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Silently closing the door behind him then leaning against it, Chris Argent closed his eyes and took a deep steadying breath. Brining his hand up to his nose, he wiped away the blood he could feel dripping heavily down past his lips.

"Dad, are you ok?"

Straightening back up, Chris wiped the blood on his jeans then gave his daughter a reassuring smile. "I'm fine, honey, he was just a little faster than what I was expecting. It's the move, it has him all out of sorts."

Allison ran into the bathroom then came back out carrying a wet washcloth. "Did you have to sedate him again?" She asked as she handed the washcloth over to her father.

Chris gingerly dabbed at his nose, surprised to find the it was still heavily bleeding. "Unfortunately I did, but he'll be fine in a few days, he just needs to settle. Remember how bad he was when your uncle first brought him to us?"

Allison looked past her dad's shoulder to the door at the end of the hall that was locked with a special lock that you needed to know the secret code in order to open it. "He was so wild and scared."

Chris moved past his daughter and into his office that was lined with moving boxes. He had so much unpacking to do, a busted nose was the last thing he needed right now. "He will get the help he needs here, honey, have faith."

"Do you need to go to the hospital?" Allison asked, worried about her dad.

Chris tilted his head back then pressed the wash cloth under his nose in hopes of stopping the bleeding. "I don't think it's broken. If the bleeding doesn't stop soon I'll have your uncle look at it. Why don't you go and unpack, your old man has had a lot worse than a bloody and busted nose."

Allison walked up to her dad and kissed him on his cheek. "Yell if you need anything, dad."

Chris waited until his daughter left the room before pulling his shirt up. With a hiss, he poked at the nasty bite wound on his side.

"How many does that make now? It's a damn good thing he's not an alpha, or else you would be running on the full moons with me."

"The kid is quick, I'll give him that." Chris grimaced. "Do we fix this up the old fashion way, or..."

Shaking his head, Remus pulled out his wand and approached his brother. "You know I can fix that in seconds. When are you going to get comfortable around my magic?"

"Your magic doesn't make me uncomfortable." Chris protested. "I just wasn't sure if we had to worry about anyone from your lot finding us here if you used magic."

Remus led his brother over to a sofa and pushed him down on it. "It's fine, I placed some wards around the house that will mask any magic used here. Besides, I seriously doubt anyone from my lot will find us here in America."

Chris held his breath when his brother pointed his wand at his side and mumbled something. Remus' magic didn't scare him or anything, but a lifetime of being a supernatural hunter made it hard for him to relax when magic was being used directly on him. It had only been a year and a half since his older brother, who just so happened to both be a werewolf and a wizard, reentered his life, he was still adjusting to magic. Until Remus showed up, he had never known that his mom had been a witch and that he was a squib.

Pocketing his wand, Remus collapsed onto the leather sofa next to his brother. "I wish that I was an alpha so I could help him. I'm worried about bringing strangers into this."

Chris didn't blame Remus for being worried, he would hate for the boy to end up in the wrong alpha's hands. That's why he suggested bringing him here, to Beacon Hills. There was no love between the Hale's and the Argent's, especially since the remaining Hale's blamed his family for the house fire that killed almost their entire pack, but the boy needed an alpha and he knew that Derek Hale was a good alpha that could be trusted.

"Talia Hale, Derek's mother, was an incredibly powerful, gifted, and honorable alpha. She raised her children and her pack to be just as compassionate and honorable. Derek may not want to help at first, especially since we're Argents, but he won't be able to turn a true born Omega away. Peter Hale is the one we have to worry about, he's very unpredictable."

Exhausted, Remus tilted his throbbing head back and closed his eyes. The last year and a half had been an extremely bumpy and emotional roller coaster, and unfortunately the damn ride wouldn't be ending anytime soon. Yes, he could bale off of the ride and return his cub to St. Mungos, but he would never abandon him that way.

"Would you like me to fix your nose?" Remus asked without opening his eyes.

