Hullo! This is LaprisKnight (LK) in her new Inu-Cam!! This is a half secret camera show/ completely weird sorta-like adventure. THING ABOUT FLUFFY-CHAN IS TEMPORARY (JUST THIS CHAPTER) PLEASE DO NOT HATE ME FOR THE THING ABOUT FLUFFY-CHAN IN THIS CHAPTER (I need the reviews). Anyway here's the disclaimer:

I do not own Inuyasha (although I wish I did own him '.~)

Inuyasha: WWHHHATTT!!??

LK: Just a joke (*really it isn't, but he doesn't have to know that, now does he?*). Anyways please meet my (adorable cute) co-host Inuyasha!!!

Fangirls: YYYYAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inuyasha: I thought I told my agent I didn't want them here.

LK: With Mioga as your agent, do you think he could do anything except hide when the going gets rough?

Inuyasha: * sigh * I'll never get away from them!

LK: Anyway onto the first chapter:

Meeting the Gang and the Not-so Secret TEMPORARY Crush on LaprisKnight


Inuyasha: You might not have, but I did. * smirking *

LK: WWWWWHHHHHAAATT?!!!!! * tries to strangle Inuyasha, but failing miserably because he held out his hand and was pushing her away by the forehead *


LK: (Let's see I have a camcorder, I've fallen through a well and I'm now surrounded by my favorite anime characters in the world in feudal Japan. ..... Maybe if I don't move, they won't notice me.)

LK is standing in the middle of the Inuyasha crew wearing bright clothing from the future and they can see her, they just think she's paralyzed (or mentally retarded) by the way she's not moving.

Inuyasha to Kagome: Okay obviously this is someone from your word and probably is strange and from the looks of it she'll probably join the group because this is her fanfic.

Kagome: yep, hopefully Miroku will be mean to her so she'll make him something stupid.

Miroku: I heard that. T_T

Sango: * sounding all innocent * But you're a pervert and if you flirt with her in the wrong way you'll probably going to regret it. *_*

Shippo: Remember last time when you flirted with that girl? You almost died because she ripped your wind-tunnel.

Everybody: * snickers *

Miroku: Look that was a mistake okay!!!!!

Sango: Sure, it's a mistake every time when you ask ever single pretty girl you've ever met to bear your child.

Miroku: * blushes *

Shippo: Hey, you haven't asked Sango that question ye-

Miroku grabs Shippo by the mouth with an evil look on his face (we can tell what's going on here ^.^)

Kagome and Inuyasha: * sweatdrops while looking at the others fighting *

Kagome: * pulls out 'job listings' * Okay, are there any new series hiring?

LK: * looks up from filing her nails because no one seems to be noticing her * clears throat *

Everyone stops and looks at her (Miroku holding Shippo by the tail)

LK: Finally you have noticed me. I want to join your group so I can tape very embarrassing scene of you all when you least expect it.

Everyone else: * big eyes *

Inuyasha: What makes YOU think you can just waltz up to us and join us???

LK: * pulls out laptop (from where? Nobody knows), clicks some keys, Tetseiga is now in her hands and in full power, plus Inu-chan is in human form)

Inuyasha: How...? FINE, you can join, just turn me back to normal and give me my sword!!!

LK: * smiles sweetly, clicks some keys and Inu is back to normal * Fine, so first off I want to get some embarrassing shots of Fluffy-chan. Then we can go look for your shardy thingies.

So they travel through the woods and they meet Rin.

LK: SHE'S SO CUTE!!! I've always wanted to meet her in real life!!

Shippo: What about me, aren't I cute? * Eyes going all big and shiny *

LK: * completely ignoring Shippo and following Rin now *

LK goes on ahead and takes out her camcorder to where she sees Sess putting in his colored contacts and his red eye shadow.

LK: (I wonder where he gets his make up.)

Fluffy looks at Rin who came over to him and Jaken gives her a very cold stare muttering: "She took his love away from me."

Jaken then comes to inspect the bush Rin came through and when he parted the bush, LK screamed and kicked him unconscious.

He landed near Flurry and didn't move for a while then started twitching


Fluffy then looks up at LK who all of a sudden looked very windy and wistful.


Inuyasha: See now where you have the not-so-secret temporary crush?

LK: shut up.


Fluffy approached her in lighting speed so that now she was backed up against a tree trying to look nice and friendly but still all those little sweat drops kinda gave it away that she was scared out of her mind.

Fluffy-chan: who are you?

LK: Me? No one, just your average teenage girl from the 21st century who fell down a well into feudal Japan.

LK continued to smile uncomfortable whilst Fluffy-Chan was ... Thinking about .. things (namely her).

Jaken back in the distance: NOOO!! I WILL NOT HAVE ANOUTHER HUMAN STEAL MY MASTER'S LOVE FROM ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LK, Rin, Fluffy : * look at Jaken with big eyes, which had just started twiddling his fingers*

While Fluffy was distracted thought LK ran off and left a cloud of dust in her place.


LK ran into the group while they were eating dinner.

Inuyasha: Got anything good?

LK: No, just your brother (or sister, I couldn't tell when I first saw him on the show) applying his make-up.

She sat down and ate with the others (she didn't know what they were eating and she didn't want to know).

Of course, then during that nice quiet moment a demon had to attack and try to take the jewel shards that they had.

Sango: Kagome you distract it whilst I try to kill it!!

Kagome: Okay * started shooting arrows *

Miroku: And I'll suck!!!!!

Wait, that didn't come out right.All attacks were failing because Inuyasha wouldn't start fighting until he finished his ramen noodles, so LK summoned a mighty warrior:Buyo the obese fighting ninja cat!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone (even the camera crew and director): * anime fall * all except LK (who is laughing manically MUAHAHA) *

(I know very stupid but can you imagine Buyo (which means obese in Japanese) in ninja armor and being stronger then all combined warriors at the time, I sure can)

Buyo the amazing obese ninja cat clawed at the demon and defeated it in a dazzling display of skills. Buyo disappears and everyone still is anime- fallen.


LK: Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnndddddddd.. We'll leave it there for now.

Inuyasha after a few seconds: Of all the bad fanfictions I've read about my series, this has got to be the most ... embarrassing.LK: what about the ones with Kagome and you being in a romance. Inuyasha: what? They have those!!

LK: I suggest you type in 'Inuyasha Romances' in the search engine and you'll more then enough proof of how much romances you have about yourself.

Inuayahsa: * on * WWWWWHHHHHAAAATTTTT?????!!!!!!! I'VE NEVER HEARD SUCH $^*# IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

Inuayasha gets knocked over the head with a frying pan.

LK: Watch your language, think about Rin!!!!!!

Inuyasha: *inaudible muttering *


The crush was TEMPORARY and it is now over, so please do not send any flames

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