Tuesday – 2ndof September – Room of Requirements – 4:57 PM

"You'll never take me alive, asshole!" I cried out and pulled out my wand with a smirk.

Just because I'm a carrier doesn't mean I'm weak!

"Expellliarmus!" I cried out and Lockhart's wand went into my open hand. I tensed when Lockhart brought out a second wand. "Fuck." I muttered as I dodged an Expellliarmus and bolted down the hallway and towards Ravenclaw Tower.

"I won't let you escape, little Carrier!" I red spell barely missed me. But it unfortunately forced me to move down another hallway that lead to one of the exits of the castle.

What'd outside that I can use?! Theirs Hagrid but I might it be able to make it their in time. There's also the forbidden forest but it might do more harm than good. I'll just have to hope that I'll get away.

I bolted out the door that was one of the exits to the castle. I continued running and throwing stunners and such behind me blindly as I heard Lockhart still coming after me by snapping of the twigs on the ground. I noticed Hagrid's hut in the distance and smiled softly.

"Expellliarmus!" I called out again. I had quickly turned to throw the spell and smiled when it hit. The wand flew into my hand and I turned and ran again. "You have no wand, give up!" I yelled out as I heard Lockhart continue pursuing me.

"I may not have a wand, little carrier, but I will not give up the chance to have you. When we have children, I'll drain the child of their magic to become more powerful so I can really do those deeds I've said I have done." I tensed as fear coursed through my veins. I turned quickly as the fear turned to rage.

"Stupefy!" I screamed. The spell barely missed as Lockhart dodged. "Stupefy! Stupefy! Stupefy." I smiled as the last spell hit Lockhart in the chest. I GRABBED Lockhart as he collapsed and flipped him hard to land on his back. I hear a rumbling and turned to see Norberta standing behind me. I froze while looking at her with shock.

I forgot to talk to Hagrid and meet Norberta.

"Hi, Norberta." I said. We stared at each other and Norberta walked closer. She gave a few sniffs before walking to Lockhart's stunned form and sniffed as well. Norberta then growled. "What's wrong, girl?" I asked kindly and kneeled down so we were eye level. Norberta walked over and nuzzled the top of my head. She walked behind me and suddenly slipped between my legs so I was on her back. I clung to her neck as she then spread her wings and took off into the sky towards Hagrid's Hut.

"Harry!" I turned to see Hagrid looking at me with shock from just a few meters from his hut. Norberta landed and I wobbly got off. "Are you alright, 'arry?" Hagrid asked. He looked between me and Norberta.

"I'm fine for the most part. Other tan almost being kidnaped by Professor Lockhart to rape me and drain my child or children's magic, suddenly riding a dragon and finding out that you own a dragon when you live in a wooden house." I deadpanned. Hagrid chuckled nervously as glanced between Norberta and me.

"I won 'im off a man last year. Said he didn't want 'im anymore." I nodded my head and patted the dragon on the head. I sighed sadly and shook my head.

"You know if someone found out you had a dragon, you could be sent to Azkaban, right?" I asked. Hagrid gave a sad smile and slowly nodded his head. He petted Norberta's scales soothingly.

"I know, 'arry. But she don't 'ave nowhere else to go." I pretended to think before smiling at Hagrid.

"Fred and George have a brother that works at a reserve! Charlie Weasley, isn't it?" I asked. Hagrid beamed and nodded before smiling sadly again at Norberta.

"I'm gonna miss the young thing." Hagrid said. He continued stroking Norberta's head before turning back to me with serious eyes. "Now where is Professor Lockhart? I'm gonna give 'im a piece of my mind!" Hagrid said angrily. I pointed in the direction I came from the castle.

"Follow me. He doesn't have a wand so he should be easy to take to Professor Snape, Professor McGonagall or Professor Flitwick." I said. I led Hagrid to the downed Lockhart and watched as Hagrid picked Lockhart up and flung him on his shoulder like a bag of potatoes. I glared at the stupefyed form of Lockhart. Norberta then went back to Hagrid's hut to hide in case anyone sees her.

