Mary-Jane had doubts. At one point. But Felicia's nimble tongue deep in her mouth, dancing and dashing around, teasing Mary-Jane as Felicia held her pinned against the dresser in her dressing room, had quickly dispelled them. Soon, the married woman was eagerly returning the favor, firmly grasping Felicia's platinum blonde hair with her nails, and grabbing Felicia's tongue with her lips and sucking on it.

"Mmm… mmm!" Felicia giggled. She'd never gotten a tongue job before, but she loved it. Their robes were long since discarded. Fully naked, with their bodies pressed against each other, their hands reached all over, uninhibited by any thoughts of loyalty or modesty. Felicia's hands roamed over Mary-Jane's long legs and shapely hips; Mary-Jane felt up Felicia's large breasts, and squeezed them with all of her pent-up lust.

Felicia felt Mary-Jane wrap her legs around her waist from her seat on the dresser. The feeling of her warm thighs wrapped tightly around her was driving her crazy. Felicia moved her hands from Mary-Jane's waist up to her breasts, breasts which made her both jealous and happy all at once. Mary-Jane gasped as Felicia rolled her thumbs around her nipples, long since aroused by Felicia.

She finally pulled her face away from Mary-Jane's, and instead placed her lips around Mary-Jane's breast, sucking as though she were a babe. The gasping redhead could only pant and moan as she nursed Felicia. One of her hands slowly moved to rub her exposed clit, while the other tended to her free breast.

Mary-Jane tried to reciprocate by tweaking Felicia's nipples, but she soon gave up, instead melting into Felicia's touch, draping herself over her, pushing her deeper, urging her to fuck her, her hips convulsing and dabbing Felicia's stomach with juices, as she ached for more.

"Oh my god… Oh my god… Oh my god!" Mary-Jane said, through short hard breaths. Felicia dipped two fingers into Mary-Jane's wet pussy, rubbing them along the top of her walls, and teasing her clit as she pulled them upwards in a long, 'come hither' motion. Mary-Jane squealed as Felicia's ministrations racked her body with paralyzing pleasure.

Mary-Jane had to do something, anything! Felicia was going to make her nothing more than a slut at this rate!

She hoped!

"Felicia!" Mary-Jane screamed as she came, her legs trapping Felicia against her as a meteor of ecstatic sexual energy impacted her, the force causing her to soak her partner, making her wish that she never had to let her go.

Somehow, Mary-Jane managed to get herself a bit of needed air. She slipped her hand around Felicia's gorgeous ass, unblemished as a fresh canvas, and slipped a few long, thin fingers into Felicia's pussy, which was already pulsing and swollen from the earlier torment and teasing Mary-Jane had inflicted on the poor girl earlier. Felicia gasped, feeling Mary-Jane enter her, and released Mary-Jane's nipple from her mouth as she arched towards her.

"Oooh, Kitten!" Felicia cried, as Mary-Jane spread her digits wide, working in circles. She pumped her fingers in and out, as she took Felicia's lips with her own, kissing her roughly. Both of the women moaned; Felicia started to pump her fingers into Mary-Jane again.

"Fuck, fuck! Don't stop, Red!" Felicia begged, barely able to stand, her legs close to giving way. She screamed, a primal sound, as she finally came all over her beloved Mary-Jane, soaking the dresser with her love.

The fire in both of them was lit, and flaring high. Felicia's torment fueled her, and her sexual desire had immersed Mary-Jane as well. Felicia felt herself reaching her peak, as Mary-Jane rubbed her clit with her other hand. She worked Mary-Jane's own pussy with revitalized vigor, as she shoved her remaining digits into the red delight.

Mary-Jane heard Felicia's moans, her mews really, grow louder and louder, until Felicia was yelling uncontrollably. "Nyaaaahhh~!"

"I love it when you meow when we have sex, it's adorable," Mary-Jane said drunkenly, barely able to keep her own desperate cries low enough to keep the windows from shattering. They sped up, their hips pumping into each other's fingers, begging for more and more of their lover's touch, their pussies soaked as their juices rolled down their thighs, staining the dresser and the carpet below.

"MJ… MJ… MARY-JANE!" Felicia came first, unable to continue anymore. A bolt of lightning coursed through her, and her muscles tensed as she shivered all around. She somehow managed to let out a final yell, as her hands clamped painfully down onto Mary-Jane's hands, trapping them there to be drenched by her flooding pussy, her juices spraying out intensely.

Seeing the spectacular results of her own work, Felicia's orgasm triggered Mary-Jane's own orgasm, her legs flailing about as she bucked and kicked with her clenching body, her eyes rolling back, as she quietly came for her lover. She didn't scream, instead clenching her teeth and throwing her head back, nearly bashing into the dresser mirror. Her juices slipped to the floor, mixing with Felicia's.

Felicia's legs finally gave way, and she toppled backward, dragging Mary-Jane down with her. The two crashed to the floor, but they didn't bother to get up. Instead, they laid there together, for an endless moment, gasping for air. Mary-Jane rolled onto her back, her eyes locked onto her new lover, Felicia. They both resisted the urge to sleep; getting caught naked with another girl was not something they were ready to explain.

Felicia, always a physical girl, moved her leg over onto Mary-Jane's body and embraced her, resting her breasts on Mary-Jane. She took a strand of Mary-Jane's brilliant red hair, and wrapped it around her finger.

