When the call came T.J was very suprised to hear his old Playground King and friend Robert at the other side. It has been almost two years since the two has last met and he wondered why Robert would suddenly call him. Two years ago Robert left Third Street High and carried on with his own life. Not that T.J has been angried at that, because he understood it perfectly. Plus, he himself didn't keep contact either. So close weren't they even. Now he was almost graduated as well, only a few exams to go. He had a good feeling about it, despite the fact that he wasn't a A+ student. He still had Gretchen for help. Robert had asked him about that in the call they made and then invited him to come over for a little drink and talk. And the end they decided to meet at Harvest Home, a little café nearby the school. So, now was Theodore Jasper Detweiler walking from the busstop to that café,wondering by himself how Robert was now. What study did he follow, did he maybe have a job. In High School he was still pretty much treated as a King, especially by his two old Lackey's Jordan and Jerome. They graduated as well, so T.J didn't know much about them. There were some rumours that the two has been dating, but it was never fully proved. When Harvest Home came in view, T.J didn't have to look long before he saw a tall boy with messy black hair sitting behind a full glass Icetea. He was wearing a white kinda sloppy shirt and totally black pants. T.J went to him and took a chair. "Hello Robert". Robert smiled. "Hello there Monkey Boy".