"I can't believe he tried to do such a thing to you, 'arry! He said he did all those things but I'm starting to not believe 'im. What if he had done this to other boys an' girls?" Hagrid growled as we neared the entrance to Hogwarts. Professor McGonagall walked past us with a glance before freezing in her tracks and walking over to us with a surprised and worried look as she not only took in my form but Professor Lockhart's as well.

"What in the name of Merlin is going on here?!" Professor McGonagall demanded. She walked right up to us and ignored Hagrid and Lockhart as she started waving her wand at me while muttering under her breath.

What was she doing?

"I don't see any injuries on you other than the little bit of blood on your mouth." McGonagall said. She then stood back and looked at both Hagrid and me. "What has Lockhart done?" McGonagall asked.

"He tried to kidnap me and, well, rape me to drain any child I have's magic to make himself more powerful." McGonagall paled. She nodded her head and waved her wand making Lockhart float. "He also mentioned making do that when he did drain my child or children's power, he would actually do the things he has written about in his books." McGonagall seemed to turn white as a sheet as she then motioned me over to her before looking at Hagrid.

"Hagrid, would you take Mister Potter here up to the infirmary? I'll take Lockhart up to Dumbledore and see to it that he gets sent to Azkaban for this!" Professor McGonagall said. She turned and walked into the castle with a floating stunned Lockhart following behind her. Hagrid then started leading me in the direction of the infirmary. Half way there Severus and Professor Flitwick came past, stopping to stare as we walked past them.

"What's going on, Hagrid?" Professor Flitwick asked. Hagrid stopped and turned to the two Professors with a grim smile on his face. Severus looked at me with calculating eyes.

"Lockhart thought it would be a good idea to attack 'arry here and force him to have children with him. First day of school and already something 'as happened." Hagrid said angrily. A surprised and angry look soon came upon the Professors face. Severus had a dark look on his face as he looked around.

"And were is Lockhart? I've got some Veritaserum in my storage to find out everything he's done wrong. I'm sure the press and the Ministry will be wanting to hear about this." Severus said. He looked at Hagrid expectedly.

"Professor McGonagall is taking 'im to Headmaster Dumbledore. I'm sure you can catch up." Hagrid said. Severus and Professor Flitwick nodded their heads. Severus turned his gaze to me and took in my form entirely.

"I'm fine. Just a bit shocked, really." I said. The two Professor's nodded their heads and turned on their heels and walked off towards Dumbledore's office. I turned with Hagrid and continued on to Madam Pomfrey to get a checkup.

I'll need to tell Draco, Fred and George about this and also Sirius and Remus. If I don't, I'll not only get the talking to of a lifetime but I'll also get forced to be a cuddle toy again by Sirius and Remus.

I shivered slightly as we entered the infirmary. Madam Pomfrey took one look at me and Hagrid before ushering me to a bed.

"What has happened now? You look fine." Madam Pomfrey questioned. I sighed softly and watched as Madam Pomfrey waved her wand at me a few times at me. "Your fine, a bit shocked, but fine." She then turned to Hagrid expectantly.

"Lockhart thought it be a good idea to attack 'arry and force 'im to have children with 'im." Hagrid repeated. Madam Pomfreys eyes widened slightly before nodding her head and turning back to me with a stern glare.

"You'll stay for a bit and take a calming and sleeping potion. A good night's rest should do you fine." Madam Pomfrey said. I nodded my head as Hagrid said his goodbyes and Madam Pomfrey began bustling around the infirmary. I sighed softly and closed my eyes as I leaned back into the bed.

"Madam Pomfrey?" My eyes snapped open at Dumbledore's voice. I tensed up and looked to see Dumbledore smiling kindly at the Medi-witch. Madam Pomfrey walked over to Dumbledore and they began talking in hushed voices. Madam Pomfrey then walked into her office and out of sight. "Mister Potter, there is a few things we must discuss." Dumbledore said. He sat down beside me.

Shit. Professor Flitwick and Severus aren't here. I'll have to do this on my own this time.