Scrunching his face up, Chris poked at the bridge of his now sluggishly bleeding nose. "Nah, I'm good. It's not broken, I should know, I have broken my nose eight times now."



Allison poked her spoon around her bowl full of cereal a few more times before looking up at her uncle. "With as much as we have moved, you would think that I would be use to starting new schools by now."

Remus poured himself a cup of coffee and took a seat next to his niece. He contemplated fixing some breakfast, but his stomach was too twisted in knots to eat. He had only known Allison for a year and a half, but he had come to care for the kind and compassionate young lady. Thankfully she took after her father, not her mother. Victoria couldn't see past the hunters code, not even for her husband who couldn't bring himself to kill his long lost brother when he showed up on his doorstep begging for help. His cub wasn't the only reason they were hiding here in Beacon Hills, they were also hiding from Victoria. More than once she had tried to kill him, despite Chris begging her not to.

"Starting a new school and making new friends is never easy." Remus said, feeling sorry for his niece's plight. "I was never good at making new friends myself."

Allison's young world had been rocked when an uncle she never knew existed showed up out of the blue one day. That was the day she learned that wizards, witches, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures existed and that her family hunted and killed them. Not so much her dad though, he only killed the bad ones.

Picking up her bowl of untouched cereal, Allison scraped it into the trash then put it in the dishwasher. "Are you guys going to go and see that alpha today?"

A cold chill raced down Remus' spine at the mention of the Hale alpha Chris and him were going to go and talk to in an hour. It had taken a week to get the man to agree to meeting with them without knowing the reason why. "We are, honey, but you don't have to worry about us. We're meeting him in the school parking lot after we drop you off. The alpha wanted the meeting place to be open and public, and since some of his pack attend your school, we decided on meeting there."

"Please text me after the meeting so I know the two of you are alright." Allison pleaded.

"Technology." Remus chuckled. "You know technology and your uncle don't get along, but I'll make sure your dad texts you."

"Of course I will." Chris reassured as he entered the kitchen carrying a tray full of food. Sheepishly he thrusted it at his daughter then collapsed onto one of the kitchen chairs.

Grinning triumphantly, Allison placed the tray in the sink. "He scented the sedative didn't he?" She asked. "The special sedative that you made up and swore that he wouldn't be able to scent in his food."

"You mean the sedative that you, my beautiful and smart niece, warned your father wouldn't work?" Remus chuckled.

"Yes, that sedative?" Allison grinned.

Chris glared at his daughter and his brother. "I personally tested that sedative on dogs, cats, and wolves, and not one of them scented it in their food."

Still grinning, Allison grabbed her purse and backpack off the back of the kitchen chair. "Well, he isn't a dog, a cat, or a common wolf, is he?"

Coming to his brother's rescue, Remus said. "In your father's defense, I could barely smell the sedative."

Chris scrubbed at his face, thankful that this time he didn't end up with another bloody nose. "I hate giving that boy an injection, he looks at me with those big green eyes of his with so much betrayal and hurt. I'd rather jab myself with another needle than him."

Remus solemnly nodded his head. It killed both his wolf and himself whenever they had to hurt their cub. He had already suffered so much in his young life, it wasn't fair that he had to keep suffering. As much as he was dreading this meeting with Derek Hale, his cub desperately needed an alpha.

Chris got to his feet, grabbing the car keys off the table. "Remember, Allison, you will be attending school with some of the Hale pack. There's Scott McCall, a very strong beta who will probably end up an alpha someday day. Isaac Lahey and Boyd are two more betas. Stiles Stilinski, the only human of the pack whose father also happens to be the police chief, is considered a spark. He's not magical like your uncle, but he can tap into his own special kind of magic. Then lastly there's Lydia Martin, who is neither werewolf nor human, but banshee."

Allison blew out a loud breath. "Right, werewolf, human, and banshee, I'm so glad my life isn't crazy or anything."

