from of me and buy brooms, steal my heirlooms and kill me after you get pregnant so you can control my child to believe I wanted them to give all my money to your family. You're despicable." I whispered the last part and tuned away from them, I looked at Hermione with a hurt and betrayed look.

"Hermione, I really thought you would be the last person in my life to steal from me as you had always stayed by my side, I guess I was wrong in choosing you in a friend and trusting you." I spoke as Hermione looked down and broke into sobs. I turned to Ron who looked away from me in shame

"Ron, you were my best friend. Sure, you got jealous at times but I thought you had my back. I would have brought you anything if you asked for it; I would have brought you as many brooms, posters, clothes and food as you wanted. I guess I clung onto you for being my first 'real' friend I had ever had." I said as Ron turned away from me before I turned my gaze to Molly.

"I had thought you as a mother, someone to respect and love. I was wrong." Was all I said as I gave her a cold look, she broke down crying and fell to the floor. I turned my attention to Percy.

"I kind of expected you to be fairer with how high you are in the Ministry and how you are, no, were a respected member of the family I looked up to and a respectable member in the Ministry I thought I could trust." I looked away as Percy shuffled on his feet and looked away with guilt on his face. I turned my gaze to Ginny who looked away as I watched her for a full minute in silence.

"Ginny… I really thought you were the love of my life, the person I would cherished above all else." I stopped for a second as she looked at me with wide hopeful eyes, "I was wrong, oh so very wrong. I shouldn't have gone anywhere near you and I shouldn't have saved you from that Basilisk. I hope you die before we get 'married'." I whispered the last part as Ginny's hopeful expression turned to shock, to tears and then she fell to the floor crying in what seemed like agony and guilt.

"I can't believe you would do this to me. For almost seven long years. And I find out about it a week before my wedding. Thanks a lot you traitors." I spat as I glared at them all before saying the words that took me right back to the beginning to get revenge on Dumbledore, Molly, Percy, Ron, Hermione and… Ginny.

"I wish I could go back and make sure I'm nowhere near you and make sure to make your lives miserable and, get my revenge." I whispered before everything started to spin and my vision went black but not before I saw them reach out to grab me with fearful, sorrowful and guilty looks before I faded into the blissfulness of unconsciousness.

I wouldn't trust them again.


Date: Unknown – Place: Unknown – Year: Unknown – Time: Unknown

Harry Pov

My eyes feel…. Why did they felt so heavy?

"Lily! Get Harry and run! It's Him." An unfamiliar male voce said.

Lily… Mother? Could that mean….!

"Okay James. Be safe…" A women's voice called out in fear. The voice belonging to Lilly. Before the running of feet up steps could be herd.

James… Father! My father is alive!

"Wake up Harry, we need to leave." The women's voice said as I felt arms start to grab me as I forced my eyes open to see a beautiful women with long red hair and green eyes like my own.


"Mama." I called softly as I reached up for her. She smiled softly as tears fell from her eyes and was about to pick me up when the door exploded and in came a snake man with red eyes and no nose walked into the room.

The Dark Lord Voldemort!

"Hand over the boy and I'll spare you." The Dark Lord said as he pointed his wand at Lily who was covering me in the crib with her body.

No… Move Mother! Protect yourself and hand me over!

"No! Please not Harry! Take me instead!" Lily cried as I felt her tears hit my face from above. The Dark Lord smirked.


"Fine then." The Dark Lord smirked even wider.

Move Mother!

"Avada Kedava."


Lily's body fell to the floor limply as the green light of the Avada Kedava curse hit her. I stared at her dead body for a moment before looking back to the Dark Lord who was looking at me with a… sad smile? I watched with confusion at the sad smile as Voldemort spoke.

"I'm sorry for this child, but, I need to get rid of all threats." The Dark Lord pointed his wand at me and I looked him in the eyes as I waited for the destined moment of fate that would get rid of the dark Lord for the next nine or ten years.

"Avada Kedava." The Dark Lord said as a green light headed towards me and bounced off my forehead and went right back at the man, the Dark Lord, who cast it. I cried out when the killing curse bounced off my forehead as it left the lightning shaped scar I would be famous for.

I whimpered as the Dark Lord screamed as his body was reduced to ashes. I waited for a moment as another man came in.

Peter Pettigrew.

I stared at him as he looked at the body of Lilly and then to the ashes of the Dark Lord. He then looked at me as I stared back at him with a glare.