"I think its best if you forgave Professor Lockhart and pretend this never happened. The first day of school aren't even over yet." Dumbledore said. I glared at Dumbledore and Dumbledore sighed before getting up. "I see. From the look on your face, you aren't going to do what I've suggested?" Dumbledore asked. I shook my head and went to speak when Dumbledore continued. "I'm sorry, my boy, but I can't let you do that. Obliviate!" My necklace absorbed the spell but I pretended to be a victim so Dumbledore wouldn't try anything else. I pretended to blink and look around before looking at Dumbledore with weary eyes.

"Why am I here?" I asked. Dumbledore smiled kindly at me and waved me out of the infirmary.

"You were hiding from your friends. You should really get back to your common room, it's getting quite late." I nodded my head and walked off. I stopped at a small distance and hid. My eyes widened as I heard Dumbledore obliviate Madam Pomfrey of me being there.

He's obviating everyone of what happened! He's probably already gotten Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, Severus and Hagrid! But what is he going to do about Lockhart? I'll have to find Draco, Fred and George so I can tell them what happened and figure out what to do.

I walked away quickly and avoided the dreaded Ron Weasley and the three bitches. I looked around a corner and my eyes widened when I saw Lockhart walking this way with a smirk on his face. He didn't notice me so I ducked behind a suit of armour and waited as he turned the corner and walked by me. I stayed still and watched as he turned another corner and out of sight. I quickly and silently bolted out from behind the suit of armour and started making my way down to the Room of Requirements where, hopefully, Draco, Fred and George will be. I smiled and entered the Room of Requirements to see Draco, Fred and George talking happily.

"I just got attacked!" I said and shut the door. The three looked at me with shock for a moment as I made my way over and sat between Fred, George and Draco. "You know how I told you in my first life that Lockhart was a fraud?" The three nodded their heads. "He apparently is a paedophile as well as he just tried to kidnap me to not only rape me but impregnate me and drain the magic from any children I have!" a dark look came over the three boys faces and suddenly I felt a bit scared from the anger rolling off them. "Hagrid helped save me with a dragon and he took me go Madam Pomfrey while Professor McGonagall took Lockhart to Dumbledore. Dumbledore then obliviated Professor McGonagall, Hagrid, Madam Pomfrey, Professor Flitwick and Professor Shape as they all knew the story. He then tried to obliviate me but my necklace absorbed the obliviate." I then took in a big gulp of air as I finished speaking.

"I… I could send a message to my father but nothing could happen of it as only you will know and it's Albus Dumbledore." Draco said. He looked at the coffee table in front of him with a death glare.

"We could tell our classmates but they wouldn't believe us because Dumbledore is still known as the leader of the light and a good person." Fred and George said. I sighed and looked up.

If only there was a way to…!

"I got it! I'll send a letter to the Daily Prophet and have them do up some news about what Albus does at school. I know exactly what to write them!" I said excitedly and a piece of parchment, a quill and an ink pot appeared on the coffee table in front of me. "Once tomorrow's post comes in, we can start planning on how to ruin Dumbledore's reputation until he is seen as unfit to run so many things!" I said before stopping and sighing softly and turned to Fred and George. "Hagrid has a dragon and we need to get your brother Charlie here so he can take the dragon without Dumbledore finding out. I'll sneak out with my invisibility cloak and get the dragon too your brother tomorrow night, if possible." I said as Fred and George nodded their heads as another piece of parchment, quilt and ink pot appeared on the coffee table. "Let's do this!"


Wednesday – 5thof September – Hogwarts – 10:31 PM

I snuck through the castle silently as I listed out for anyone coming towards me. I glanced around and smiled from underneath my invisibility cloak and started sneaking towards the exit. I shivered as the cold air went through my invisibility cloak, robes and clothes underneath. I continued walking and making my way to Hagrid's hut. I smiled as I remembered the conversation with Hagrid about the Dragon after Dumbledore obliviated everyone.


I smiled softly as I followed the path towards Hagrid's Hut. I smiled when I caught sight of Norberta watching me from behind Hagrid's Hut. She seemed to perk up when she noticed there was no one with me and came bounding out with giant leaps. I pretended not to notice and wave to Hagrid while slowly making my way over. Hagrid smiled at me until he saw Norberta running towards me at fast speeds.


I pretended to turn and look in shock as Norberta tackled me to the ground and began licking my face, leaving saliva in her wake. I stayed tense and looked between Norberta and Hagrid in confusion before sighing softly.

