Friday – 7thof September – Great Hall – 8:03 AM

I smirked as owls swooped in with not only the Daily Prophet but red envelopes. A lot of students began gulping as they started thinking over what they could have done within a day of Hogwarts that could have warranted such a letter. The Daily Prophet was dropped on students tables before flying to the Head Table with all the professors where a large pile between Dumbledore and Lockhart started piling together and beginning to activate. I ignored that and concentrated on the small pile of letters from random owls and sighed.

Probably either fan mail, marriage proposals or something similar.

I picked up my paper and a smile started appearing with each word I read.

Harry Potter a Carrier – Truth or Lies!

That's right readers! Late yesterday afternoon, the Daily Prophet got a mysterious message from someone appeared. The letter explained that they had seen Harry Potter reading a Carrier book. Not only that, but it was said that many more people got the same message and those people have already started sending marriage requests to the twelve year old savior.

Our Savior has proven to not only be powerful but, he can also reproduce really strong offspring when he finally gets married. But is are Savior in a relationship? Is he already taken? This reporter will be on the lookout for answers.

Rita Skeeter.

Weasley Troubles!

Early on this year before Hogwarts Harry Potter, Savior of the Wizarding world and boy-who-lived, came to Gringotts bank for the first time in his life. That's right readers, Harry Potter is Muggle raised! Not only was and still is raised by Muggles but he also being stolen from by a few of the Weasley's. Harry Potter came to the bank and found out the injustice of a few Weasley's that are and were named Molly Weasley, Ron Weasley and Ginevra Weasley now known as Molly, Ronald and Ginevra Prewett.

Arthur Weasley had no idea what his wife was doing as she had the money put into a separate account along with two other accounts for her children. Harry Potter had found out and immediately called retribution by taking all the money back with interest. Harry Potter then found out that some of the Weasley's had no idea of their families' betrayal and helped the true Weasley's out of the good of his heart. Harry Potter helped the innocent Weasley's by paying off their house for a year worth of rent and sending them an allowance for food so thy may get back on track and hopefully have a better life.

The Prewetts now pay off their debt by working in Gringotts to make new vaults for future customers in Gringotts. They are said to have to make around one hundred before finally being let loose into the world without a penny to their name. Ronald and Ginevra Prewetts are allowed to go to Hogwarts during the year while their mother stays at Gringotts to continue working on her debt as they had already paid and the kind heart of Harry Potter couldn't bare it to take away their education, even after all they had done to him.

Why did those Weasley's, now Prewetts, steal from Harry Potter? This reporter will be on the lookout for answers.

Rita Skeeter.

Headmaster Dumbledore allows dangerous items and animals into school last year!

Have you ever wondered what happens in the school of Hogwarts that is supposedly the safest place in the world? We have live witnesses that say that that statement is wrong! Last year it was reported by many students to their parents about a third floor corridor being out of bounds or you'll face a painful death, what could be so dangerous to be put in their that it would be placed in a school full of children?!

It was reported that a three headed dog, known as a Cerberus, was on the other side of a door that could be unlocked with a simple Alohomora. The Cerberus was sitting and guarding a trap door that lead to a trap of Devil Snare! After the Devil Snare, there was a room full of keys where you had to ride a broom to grab the right key to unlock the door for the next trap. There then was a life sized game of Wizards Chess where you have to play across the board and you, and anyone with you, have to be an actual piece! When or if you got past the chess set, you had to face a full grown mountain troll! After this trap is a potions trap of logic that you would need to solve to drink the potion to get past a wall of fire! After the wall of fire revealed a mirror known as the Mirror of Erised. Inside the mirror is an object known as the Philosophe Stone! The Philosopher Stone is known to be able to grant the wish of immortality and turn metal to gold!

Why was that object inside a school full of children? What was Headmaster Dumbledore thinking when he placed it in the school? This reporter will be on the lookout for answers.

Rita Skeeter.

Professor Gilderoy Lockhart – Fraud!

That's right readers! Gilderoy Lockhart, Second Class Merlin Award, Five Time Winner of best Smile and now Defense Professor in the school of Hogwarts, is being claimed as a Fraud with quite a bit of proof! If you read and look closely in all Gilderoy Lockhart's books, you will not only find time laps that cross over with each other but things that are just not possible.