"At least it's not boring." Remus winked. "I'm going to check on my cub before we go."

"Don't forget a dirty shirt of his!" Chris called over his shoulder.


With a heavy heart, Remus punched in the code on the keypad to his cub's room. He adored his cub with all his heart, but it broke something inside of him every time he saw what his cub had become.

He remembered like it was yesterday the first time he held baby Harry, all six pounds of the infant tucked safely in his arms. He had been terrified to hold the newborn having never been around a baby before and being what he was, but James, Lily, and Sirius had reassured him countless times that he would do fine and that he wouldn't hurt Harry in a million years.

He remembered staring down at the newborn's red, blotchy face imagining what Harry would look like at six months old, a year, five years old, eleven and boarding the Hogwarts Express, sixteen, and then as a man. He pictured Harry speeding past the Quidditch stands on his broom while he watched from the stands with James, Lily, and Sirius while they cheered his cub on. He hadn't doubted that Harry would be a Quidditch star, not with James as his father. All those thoughts and images had raced through his mind as he stared at his newest pack member. It had been one of the happiest moments in his life.

And then it all went to hell. James and Lily had to go into hiding because Voldemort wanted to kill Harry over some stupid prophecy. After that he didn't get to see them that much, then not at all after the Fidelius was cast. And then they were gone! Not just James and Lily, but his entire pack.

James and Lily were dead, Peter was dead, Sirius was in Azkaban for betraying James and Lily and for killing Peter and thirteen muggles. And Harry, his beautiful, happy cub who called him Mooey because he couldn't say Moony, was gone. Dumbledore had taken him to live with his muggle relatives and he had been forbidden from seeing him. It had been the worst day of his life and he had honestly contemplated suicide. The only reason he didn't was because he knew that someday he would get to see his cub again, even if he had to wait until Harry was an adult and out from under Dumbledore's thumb.

He had suffered through plenty of bad days in his life...his entire life had practically been one incredibly rotten, bad day. When he was six he had been bitten by Fenrir Greyback, the werewolf had used him to get back at his father for hunting and killing his pack. Up until then he had had a good life. He had a mother, who was a witch who doted on him, a father who was a muggle who would tell him grand stories and tuck him in at night when he was not traveling, and a little brother who was two years younger than him whom he adored.

His perfect life had been shattered the night Fenrir had bitten him. Unable to love a werewolf, something his family had hunted a killed for centuries, his father had taken his mother and younger brother and left him with an old witch who never loved him or much cared him. His father had disowned him and the witch had changed his name from Remus Argent, to Remus Lupin. The last memory he had of his father was him telling him that he should kill him for being a monster and a disgrace to the Argent name, but he didn't because hunters were supposed to kill themselves if ever bitten and he had wanted Remus to do it himself. His father had then handed him a knife then turned and walked away. That had been the last he had seen of his family, until he had turned to Chris for help after finding his cub in desperate need of rescuing.

He had always kept tabs on his family, thanks to the old witch who had raised him. She liked using tales of his family's adventures in killing werewolves and other supernaturals as a means to punish him. He knew that a few years after they abandoned him his mom had given birth to a little girl they named Kate and he knew that Chris had become one of the best hunters in the world. His family had moved on with their lives, never once looking back or thinking about him. He never understood how two loving parents could just turn their backs on their six year old son for something that hadn't been his fault.

Shaking his head to clear himself of his depressing memories, Remus quietly entered his cub's room. He knew that Harry would be asleep thanks to the sedative Chris had given him, but with the full moon only two days away he didn't want to risk anything. The sedatives never lasted long in Harry's system close to the full moon.

Seeing the fifteen, almost sixteen, year old knocked out on the floor half under his bed, the only thing in his room because it wasn't safe to have anything else, Remus sighed then knelt down and picked him up. "When will you learn to sleep in a bed?" He whispered softly as he placed his cub on the queen size bed then tucked him in.