"I didn't know you had a dragon, Hagrid." I said simply. Hagrid sighed and proceeded to explain exactly what he had said before. I patted Norberta's head and got off the ground with a small sigh.

"So you'll come tomorrow night and take Norberta to Charlie?" I nodded my head. Hagrid gave a sniff and patted Norberta's head. "At least I'll have until tomorrow to say goodbye." I sighed softly and patted Hagrid's arm.

"I'll ask Charlie to let you visit her. I'm sure he will let you visit her since you were the one to raise her!" I said in comfort. Hagrid gave a smile at that and gave me a quick hug. "I'll come tomorrow night around ten-thirty or eleven. See you tomorrow night!" I then bounded away with another pat to Norberta's head.


I smiled when I reached Hagrid's door and knocked quietly. A shuffle came from inside and Hagrid opened the door. I patted Norberta on the head and smiled sadly at Hagrid.

"I'll miss her so much, 'arry!" Hagrid said. He patted Norberta's head again before sighing. "You should probably go, 'arry. If you don't go soon, I'll never let her go." Hagrid said sadly. Tears started falling from his eyes as he started sobbing. I nodded my head and watched as Hagrid shut the door. I sighed again and pulled out the Marauders Map from my pocket.

"Let's get top the Astronomy tower, girl."


Wednesday – 5thof September – Astronomy Tower – 10:58 PM

"Thank you for informing me of this little one. We always need new dragons." Charlie said. He patted Norberta's head gently. "You tell Hagrid that he has an unlimited pass to come to the reserve during opening hours to come visit her." Charlie said. He turned to me and gave a small smile. "And thank you for helping my father, my older and younger brothers and, myself. Thank you." I smiled kindly and watched as they hooked Norberta up to carry her off on a few dozen brooms.

"Your welcome." I said and wrapped my cloak around me and pulled the Marauders Map to my chest. I turned and started making my way back to Ravenclaw Tower when they disappeared from my view.

I checked the Marauders Map and froze when I saw not only Dumbledore, but Tracey, Pansy, Ginny and Ron making their way towards where I am at the entrance of the Astronomy Tower. The other way had Severus making his way on his usual checkup around the school. I strode down the hallway that Severus would be sure to walk down any minute.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

I cringed and moved to the side of where a Knight was and crouched down before making sure I was completely covered. Severus walked by me in the dark of the hallway. The only way to see him was through the light of the moonlight. Severus looked around before stopping at where I am. I tensed and waited for Severus to do something when footsteps and voices could be heard from the other direction.

"Are you sure, Mister Potter came this way? How do you even know he is out of bed?" Dumbledore's questioning voice echoed in the empty hallway. Severus looked back to where I am and indicated to my foot. I looked down and quickly covered my shoe that was barely peeking out of the invisibility cloak. Severus then backed away around the corner and seemed to wait.

"I know because I saw and followed him when Lockhart attacked him! On that matter, you said that you had put a potion on him to stop his Carrier genes coming through when he was born! My mother told me you did." Ginny's voice could be heard in a high pitched annoying voice. "I've even been acting like I can't look at him and regret what I did so he'll let his guard around me more!" Ginny said. Their voices and footsteps grew closer with every word they said.

Severus then rounded the corner when the traitors appeared at the other end of the hallway. Severus raised an eyebrow at the Dumbledore. Dumbledore gave Severus a grandfatherly smile. Tracey, Ginny, Pansy and Ron looked horrified at seeing Severus.

Guess they're still afraid of Severus.

"What are these four children doing out of bed, Headmaster? It is quite past their curfew!" Severus drawled as he gave all of them a hard look. Dumbledore continued with his grandfather image as the others just stayed quiet. Severus looked at Pansy the longest.

"Now, Severus. These young four were just telling me they believe that young Mister Potter has a dragon and is out after curfew. They are just leading me the way to where they believe Mister Potter is." Dumbledore said. Severus raised his eyebrow.

"I've searched all the floor behind me. Mister Potter couldn't possibly have gotten past me." Severus said. I smiled softly. Ron's face started growing red in anger. Tracey, Pansy and Ginny looked slightly annoyed at Severus.