For example; Gilderoy Lockhart claims to, in one of his books, that he cured a Werewolf! If so, why hasn't this made the news or why hasn't he cured all Werewolf's by now?!

If this is true, what has this man been teaching our children yesterday and even now! What is going on within Hogwarts that Headmaster Dumbledore is not picking good Defense Professors?! This reporter will be on the lookout for answers.

Rita Skeeter.

I grinned. I looked at the twins at the Gryffindor table and nodded my head. The twins grinned wickedly at each other and began getting ready for phase two at getting revenge on Lockhart. I watched with glee as the perfectly thought out plan between Sirius and Remus began.

A single owl flew through the window and right above Lockhart where it not only dropped a packet of the Marauders Secret Prank Recipe but also gave a nice… white liquid before leaving out the window. Before leaving though, the owl flew above Dumbledore and gave him a white liquid from its bottom as well.

There was silence in the Great Hall before laughter sprung out from one of the tables. Immediately the rest of the houses laughed at Lockhart that was not only covered in owl droppings, but was pink skinned, had beaver teeth and wild orange black hair that stood up in all sorts of directions. Dumbledore looked very annoyed as he looked at his shoulder that was covered in owl droppings. Lockhart stood up but screamed when he looked down at his legs now tentacles and started trying to get away from the eyes of the students.

Another owl swooped in and did more droppings on Dumbledore and Lockhart as it dropped another package on Lockhart. Words appeared above Lockhart's head that made people laugh even more.

'I'm a Fraud but I have the best smile in the world so that makes it okay. I'm obsessed with pink unicorns and dreamt when I was in Hogwarts that I would one day either become a pink unicorn or own one to show off to all the people that loves me.'

That was the Twins personal prank done. Now to wait for Draco's.

A beautiful owl flew through the window and dropped an envelope in Lockhart's hand. I glanced at Draco and Draco nodded his head in confirmation to say this was his prank. Lockhart opened the envelope to reveal a letter. Lockhart grew a paler pink by paler pink with each word he red before running out of the hall with his now tentacles legs as fast a s he could.

I raised an eyebrow at Draco whop just smirked at me in response. Severus looked at us before nodding his head and muttered something as he continued his meal. Dumbledore stood as the other teachers looked very confused and slightly amused.

"Would whoever done this stand and came forward for punishment. If you come now, the punishment won't be as severe." When no one stepped forward, Dumbledore walked out of the Great Hall to get cleaned up from the owl droppings. I smiled slightly and returned to my meal. Students started talking about Lockhart being a fraud, Dumbledore getting owl droppings in him and the mysterious student or students who did this.

Revenge is so sweet, but it is far from over. Next is Dumbledore.


Wednesday – 17thof October – Hogwarts – 4:27 PM

I wondered down the hallways silently with a smirk. Lockhart had gotten a note that he would be taken in for questioning and if he ran, he would be guilty and be wanted by the Ministry until he was found. I continued walking but tensed when Ginny and Tracey came around a corner. I continued walking and walked past them. They continued talking and glanced at me every few seconds.

Something's… wrong.

Dumbledore then came out from around the corner. I hesitated slightly but kept moving forward. Dumbledore put hand up in a stopping motion. I stopped and waited for Dumbledore to say something. I glance behind me and saw Tracey and Ginny with an approaching Pansy and Ron. I wandlessly and silently made a shield around me.

"Mister Potter. I must speak with you." Dumbledore stepped closer. Severus appeared two corridors down and hid behind a set of armour. From the lack of Ron and the others saying anything, they hadn't seen Severus.

"What do you need to talk to me about, Headmaster?" I asked with narrowed eyes. Dumbledore just smiled another grandfatherly smile at me. I glared back.

"I was hoping you would have reconsidered me to be taking care of you completely and have access to your vaults to take care of you." I deadpanned at Dumbledore. "I can protect you from people hoping to take you for your power and Carrier genes. You just have to sign this document." Dumbledore pulled out some paper. I looked between Dumbledore and the paper before taking the paper. Dumbledore smiled happily.