He felt guilty for enjoying this time with Harry, despite the boy being heavily sedated, but it was the only time he could look at his cub without the boy looking back at him in absolute terror. If the fear in Harry's eyes wasn't bad enough, then the animalistic, crazed, wildness was. Harry was more wild animal than human.

Grabbing Harry's shirt from the day before off the foot of the bed, Remus sadly left the room, locking the door behind him. One of Chris' trusted employees would be staying in the house while they met with the alpha, but he doubted his cub would wake the short time they would be gone.

He prayed to Merlin that they could convince the alpha to help them with his cub, only an alpha could help Harry. He had tried, but he was a beta and a true born omega needed an alpha to anchor and help stabilize them. A true born omega would never feel safe without having an alpha to look after them. If he had been around Harry more he would have scented what he was and found an alpha when he was around three years old, at the time his scent would have changed from human to omega, but he had stupidly listened to Dumbledore and Harry was suffering because of it.

Christ placed a hand on his brother's shoulders, shocking him out of his thoughts. "We have to go."

Taking a deep breath, Remus nodded his head. He wasn't going to fail his cub again, he was going to convince Alpha Hale to help his cub even if he had to get on his knees and beg.


Chris didn't have to be a werewolf to pick up on the anger on the two men in front of him. They weren't just angry, they were wanting blood...his blood. "My family wasn't responsible for the fire that claimed your family." He said, looking the alpha of the Hale pack dead in the eyes. "We don't kill humans and there were humans in the house at the time. We follow a code..."

"Fuck your code!" Peter Hale roared. "You killed my family and I spent six years in a coma with every inch of my body covered in burns."

"The Argents did not set, or order, the fire that killed your family." Chris said with conviction.

Derek Hale threw his arm out, preventing his uncle from charging the hunter. "He's not lying." He said calmly. "Listen to his heartbeat, Peter. He speaks the truth."

Peter looked to his nephew, his eyes glowing. "I was there, it was them."

"They may be responsible, but this hunter, Chris Argent, knew nothing of it if they were."

"How can you say that!" Peter roared. "Your mother, my sister, died in that fire."

Derek allowed his eyes to briefly flash red in warning. "Enough, Peter, I know my mother died in that fire, I don't need you to remind me of that. I allowed you to come to this meeting because you're my top beta and because you insisted, not to start a fight."

Remus was quietly observing the pair in front of him. Derek Hale, the alpha, was a young man around his mid twenties, hard looking with a muscular body, but he could tell by his eyes that he wasn't a cruel man. He had met plenty of alphas while doing Dumbledore's bidding and you could always tell by their eyes what kind of alpha they were. Despite the eyes, Derek Hale still looked like someone you didn't want to mess with. He could feel the wolf inside of him wanting to submit to the younger alpha.

Derek turned curious eyes on the other man with Argent. "You're a werewolf, but also something different. Your scent, its familiar, but I can't place it. What are you?"

Remus averted his eyes, he didn't want the alpha to think that he was challenging him by looking him in the eyes. This was his first time meeting a muggle werewolf, he wasn't sure if they saw direct eye contact as a challenge, or a sign of disrespect the way magical werewolves did.

"It's true, I am a werewolf, but I'm also a born wizard." Remus explained.

"Your mother had a friend who visited when you were little, she was a born witch." Peter reminded. "I believe she died when you were ten."

Derek continued to stare at the stranger. "I think I remember her, that explains the hard to place scent. You're a beta?" He asked the stranger.

Remus nodded. "I am." He answered, unashamed of his status. "My name Remus."

"A werewolf Argent!" Peter snorted, easily scenting that the beta was an Argent. "I'm surprised your father didn't burn you alive."

"He would have, but the code dictates that a hunter must kill himself if bitten. I was six at the time, not exactly old enough to be a hunter, but he left me a knife anyway before disowning and abandoning me."

"Bastard!" Derek growled. "Are you looking for a pack, is that why you demanded this meeting?" He could scent that the man didn't have a pack, but he didn't think he could ever trust an Argent.