"Wormy was bad." Was all I said as I glared at Pettigrew? He looked away and grabbed the Dark Lords wand and ran down the steps and out of the house. I looked at Lilly corps before climbing out of the crib. I stroked Lily's hair and pushed it out of her face before closing her glossy, dead green eyes. I sighed softly before thinking of trying to levitate her, with my magic, to James, My Father.

My eyes widened as her body floated up off the ground and started going down the stairs slowly as a tingling feeling raced through my little body, it was almost overwhelming. I followed closely as I made my way down the stairs on my bum as I did not trust myself to not fall over in this state. I watched as the body lied itself next a man that had looked exactly like me except for the nose and the eyes.

My Father.

We really did look almost exactly the same. Only difference was my height, weight, eye colour and nose. We even had the same glasses as before.

I walked over and stroked his face before shutting his eyes as well. I quickly brought their hands together and make them hold hands. Well, as close as my little hands could move their heavy, dead hands to hold each other. I stood back and walked behind one of the couches to hide for when Hagrid got here.

I wasn't going to the Dursley's if I could help it.

I sighed softly as tears fell from my eyes as sniffles came from my nose. I couldn't control my cries as I cried for a good five minutes. Hugging the parents I will only remember a glimpse of before I quickly wiped my tears away as I heard a motorbike in the distance.


He was alive. Well if James and Lily Potter were alive, he should be alive as well. I ran and hid behind the couch to wait as I heard footsteps, the door open and then the footsteps stopped.

"James! Lily!" I familiar voice of Sirius Black called as sobs made it past his lips as he fell next to the pair for a minute before his eyes snapped open and bolted up the stairs.

"Harry!" I heard him run up the stairs. I smiled softly. I had to stop Sirius from being arrested and going after Wormtail.

"Pa-foo?" I called out in a meek voice as the shuffling upstairs stopped for a moment before Sirius came running down the stairs.

"Harry!" Sirius called as peeked out from behind the couch. My scar was starting to hurt a bit now that I wasn't concentrated on crying for the loss of my parents. I felt my eyes water as I thought about my parents.

"Unca Pa-foo." I called as Sirius snapped his head in my direction before hurrying over and kneeling in front of me.

"Harry. Are you alright?" Sirius asked as he started checking my body for injury.

"My head erts where the gween light hit it." I said as Sirius froze before lifting up my hair and seeing the lightning bolt scar. Sirius gave a watery smile as he pulled me into a hug. I smiled softly and hugged him back as I calmed slightly in the embrace.

"I-it's okay Harry. I'll have someone look it over. But right now I need to find somewhere to keep you safe and then hunt down Wormtail." Sirius said as a dark look came in to his eyes.

I need to stop him!

I opened my mouth to say something when thumping of heavy footsteps could be herd.


No. I'm not going to the Dursley's.

Hagrid walked in and spotted me in Sirius's arms before stepping forward.

"Dumbledore said for me to take young Harry here to 'im. So hand 'im over please Sirius." Hagrid said as he held out his hands for me. Sirius relaxed and smiled softly.

"Of course. Tell Dumbledore thank you and I'll be over soon to take him. I just need to go hunt a rat." Sirius said as he started to hand me over.


"No Pa-foo. Don wanna leave you. Don le-leave me." I said as I tightened my grip as hard as I could, as hard as a one year old could, into his shirt so he couldn't pull me off so easily. Sirius sighed before holding me with one arm and cupping my face with the other.

"It's okay Harry. I'll be back. Just go with Hagrid to Dumbledore and I'll get you later before or when you fall asleep. Okay." Sirius said as I made tears well up in my eyes and made them leak as I shook my head as fast as I could.

"Don' leave me like Mummy and Daddy. Don' Unca Pa-foo. Pl-please." I whimpered the last part as Sirius sighed softly but nodded. I relaxed softly and closed my eyes in relief and snuggled myself into his shoulder and didn't notice Sirius lift his wand and pointed it at the back of my head.

"Quiesco." And all I saw was darkness, but before I blacked out from the spell, I heard Sirius and Hagrid talk.

"Keep him safe. I'll be back for him." Sirius said as my limp body was passed over.

"Of course. Dumbledore said for me to bring 'im to 'im for the safety of little 'arry." Hagrid said as I finally went unconscious.

Dammit Sirius!


Wednesday – October 31stPlace: Unknown – 1981 – Time: Unknown

Harry Pov

I opened my eyes sleepily and noticed a familiar dark room surrounding myself, the space filled with dust, cleaning products and spiders.