"You're probably covering for Potter! You must have let him pass you since you never get upset at him in class!" Ron yelled out. Severus gave Ron a glare that made Ron shrink slightly.

"Twenty points from Gryffindor, Mister Weasley. And detention for disrespecting and yelling at a teacher." Severus smirked. Dumbledore looked slightly annoyed but did nothing to intervene. "Report to me this Saturday at six PM, and do not be late!" Severus then turned to Dumbledore. "Would you prefer to take these brats to bed or would you like me too?" Severus asked. Dumbledore gave Severus another grandfatherly smile and a small shake of his head.

"That's alright, Severus. I'll take them to bed since I believed their tale of Mister Potter being out and about this late evening." Dumbledore then turned and began walking back the way they came. "Come along, children. Time for bed." Dumbledore beckoned the other four to follow after him. Dumbledore glanced around subtly with twinkling eyes. Severus watched them disappear before turning to me a minute later.

"Detention, Potter. Tomorrow night at six PM." Severus then turned and walked off in the direction he came from. I stayed still for a moment before starting to make my way back to Ravenclaw Tower with a sigh.

Great. Now I have detention with Severus where I'll have to discuss while I was out this late.


Thursday – 6thof September – Potions Classroom – 6:47 PM

I inwardly grimaced as I sat down in my usual chair I sat in while in potions class. Only this wasn't a class but detention. Severus watched me with carefully concealed emotions. Severus then sighed before giving me a glare.

"Why, Mister Potter, were you out so late at night yesterday?" Severus asked. I sighed and looked between Severus and the desk I am sitting at. "Not going to answer?" Severus drawled. Severus stood up from his desk and came to stand in front of me. "Look at me." Severus commanded. I glanced up and felt a small probe at my mind. I blinked. Severus raised an eyebrow before crossing his arms together. "Answer me." Severus said. I stayed silent and stared Severus in the eyes for a full minute before Severus sighed and looked me in the eyes with suspicion. "How about a different question then, hmm?" I tensed slightly and waited. "Why is it that I don't remember what I was doing yesterday afternoon?" Severus questioned.

"I don't know what you mean, Sir." I said blandly. Severus glared at me and pulled me up to stand.

"I am a Master Occlumency user, just as I am a Master Legilimency user. I know when someone has obliviate me." Severus said. He turned and walked to sit back down at his desk. I sat down as well. "I will admit that whoever did it, did a pretty good job of taking away any evidence that I was obliviated in the first place but whoever they are forgot that Occlumency users go through their memories regularly to sort and place memories somewhere in our mind." Severus said. I nodded my head softly. "I know it had something to do with you as I've been breaking the obliviate on that memory since yesterday night after I gave you that detention. I know it involves you, Hagrid, Lockhart, McGonagall, Flitwick and the Headmaster." I said nothing as Severus paused. "It would be easier for you to tell me now then for me to remember and get quite… upset." I glared darkly at Severus as realization came upon me.

Severus thinks I did something for Dumbledore or someone else to obliviate everyone!

"Fuck you! I didn't do anything!" I said. I stood up and walked to0 the door. The door locked and I swirled around to glare at Severus. "Let me out!" I growled. Severus gave me a glare in return as he stood and walked over to me.

"Not until you tell me what happened." Severus said. I growled again. Severus waited in silence. I said nothing. "I could always get out some Veritaserum and force the answers out of you." Severus said with a sickly sweet smile on his face.

"You want information? Fine!" I shoved Severus back. "Lockhart attempted to rape me and Dumbledore decided that he wanted Lockhart to stay so he obliviated everyone who knew." I felt my eyes burned from withholding tears. "He attempted to obliviate me but thanks to my little necklace here, I was saved from that fate. Unlike you teachers who always get obliviated or some shit when Dumbledore wants to attack me!" I threw my arms up. "Now let me out or I'll blow the door open!" I yelled. Severus looked at me in shock. I glared and turned to the door. I forced my magic to unlock the door and ran out as soon as it was unlocked.


I ignored Severus's call and ran right to the Chamber of Secrets where I knew I would be alone.