"I'm looking for a pack, but not for myself." Remus said, taking a deep breath. This was it, he had to convince the alpha to help his cub.

"Continue." Derek ordered when the stranger just stood there looking lost and reeking of desperation.

Remus looked to his brother, taking a deep breath when he nodded for him to go on. "My cub, not by blood, but as good as, is a true born omega without an alpha."

Peter tossed his head back and started laughing. "True born omegas are nothing more than legends, a fairy tale, told by parents and alphas to little children who have dreams of one day becoming an alpha and finding the perfect, powerful, little omega who would worship the ground an alpha stood on and pup them powerful children. True born omegas do not exist."

Gritting his teeth, Remus ignored the other man. Peter Hale was a beta like himself, he wasn't going to waste his time trying to convince him. The only person that mattered and needed convincing was Derek Hale. "My cub is a true born omega." He repeated as he pulled Harry's shirt out from his pocket and handed it to the alpha.

Derek's nostrils flared as the scent of a very strong omega slammed into him. He had never scented anything like it before. Could it be true? Bringing the shirt to his nose, he inhaled deeply, a low rumbling growl coming from his chest as the omega's warm and powerful scent filled his nostrils.

Peter's hand twitched with the urge to snatch the shirt from his nephew when he picked up the scent of a strong omega. Normally omegas were the weakest in the pack and their scent reflected that, but this omega's scent was powerful and intoxicating.

"Impossible!" Peter denied weakly. "True born omegas aren't real."

Derek was still sniffing the shirt, the omega's scent now burned into his memory. "Where is the little one? It's not healthy or safe for a true born omega toddler to be without an alpha." Like Peter, he had believed that the stories of true born omegas where just made up fairy tales told to entertain young children, much like Cinderella.

It was said that a true born omega werewolf could match the strength and power of the packs' alpha, and as such making the pack even stronger. If the omega and the alpha were mated, their strength and power could double or triple, making the pack practically unbeatable.

True born omegas weren't like normal omegas who tended to be the lowest ranked in the pack and the punching bags and stress relievers for the betas and the alpha. True born omegas were considered a gift from the moon herself and any pack with a true born omega was considered blessed and very powerful. To have a true born omega in your pack was considered a tremendous honor. An honor that was sure to be coveted by other alphas. Alphas that would do anything to get their hands on the omega.

Despite their immense power, true born omegas were said to have a crippling weakness...their absolute need for an alpha to keep them anchored, in control, and to keep them from going insane. Because of their weakness, they were said to do anything, become anything, that their alphas desired. Be it a mate, sex slave, friend, or murderer, the omega would do as asked to keep the alpha from pushing them away and denying them what they needed. Without an alpha, a true born omega would lose themselves to insanity, becoming nothing more than a feral beast.

"My cub isn't a toddler, he's almost sixteen years old." Remus clarified.

"He?" Peter questioned. He had only ever heard stories of females being a true born omega.

"He!" Remus snapped, this time glaring at the other wolf.

Derek's mind was racing, a fifteen year old, male, true born omega without an alpha was in a lot of danger from not only himself, but also alphas that would use and abuse the young boy. "How long has he been without an alpha?"

This is where Remus was worried that the alpha would turn Harry away. He was worried that the alpha would find that Harry was too feral to help since he had never had an alpha to take care of and anchor him. "He's never had an alpha."

Derek took a step back in shock. "And his mind? How has he lasted this long without an alpha to anchor him?"

"He's..." Remus froze at a loss for words. He had an entire speech planned, but now that the moment was here and he was standing in front of the alpha, his mind froze on him.

Chris stepped in to help his brother. "He's complicated. I think it would be easier for you to see him for yourself."

Peter looked to his nephew. "It's a trick, there is no omega. They just want to get us alone and finish what they started years ago."