I ripped the paper in half. I did it multiple times until it was just confetti. I then threw it in the air and looked into Dumbledore's eyes.

"I, Harry James Potter, will not willingly give you full control of the Potter accounts and any other accounts I have. So mote it be." I flash of light appeared and died as quickly as it came. "Stay away from me and leave me alone." I walked past Dumbledore and down the corridor towards where Severus is.

"Then I'm afraid, Mister Potter, that you will be not allowed to go on Hogsmead trips in your fifth year and you must give any heirlooms on your person and in your trunk to me." I turned to Dumbledore with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm afraid that is not allowed. You may be able to ban me from going to Hogsmead but you cannot make me hand any Heirlooms I have over to you. I can either send them by owl to Gringotts to be kept safe or I can portkey to Gringotts and hand over the heirlooms, if I have any, to the Goblins personally." I then raised an eyebrow at Dumbledore. "I'll go check my truck out for any Heirlooms I might have and portkey over to Gringotts. I might need to ask a few things to them." I turned and continued to walk down the corridor. I locked eyes with Severus just as a spell rebounded in my shield. I turned to see the spell hit Ron, who has his wand out, and make Ron fall to the ground in a body bind. "Attacking other students, Headmaster?" Dumbledore glared at the students behind him and cast the counter curse. Dumbledore stepped forward and sighed softly.

"I'm sorry, Mister Potter, that it had to come to this but I simply can't let you remember this conversation." Dumbledore sent spells at me as he also started trying to take down my shield. I backed away and concentrated on keeping my shield up. The shield broke and I locked eyes with Severus again and sent a mental message as Dumbledore sent an Obliviate at me.

I told you that he obliviated you.

My necklace absorbed the spell and I looked at Dumbledore blankly. Dumbledore approached me and put a hand on my shoulder. I stared at Dumbledore blankly.

I'll reveal I remember everything, it will certainly give him the fright of his life when he realises not do I only remember what just happened but that I remember Dumbledore obliviating me with the Lockhart situation.

"Mister Potter, are you alright?" Dumbledore asked. Severus watched with narrowed eyes filled with anger and fear. I gave Dumbledore a smile and answered happily.

"I'm fine. Even though you attempted to obliviate me again." Dumbledore looked at me with shock. I shoved Dumbledore's hand off my shoulder and took a step back. "You have just dug yourself a bigger hole. I will be going to Gringotts and giving them this information." I smirked as Dumbledore paled at that. "Do you know that Gringotts can fine another person for attacking an heir to an Ancient and Noble House? Much less an heir to two Ancient and Noble Houses?" Dumbledore stepped back in shock. I turned to look at Ron, Ginny, Tracey and Pansy. "I can up the amount of vaults you have to make at Gringotts for attacking me." Ron and Ginny paled as well. I turned to Pansy and Tracey. "Unfortunately, I cannot do anything to you too but, one wrong move and I can fine you quite a lot. Good night." I turned and walked off to head to Ravenclaw Tower while replacing my shield and adding a charm that it would go right back at its shooter if they dared to attack again.

I hope you saw all that, Professor Snape.


Wednesday – 17thof October – Gringotts – 5:03 PM

I sat in my usual chair with Griphook.

"I must leave my Invisibility cloak here or Dumbledore will confiscate it. I also have some information for you on some more fines you can give to Dumbledore along with finally checking in with Madam Bones with the case." Griphook nodded. I handed over my cloak and glanced around before looking at Griphook. "If I'm heir to Gryffindor and Slytherin, do I get the Gryffindor Sword and Slytherin Locket?" I asked. Griphook shook his head.

"Those were made by them, yes, but they all had been sold further down the line by their Heirs. If you do find them and they are unowned, you may take them and keep them even if the heirs of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff reveal themselves and try claim the artefacts." Griphook then looked at a sheet of parchment and sighed. "It seems Madam Bones is having trouble with getting the case together. Someone keeps stealing the evidence before she can show it to the Minister. I can arrange for her to bring the Minister down here to properly look at the evidence." I nodded my head.