I heard footsteps walk up to the familiar door that I had been kept behind for the first eleven years of my life and stop in front of it.


I watched the door open and their stood in the doorway was a familiar woman who strove to ruin my life from the first time she saw me on her doorstep.

Aunt Petunia.

"You're awake. You freaky baby." Petunia said with the sneer on her Giraffe like face. I glared at her with as much force as my baby one year old self could muster.

This is going to be horrible.

Aunt Petunia glared right back before bringing out a three-quarter empty milk baby bottle. "C'mon Freak. Open wide and drink so I can leave." Was all she said as she picked me up and brought the bottle closer to me.

Oh no. I'm not having the rest of that baby milk that has had that… that Pig's germs on in!

"No." was all I said as I turned away. Petunia froze for a second before glaring at me and putting the bottle at my lips as she growled lowly.

"Open your freaky little mouth and drink this milk or you won't get anything for the rest of the day." I glared at her and pushed the bottle away. "NOW!" She yelled and brought the bottle back up to my lips and pushed harder to get the bottle into my mouth. I shoved the bottle away and Petunia accidentally let go of the bottle and it fell to the floor.

"I don wanna have icky bottle." I cried out as Petunia glared at me. Petunia then then smirked as I glared back at her and struggled so she would put me down.

"Fine then. You won't eat until tomorrow, I won't change you until tomorrow and I won't see you until tomorrow." Petunia said immaturely as she shoved me further into the cupboard before slamming it shut. I heard stomping footsteps move from the cupboard to the kitchen and then they turned into lighter ones,

"Oh Duddykins. You are such a good boy, unlike that freaky cousin of yours." I smirked softly at her baby voice.

He seemed like a good boy now. He goes to jail for murder, rape, stealing and drugs in the future. Just wait Aunt Petunia. Just you wait and see what happens to your little Duddykins.

I yawned softly and hoped in the basket I had been picked up in from before and shut my eyes as sleep took over my small body.


Wednesday – October 31stPrivet Drive – 1981 – Time: Night

Harry Pov


My eyes snapped open at the sound of the cupboard door being slammed opened. I looked up and my eyes widened at the familiar Walrus man in front of me that was my Uncle.

My Uncle Vernon.

His face is purple and I swear I can see a vain popping out on his head with how angry he looked. His eyes though, that's what scared me, his eyes where blue and glowed with rage and fury as his eyes bored into mine with anger and disgust. He growled as I stared back with a blank expression to not show my emotions.

"YOU LITTLE FREAK! HOW DARE YOU PUSH PETUNIA LIKE THAT! WHERE TRYING TO GIVE YOU FOOD AND GAVE YOU A ROOM OUT OF THE GENEROSITY OF OUR HEARTS. GET OUT HERE NOW FOR YOU'RE PUNISHMENT!" Vernon screamed. Spit was practically flying from his mouth from the pure anger he was in as his face started turning red with purple slowly seeping into the colour.

"No." Was all I said as I pushed my basket further into the cupboard where he was too fat to get me? Vernon growled and tried to squeeze into the cupboard to grab me and drag me out.

Tried being the key word.

He growled before looking to someone, probably Petunia, and smiled evilly at me before looking at Petunia.

"Pet, will you drag him out for his punishment?" Vernon said as he turned back to me and glared as I stared back with an emotionless face. Petunia came into few and walked into the cupboard and reached for me.

"If you touch me, I'm gonna make things go boom." I said as I glared right into her eyes as my emotionless mask changed as she stood in front of me. My hands went up in the air for dramatics. Petunia froze and looked down at me before backing out of the cupboard and slamming the cupboard door closed. I heard hushed, angry whispering before they stopped and everything went silent for a moment. A few seconds later, the sounds of footsteps walked away from the cupboard door and one pair walked into the kitchen while the other pair walked into the Livingroom before the TV turned on.

She fell for it! I can't actually do it but I'll have to try so encase they don't believe me, I'll be able to do it. Better get some more sleep for tomorrow. Even though I'm hungry, I'm not tired and I really need to change. I'll get through this and make my life even better than before and get my revenge on all the people that wronged me.

But why does my magic feel weaker than before I came here? What happened when Sirius spelled me to sleep?


This Story is Yaoi. If you do not like, please do not read. The pairing is Harry, Draco, Fred and George. Mention that Harry can become mpreg. If you do not like, do not read. Harry is a Carrier. Mention of Dumbledore, Molly, Ron, Ginny and Hermione bashing. Slight Percy bashing. If you do not like, do not read.

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