Saturday – 12thof March – Potter Manor – 10:43 AM

I gently rubbed Remus's back as he sobbed into his hands. The News article on the ground, crumbled and teared in half from the anger, shock and sadness that the Daily Prophet had written.

"I should have known that she wouldn't have really loved me!" Remus cried out. Sirius looked ready to murder Tonks. I sighed and pulled Remus into a hug. "How could anyone love a dark creature?" Remus cried out. Sirius looked a bit hurt but covered it and began comforting Remus as well. I raised my eyebrow slightly at that before gently pulling away from Remus.

"I see you as my honorary Uncle, which means I love you. And I don't mean my muggle Uncle." I said softly and Remus just shook his head. "Don't dwell on Tonks, move on and look out for those types of people so you don't get hurt again." I said and nodded to Sirius to look after Remus. "I'll be back in a few hours." I turned and left quickly.

How dare she do this to Remus! Just using him to try get close to me and learn all my plans. I can't believe she got pregnant because she though it would help get her out of Azkaban. It's a good thing Madam Bones is filling in for Minister of Magic until a new one is elected or Tonks would be free. Once she gives birth, she'll be healed and shipped off to Azkaban for the next twenty years while also being banned from talking to, going near and visiting her child and Remus when she is released.

I entered the Ministry of Magic for the trial of Granger. I sat down and waited for the rest of the people to arrive so the trial could start. I glanced around and narrowed my eyes when I saw Grangers parents weren't there.

Surely the ministry would contact them, especially with Madam Bones as the Minister of Magic for now. Hopefully I'll find out what happened to them during this trial. I'll also have to see who the upcoming elections for the Minister of Magic are.

"What is your name?" I snapped out of my thoughts to see Granger at the stand and a bottle of Veritaserum next to her.

"Hermione Jane Granger." Granger said with blank eyes.

"How old are you?" I smirked softly as I recognised Parker as the questioner.

"I am twelve." Granger said slowly.

"Where do you go to school?" The Parker asked the third question.

"Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"Veritaserum seems to be working. I will proceed with the questions." Parker nodded at Madam Bones and turned back to Hermione. "Did you know your parents are dead?" Parker questioned. My eyes widened in shock.

"Yes." Granger said.

"Do you know who killed them?" Parker continued.

"Yes." Granger said again.

"Who killed your parents a few weeks after you were kidnaped or voluntarily left your home?" Parker questioned.

"Dumbledore, Tonks and I killed them to keep the quiet and stop them from keeping me away from magic." People on the stand gasped.

"Did you voluntarily leave your house the few weeks before you helped kill your parents?" Parker asked, his face white with the shock of a child killing.

"Yes." Granger said again.

"Did you plan to kill Potter and the remaining Weasley's with other Dumbledore supporters?" Parker continued.

"Yes." Granger answered.

"Do you regret any of your actions at all?" Parker asked softly. People in the stands waited for Granger to answer.

"The only thing I regret is failing to complete my plans." Granger said. I sighed and looked away. I stood and left the trial with a sigh. I started making my way back to Potter Manor

I don't want to see the rest. I'll ask Madam Bones what Grangers punishment for this is. I can't believe Hermione killed her parents and Tonks tricked Remus like this. At least their waiting for Tonks to give birth before chucking her in jail. I also can't believe Dumbledore had Moody under a loyalty potion like that. Now it's just Kingsley's trial that I'll read in the papers in a few days' time.

"I see your home, pup." I froze slightly at the nickname and looked at Sirius curiously. Sirius blushed slightly. "It's what I used to call you before…" Sirius trailed off and looked gloomy for a few seconds before snapping out of it and smiling at me again. "Anyway. How was Grangers trial?" I sighed and shook my head.

"She helped kill her own parents." I said quietly. Sirius looked horrified. Remus entered the room and looked confused. I sighed and gave Remus another hug before walking to my room.

Line Break

Sunday – 13thof March – Potter Manor – 8:12 AM

I sneered as I read the Daily Prophet and what Granger had been given as punishment for her crime. I let the paper drop to the table and grabbed myself some breakfast to prepare to go back to Hogwarts later in the day.