"That sounds good. The charges against Dumbledore are illegal attempt obviation, illegal allow of attempt of rape and kidnaping and, illegally obliviating teachers." Griphook looked at me for a moment before a questioning look came into his eyes. "No, I was not raped but it was a close call. That reminds me." Griphook raised an eyebrow. "Send Madam Bones some pensive memories I will give you of Lockhart's attempt rape and kidnapping. Also up the number of vaults the Prewetts have to mine as Ronald Weasley tried to put me in a body bind after Dumbledore attempted to make me sign a contract to have him gain back full control of my vaults." Griphook nodded. "Any new news?" I asked. Griphook nodded and looked a bit annoyed at something.

"We have been swamped with people trying to place marriage contracts between you and themselves or their children. We have had to direct and force them off Gringotts multiple times." Griphook grunted. I sighed and looked around the room.

"Can you warn Pansy Parkinson and Tracey Davis's parents on what their child is doing? Especially Pansy's father that she is working with Dumbledore." I said. Griphook nodded. "I would also like you to keep an eye out for any businesses that look like they'll take off to make an investment in. It's always best to make more money then you spend." Griphook smirked and nodded his head and waved his hand. Another piece of parchment appeared in front of Griphook.

"I've seen a few businesses that look like they will take off rather well. There is a broom shop that is being called 'Quidditch Brooms and Safety Gear'. It will be run by a man that has made one type of broom so far and some safety equipment out of all types of material he has collected. The broom is called the a Firebolt." My eyes widened and I smiled.

"Definitely put some investment into that. Around fifty percent or higher." Griphook stared at me for a moment before nodding his head. "What other magical businesses?" I asked. Griphook looked at his sheet of paper.

"The rest of the wizarding businesses are in different countries. I can place the investments of fifty or higher in the ones I'm sure will go well and take off." I nodded my head in agreement. Griphook looked a bit unsure when he asked but looked quite proud in the fact that a wizard is trusting a goblin to make the investments decisions. "There are multiple Muggle businesses that are opening in all countries. I'll pick out the best ones from all of them." I nodded again in agreement.

"Invest fifty percent in the muggle businesses. If they continue doing well, raise the investment by ten percent every six months. If the business looks like it's shutting down or losing business, slowly take the investment down to fifty percent again until it either picks up or shuts down. I trust you to pick out the best businesses." I said and stood. Griphook nodded his head and lead me out the room and into the Gringotts banking area.


Thursday – 18thof October – Potions Classroom – 2:00 PM

"Stay after class, Mister Potter." I sat back down in my seat and waved to Terry and Michael as they left the classroom for lunch. I watched the students leave the classroom narrowed my eyes when Tracey glanced back at me with a suspicious look in her eyes. Severus watched them all leave the room before waving his wand and muttering something under his breath. The door locked and I assume that a silencing bubble came up around the classroom.

"I've unblocked the memories." Severus said. I nodded my head and raised an eyebrow questioningly. "You are in danger if you remain at this school with Dumbledore in it. The order of the-."

"The Order of the Phoenix has been assembled because Lord Voldemort has assumed to come back because Dumbledore couldn't find the Philosophers stone last year." Severus stared at me with a bit of shock before raising his eyebrow in turn. "I know of Dumbledore bringing back his Order but, that is not what interests me at the moment." I looked Severus in the eyes. "Is someone stealing some… interesting information at the Ministry of Dumbledore?" I questioned. Severus's eyes widened before slowly nodding.

"Yes. Kingsley has been stealing the pieces of information off Madam Bones's desk. No one knows why but Dumbledore and Kingsley." Severus said. I nodded my head and looked out the window.

"I'll send the Goblins the message of this to inform Madam Bones of what has been transpiring." I said before standing and walking to the door. "Dumbledore hopefully won't be around by the end of the year." I said and opened the door. Tracey tumbled over and landed on the floor. "You do know it's rude to try to listen in on a Professors and students conversation, right?" I asked. Severus glared at Tracey.

"Detention, Davis. And fifty points from Ravenclaw for trying to listen in on a conversation between a professor and a student." Severus said. I walked off and left Tracey there to suffer through the chewing out of Severus.


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