Derek hadn't taken his eyes off the new wolf. He had always been good at reading people and scenting their emotions, and the beta wolf was desperate for his help. He didn't know if they honestly had a true born omega, but the man standing in front of him believed that they did. "I'm going to see this omega for myself, Peter, you can stay behind if you like."

"Like hell!" Peter snapped.

"Thank you." Remus gushed, finally able to speak again. "Thank you so much."


Derek started growling lowly when he spotted the heavy metal door with electronic lock that the omega was being kept behind. What the hell, were they keeping the young wolf prisoner?

Remus visibly shivered when he heard the alpha growling. "It's not what it looks like, we keep him locked up for his own protection. Harry can be a bit of a..."

"Mouthful." Chris finished as he lifted up his shirt.

Peter gave an impressive whistle. "Are all those bite marks from the little omega?"

Derek counted eight sets of scars, the teeth marks clearly visible...and that was only on just the man's right side. A werewolf bite never heals completely, it always leaves a nasty scar behind. "He's feral?" He asked, already knowing the answer. The boy had never had an alpha to help him, he had to be feral by now.

Remus closed his eyes, his face scrunching up as if he were in pain. "There's more to the story than my cub never having an alpha to guide and anchor him, he was also abused and treated worse than an animal. It's a long story, but I would like for you to see him before I tell it."

Chris looked down at his watch. "The sedative should have worn off by now, I only gave him enough to keep him out while we were gone." With a meaningful look to the three other men, he turned and punched the code in.

Derek had to grit his teeth to keep from moaning when his senses were flooded with the omega's scent the second the door was opened. Stepping into the room, he noticed that the room was completely bare except for a bed, there wasn't even a window. Following his senses, he scanned the room until his eyes landed on a small boy huddled against the far corner wall, his midnight, wild black hair covering half his face. The fear rolling of the boy was so strong that it almost overpowered his true born omega scent,

"He's fifteen?" Derek asked in disbelief, not missing how the omega flinched violently at his voice. The boy was so small and frail he wouldn't of pegged him for a day over eleven.

"He'll be sixteen on the last day of July." Remus answered softly, knowing that Harry didn't respond well to voices.

"Sweet Jesus!" Peter said breathlessly, as he stared wide eyed at the little omega.

Derek took a step towards the trembling cub, but stopped when the boy bared his teeth and started growling. He didn't want to frighten the boy more, but he couldn't allow him to get away with showing an alpha disrespect, not that the boy knew that he was an alpha. The cub was feral, ruled by his fear and instincts. Flashing his eyes red, he stared hard at the boy and growled deeply back.

Remus tensed, ready to attack the alpha if he made a threatening move towards his cub. The alpha could easily beat him, but he would die to protect Harry.

Derek didn't take his eyes off the cowering boy. "Stand down, beta, I won't harm him" He hissed lowly. Seeing the boy bow his head and bare a small portion of his neck, he took two steps closer to the feral wolf. The boy wasn't submissive to him despite him baring a part of his neck, he had no doubt in his mind that the terrified wolf would attack him if he got much closer.

"He smells so good." Peter moaned, ignoring his nephew when he pinned him with his alpha, red eyes. "Well he does." He defended with a shrug.

Despite his head being down, Derek noticed that the omega was still bearing his teeth at him, his bright green eyes slowly bleeding yellow. "He's feral, but not to the point of being out of control and dangerous. He's just terrified. Don't interfere." He warned before advancing on the omega.

Derek watched as the feral wolf pressed himself harder against the wall, his entire body trembling and his eyes frantically scanning the room looking for an escape. As he got closer, his heightened eyesight was able to pick up scars on the boy's arms, some were made by his claws, but other looked like burns. His werewolf healing should have healed them almost instantly, he wondered why they hadn't?

"Watch his teeth." Chris warned tensely.

Derek wasn't surprised when the terrified omega launched himself off the wall at him, his claws out and teeth dripping with saliva. He wasn't attacking him just to attack, he was attacking because he was frightened and defending himself. Any cornered wild animal would do the same thing.

