Ch.6- More Than You Know

Night had fallen and Xena sat in the God of War's temple for hours... Completely alone, excepting the priestesses, who occasionally knocked on the chamber door and asked if they could bring Xena anything. She mostly had blatantly refused, though had accepted a glass of water once the sun had set. The Warrior Princess was still upset over her circumstances, and when Ares did finally show his face again she was planning on not giving into his... Temptations. There wasn't much to do in the meantime, so Xena unbraided her hair and let it fall in its usual dark, black tresses.


After another half and hour, Ares finally showed up in a bright light show, a cocky grin on his face. Upon arrival, he said,

"You know, I never realized a single mortal could cause me so much trouble."

Xena, of course, responded with,

"Well if I trouble you so much why don't you let me go?"

Ares laughed.

"Believe me, you're worth it. Good try, though..."

He said to Xena, who was sitting on the edge of his bed.

"Aphrodite came by earlier, she said something about a meeting, something about Athena."

Xena said, hoping he could elaborate on the situation.

"The ordeal with Athena is being taken care of. You know how that bitch is always trying to take you from me."

Ares said, trying to pull away from the subject.

"She obviously doesn't remember that I got away from you myself. I left you a long time ago."

Xena stung, and she swore she could see Ares wince at the statement. Any reminder of what went on between her leaving and cheating on him with Hercules was bound to bring up tension.

"Both of you seem to forget that you are my Chosen, and there's this whole bonded for eternity thing..."

Xena simply threw a glare his way, that was one thing she couldn't argue with him on. She was his until her death, and that was if he ever let her die. Everytime she had come close in her warlord days to biting the dust, he always found a way to keep her around. She could remember him threatening Celestia more than once...

Ares interrupted the her path down memory lane.

"You seem tired, let me help you with that."

Xena stood up, ready to tell him that if he thought she was staying the night here he was dead wrong, when she found herself naked just as soon as he waved his hand.

"Gee Ares, thanks, this is certainly helping."

She said, rolling her eyes at him. Ares however, may have missed her words completely, it had been some time since he had seen her before him like this, and the need to just pin her down to his bed a take her was overwhelming. She definitely noticed the way his eyes roamed up and down her body hungrily, and it made her feel quite uncomfortable, despite being naked in front of him countless times before.

"Checking to see if I'm worth the effort, Ares?"

The Chosen of War remarked, as Ares was looking over her every curve.

He chuckled, and finally, his eyes met hers.

"No. You are, in every sense of the word, perfect, Princess. But I am afraid if I don't get you covered up soon, I'm going to end up taking you right here. Now, how about a bath?"

Xena was about to resist, but the idea of finally getting some relaxation sounded pretty nice.

He led her to the back of the chamber, into a room with a large, marble, tub.

In a split second, it was filled with steaming water, and filled with scented oils. Xena stepped in, letting the perfect water engulf her body in warmth. It felt amazing, and smelled like lilacs. She immediately started to rub her wrists, which were still cut and bruised from the restraints she had worn earlier. After a moment, Xena looked up to see the War God still standing in the door way, just watching her. She was just about to say something about him being a peeking tom, when he approached her and took both her wrists in his hand, over the side of the tub.

Ares, for once, seemed so delicate; the way he caressed her wrists like they were so fragile.

"Posideon will pay for this."

He stated, a gleam of hate for his Uncle in his chocolate eyes.

A warm, glowing golden light came from his hands, and within moments there was not a cut nor bruise on Xena. He then let her go gently, and Xena put her hands down by her side, under the water. He was so caring in that moment, though Xena wasn't about to let her guard down around him.

"Well you don't seem to dissapointed by the result. You did get what you wanted, after all."

Xena spat, though she did have a much harder time finding hate for him than she usually did.

"My dear Xena, of course I am not dissapointed by you being here. On the contrary, I'm sure my Uncle knew it would make me the happiest God alive. But he had no righ to kidnap my Chosen, now, did he? Besides, you are mine, whether you're here beside me, or across the world in Jappa."

Ares said, his cocky attitude returning just as soon as he'd started to show a little humanity.

Xena twisted around in her bath so that she could look him dead in the eye.

"Than why are you keeping me here?"

"It's dangerous. I won't risk letting you go, not while Athena is still out there-"

He reasoned, but the Warrior Princess cut him off.

"You still haven't told me about Athena. Why would she have reason to believe I'm dangerous?"

"Well you do have something of a reputation."

Ares said, and Xena arched an eyebrow at him.

"Think about it, Xe, what could you possibly have done that would make one of the Gods believe you were out of control?"

Xena's brows furrowed, she had know idea what he was talking about. He helped her...

"You hit me."

He said flatly.

"What, when I slapped you at the party?"

She asked.


"You deserved it, you son of a Bachae. Treating me like-"

"Yeah, I know. My little dolly, pet, whatever. The point is, you struck an Olympain God. That's treason, and according to them, next time you could take it farther."

Xena let out a quick laugh.

"So, let me get this strait, the Gods themselves are scared of little old me?"

She said, smiling cat-like at him.

"What can I say, they are a superstitious bunch. And Athena already wants your blood, and now she's not the only one that wants you dead."

"Well it's not as if it's the first time I've hit you, Ares, and Gods forbid it won't be the last."

He smiled boyishly at her.

"Once this whole thing blows over, you'll be free to go. I promise. But don't even ask to leave before then Xena, because I won't have my Chosen be called "rogue"."


Xena asked.

"Yeah. Ya know, traitor, treason, punishable by death. "

"What? Scared to lose me, War God."

He laughed.

"More than you know."

He said one a deadly serious note.

Xena believed him.