Granger had been given two choices, stupid if you ask me. To be obliviate by a professional and have her magic bound so she couldn't do magic or be sent to Azkaban until she turned seventeen where she will be sent through the veil for a painless death. No surprise, Granger chose to be obliviated and have her magic bound. Apparently she is going to be 'found' somewhere in England with no memory, far away from where her house was. She'll remember nothing but her name and normal things like math, how to make food and go to the toilet. At least she's out of my life forever.

'Knock, knock.'

I glanced at the window and raised my eyebrow at Madam Bones' and Voldemort's owls. I stood waved my hand and wandlessly opened the window. The two owls flew over and landed on both sides of me. I gently untied the letters from their feet.

"Lillianna." I called out. With a pop, Lilianna stood in front of me, waiting for orders. "Please get some owl treats and a two small bowls of water for these two." Lillianna nodded her head and popped out again. I opened Voldemort's letter first and smirked as I read the letter. I put the letter down and started untying Madam Bones' letter.

So Voldemort wants me to vote Lucius as the Minister of Magic… I guess I could do that, guaranteed if Lucius doesn't try fire Arthur. But then I'll need to find a new Headmaster for Hogwarts. I could… I could have Voldemort be Headmaster of Hogwarts until I'm ready or until he retires. He did manage did to make himself look young and not snake like again so none of the students will recognise him… but the teachers and especially Snape will. I guess that one is out. Maybe Madam Longbottom… I would need to interview her though. I'll just…

I smirked as I read Madam Bones letter on who all the candidates of Minister of Magic are. Madam Bones herself, Lucius Malfoy, Rufus Scrimgeour and Arthur Weasley. I summoned two pieces of parchment and a quill with ink before I began writing.

At least now I won't have to find a replacement Headmaster.

Line Break

Monday – 5thof June – Hogwarts – 5:33 PM

I continued reading my book on the chair in front of Fred's bed, Draco's and George's beds on both sides of Fred's. I flipped a page and froze as I heard a groan. I looked up and smiled as I saw Draco rubbing his eyes tiredly.

"Hey Draco." I said quietly. Draco looked at me and blinked before looking around in confusion. "You got petrified. I'll go get Madam Pomfrey." I stood and closed my book before rushing off to go find Madam Pomfrey. I came back with Madam Pomfrey rushing behind me. I chuckled as she mothered Draco and was double checking that he was ok.

"Have some food and then you may leave. I'll double check over the Weasley twins and they can do the same. Have a good day." Madam Pomfrey stood and left. I smiled softly and turned back to Draco. Draco waited for me to turn top him before speaking.

"So how long have I been petrified?" Draco asked quietly. I sighed.

"Let me put it this way. It is now basically the end of the school year in a few days." Draco's eyes widened in panic. "Don't worry. The teachers have agreed to let you study as much as you want until August twentieth, were they will come over to each of your houses to test you all. You'll be fine." I whispered and pulled Draco into a hug. "A lot has happened since you've been petrified. Dumbledore's dead, Grangers been obliviated and sent to the muggle world, Pansey's been disowned by her father, Ron has been turned into a baby and Ginny… she has disappeared. Fudge has gone to Azkaban and Arthur Weasley has become Minister of Magic. Your father has become Headmaster and… " I trailed off. Draco stared at me wide eyed before breathing in and then out. "I missed you guys." I whispered and pulled Draco into a hug.

"No hug for us, Harrykins." I hears one of the twins say. I smiled and laughed quietly.

"I guess you guys want to know what has happened while you three have been petrified for most of the year." I asked. I gave another laugh before leaning back and motioning to their food. "I'll tell you once you three eat and are able to leave the infirmary. I've already got an okay from Madam Pomfrey that you three may leave after you three have eaten." Fred, George and Draco began eating quickly. I laughed again before closing my eyes in happiness.

Line Break

Ten Years Later

I smiled happily at the small baby girl in my arms. I felt the arms around me tighten. I leaned into the body and sighed happily.

"You seem happy today." I turned and kissed Georges cheek and rocked the sleeping baby in my arms with loving eyes.

"Of course I'm happy. I have you, Fred and Draco as my Husbands, three now four beautiful children and I live in a home that fits the seven of us perfectly with room to fit more. How could I not be happy." I whispered with a quiet laugh. George smiled at me and pulled me and the baby into a hug.

"Let's go downstairs for some lunch and you a nap. It won't be long before this little monster will be up and screaming." George said and easily lifted me up and descended down the stairs into the lounge room where my family was.

The End

This is the end. I hoped you have enjoyed this story.

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