Characters: Cassidy McGuire-Medical Transcription clerk who works from her laptop. Travels around the country in her conversion vehicle. Glenn Jacob- Wrestler on vacation in his cabin in Tennessee Mountains.  Mark Callaway- retired wrestler.

Summary: Cassidy gets stuck on a mountain hiking in the middle of a snow storm and finds shelter in Glen Jacobs's cabin and maybe something more.


Disclaimer: I don't own the WWE or Glen Jacobs or   Mark Callaway. My Kane Muse insisted I do this fic although I assure you My Taker muse will rear his head strongly later in this fic, lol.

Cass noticed the wind was getting colder. She was hiking this mountain for the challenge. She loved a challenge and loved to push herself. She had a lightweight windbreaker, not exactly appropriate for the weather, but she was setting a fast pace and had figured she would be sweating in spite of the cold weather. Cass loved a good physical challenge. She was 5"7 125 pound of muscle. She worked her body hard. She had long black hair which she had in a ponytail at the moment with a baseball hat on. She had warm brown eyes and tan skin a gift from her American Indian mother. Cass was 20 years old. She had been on her own since her parents had died when she was 13. She was put in the foster care system and spent the next 5 years hopping from home to home. She wasn't a bad kid. She was just past the cute cuddly stage and into her teenage years. Nobody wanted to adopt a teenager. She had worked hard and graduated and went to collage to become a transcriptions clerk. She worked 3 jobs and scrimped and saved to buy the conversion vehicle. Now she was living her dream. Traveling while she worked, making her own hours and making everyday an adventure. She hadn't even paid attention to the falling snow. She now noticed it was piling up and the wind was howling. Damn she needed to turn around and try to get back to her motor home.  Cass stopped and looked at the blinding snow coming down and the wind blowing it every which away. "Okay Cass, you know you been hiking all morning, no way are you getting back to the motor home, list your options." She said aloud to herself.

"Well you're going to freeze in this weather, just a light jacket aint going to cut it. You can try to get back to the motor home, but you won't, probably freeze to death. You need to find a cave or something out of the snow to hole up in. You got matches. You can build a fire if you can find someplace. She turned back into the wood instead of the path she had been following and started looking for a place to hole up.

Glen sat at the large bay window of his cabin and looked outside. Man it was really coming down outside. Good thing he had a week off or else he would be in trouble. He really didn't mind being snowed in. He had plenty of food and fire wood even though the cabin had heat, he loved a roaring fire. He needed this time. He had just come out of a bad relationship. He found out his girl was cheating on him with half of the Raw roster. He was heartbroken. He had really loved her. Mark his best friend told him he needed to find a really good fuck to get him over the heartbreak. Glen just shook his head. Screwing some nameless faceless female wasn't going to help him. Mark was so different from him. When he had caught his wife cheating, he had gone on a 6 moth fuck fest, screwing anything he could grab a hold of. That wasn't Glen's way. Glen sipped the coffee and continued to stare out the window. God it was beautiful up here. He had built this place off the beaten path because in his line of work you couldn't get any privacy. This place was his sanctuary away from the world where he could find peace. Glen sighed. It would be nice to have some one to share it with.

Cass stumbled onto a well worn road. Maybe just maybe it led somewhere to a house or a ranger station. She prayed it did. She had been walking an hour and the snow was already well past her ankles. It was getting harder and harder to walk. She was soaked and the windbreaker did nothing to protect her against the howling wind and swirling snow. She looked up and seen a light far off to the left of the road and headed toward it. She prayed it was house or somewhere warm. Each step was difficult to take and her feet were numb. The light got bigger and bigger and she seen it was the light from the window of a two story cabin. Thank God, now hopefully somebody was home. She stumbled onto the front porch and banged at the door and leaned against it.

Glen frowned who the hell would be at the door. Mark was the only one who knew about this place. He was annoyed that his peace was being disturbed. He went and opened the door and was shocked when a small female body came falling through the threshold at his feet.