Shifting into his half wolf, half human form, he roared loudly at the attacking omega. He wasn't doing it to scare him or punish him, but to let him know that he was the alpha and that he was not to attack him. He would never harm the little one, but he couldn't let him get away with attacking him.

Remus had to bite back a whimper, his wolf wanted to expose his neck and submit to the powerful alpha.

Derek was relived when the omega crumpled at his feet, rolling onto his back and exposing his vulnerable belly to him. His nose twitched when he picked up the scent of urine. In his fear, the poor cub had pissed himself. With a deep rumbling in his chest, he praised the cub for not attacking him.

Kneeling down, he leaned in closer to the violently trembling omega, the little ones eyes blown wide with fear. He had never seen so much fear in someone before, the scent was almost choking him. Right as he was about to reach out and touch the feral wolf, he fell backwards in shock when the cub shifted fully into a young adolescent wolf. The fully transformed cub was solid white and looked to be around six months old.

Peter shook his head in disbelief, his mouth hanging open in shock. "He...he can fully shift!" He stuttered, not believing his eyes.

"He only does it on the full moon, this is the first I have seen him shift during the day." Chris answered, feeling just as shocked as the older wolf.

Peter watched as his nephew fully shifted, the massive black wolf towering over the cowering cub who was frozen on his back with his tail tucked between his legs. "A full shift is extremely rare, Talia is the only person I knew who could do it naturally. Derek can, but his is a result from giving up his alpha powers at one time in order to save his sister."

Derek lowered himself onto his belly and sniffed at the young cub's neck. It was hard to ignore the omega's pitiful whines, but he had to establish his dominance over him. When the cub didn't bare his teeth at him or growl, he rewarded him with a wet lick to the muzzle.

Feeling that he had pushed the omega enough for now, after a soft bump to his head as a sign of affection, he padded out of the room, growling at the others to follow him. After the hunter closed the door, he shifted back to his human form.

Derek was quiet as he processed everything that had just happened. Not only was the the cub a true born omega, but he was also a natural shifter, something that was incredibly rare.

"Can you help him?" Remus asked hopefully, breaking the alpha out of his thoughts. If the alpha refused, he didn't know what he was going to do.

Derek looked to his uncle, silently communicating with the older wolf. Every instinct was screaming at him to help the omega, but he was going to need the help of his entire pack, a pack that consisted mostly of teens.

Peter slowly nodded his head. "It's not going to be easy." He pointed out. "But he submitted to you. I think we are the only pack that can help him, what with you being able to shift completely."

Derek agreed, not only that, but he would hate to see the cub end up with an alpha that would abuse him farther, someone who would only use him for his power. "I will help the young one, but I need his entire story. There's more going on here than him just never having an alpha."

He was so relieved that Remus crumbled to his knees, tears falling from his eyes. "Thank you so much." He cried, feeling as though the weight of the entire world had been lifted off his shoulders.

Chris helped his brother back to his feet. "Why don't we take this discussion to the kitchen, as you can imagine this is pretty overwhelming for my brother. Harry is like a son to him."

Derek wasn't sure what he was getting himself and his pack into, not only was he taking in the feral omega, but he was also helping Argents, hunters that had possibly killed his family, but he couldn't turn the cub away. Underneath the stench of fear and pain, he had picked up the scent of longing and desperation from the cub. He didn't know if he could totally rehabilitate the feral omega, but he had to try. His mother would have wanted him to, she would have taken in the omega no questions asked.

As if sensing his nephew's thoughts, Peter rubbed his head against Derek's shoulder, comforting him with his scent. It wasn't going to be easy, but he had a feeling that the little omega was going to be good for the pack. If they could help him, their small pack would become incredibly strong, hopefully strong enough to keep any threats away. The past year had been tough on them, especially with losing Erica to the alpha pack. They needed something good to happen for once.