At last, at long last. Mary-Jane was hers. She was overwhelmed by a feeling of fulfillment, and gently nuzzled her lips across Mary-Jane's cheek. A brilliant smile made its way across her face as she snuggled the other woman.

"Wow," Mary-Jane said finally. "Now I know why Peter had a hard time saying no to you."

Felicia found a laugh in her, and showed it to Mary-Jane.

"I'm really nice once you get to know me," she said. "Believe it or not, I'm not just some stupid bimbo wearing skintight latex. I have feelings too. Not that I think you thought that, but… a lot of people do."

"Speaking of Peter," Felicia continued, "How… exactly, do you think we should go about this with him? I never thought I'd get this far, to be honest." Felicia laughed again. "My plan stopped here, actually."

Mary-Jane smiled, rolling over and kissing Felicia gently on the lips.

"I'm surprised you've forgotten," Mary-Jane said. "His birthday is next week. What do you think those photos are for?"

Felicia's eyes opened up, and her mouth let out a slient 'Oooooh'.

"And here I thought you just wanted photos of me for your own use," she teased.

"Well, that too, I won't lie," Mary-Jane said. She sat up on the floor, and her hair descended to her breasts, covering them in a very erotic way.

"Still, like I told you before, I… I don't think I'm quite ready to let him know yet. I don't want to move too fast. And Felicia, while what we did right now was… wonderful, and I can't wait to do it again, the fact is, I still hardly know you."

Felicia sat up then, realizing that Mary-Jane was letting her heart open up.

"Part of that has been my fault. I really only know what Peter has told me about you. You know him. He's honest. To me, you've always been kind of… shady, in a way. I've kept my distance from you—and from him—intentionally, for a good reason. Your history makes things… complicated."

Felicia cast her eyes downward. "No argument so far..." she said quietly.

"But you were right about something," Mary-Jane said, turning to face Felicia. "You are nice, once I got to know you. I guess that's what I'm asking for, Felicia. A chance to get to know you. Peter had one. I haven't. It's only right."

She ran her hand across Felicia's cheek. "And with us now… together, if you will, there's really no reason…"

"No reason?" Felicia repeated, her voice soft, eager to know what Mary-Jane wanted.

"Felicia, would you… like to go out on a date with me? A real one. I want to spend time with you to get to know you. Not the Cat. And not what Peter's told me. You."

Felicia's eyes began to water, as her own heart began to overflow. She smiled, and shook her head instantly.

"Yes. Yes, of course!" She threw herself onto Mary-Jane once more, wrapping her arms around her neck, and kissed her, not sexually but gratefully.

"I'll be happy to go steady with you," she said, causing Mary-Jane to roll her eyes.

"But on one condition," Felicia said.

"And what's that?"

"You let me set it up," she said, laying out her terms. "This time, I'm making you wait a week."

"Oh, shut up you," Mary-Jane said, pulling Felicia's hair playfully. "Patience is rewarded, you know."

"And how about I reward you again, with this," she cooed, as she melted into Felicia's arms once more.

Spider-Man jumped up, allowing the car to pass underneath him. Behind him, the thrown car crashed, breaking and cracking the road, but otherwise causing no harm. He landed, and shot webs from his wrists at his foe's feet, encasing them in sticky homemade silk.

"Listen, Aleksei, just because you lost your original suit, doesn't mean you can just steal S.H.I.E.L.D.'s! Have you checked the lost and found yet?"

The Rhino, already enraged by his escape from the Triskelion, roared at Spider-Man.

"Keep it up, Spider-Man! I, Rhino, will knock you down and finally stomp on you!"

"I've heard that before, but it's not gonna be today!"

In his ear, the earpiece crackled. "Keep him there, Spider-Man!"

"And here I wanted to let him go," he replied, his voice as chipper as ever.

The Rhino charged at Spider-Man, but Peter knew this was coming—he pulled on his weblines, pulling the Rhino's feet upwards and slamming him onto his back. The Robotic Heuristic Intelligence Navigable Operative suit creaked, the metal straining to absorb the impact of its literal tonnage hitting the ground.

Aleksei tapped a button within the fist of the R.H.I.N.O. suit, and blue jets of flame burst from the back of the armor, allowing him to get on back his feet. A metal horn emerged from his steely head.

"Take this, Spider-Man!" The horn, with a burst of smoke, fired from his head towards the wall-crawler.

Peter's spider-sense flashed, warning him of the incoming projectile. Not that he didn't already see it. He sidestepped, not quite fast or flashy, but just fast enough for the horn to pass him. Peter instantly realized his mistake.

That thing could hit somebody!

Quickly, Peter launched a webline from his wrists; the web caught the horn-missile just in time to prevent it from hitting a building; at the same time, he spun the makeshift club towards the Rhino. Peter slammed it into him, and the horn-missile exploded, sending the Rhino flying away.

"Whoa! Since when can rhinos shoot their horns like that? I'm pretty sure that wasn't on the Discovery Channel!"

The earpiece crackled again. "We made some modifications to the suit's design to improve its effectiveness."

Peter gasped. "Why would you ever improve a supervillain's work?!"

"Don't ask me. I told Fury that too," said Agent Coulson, his steady voice as reassuring as ever. The man seemed unnaturally calm.

"Just keep him busy for a few more seconds. My team is almost there," said Coulson.

The Rhino looked at Spider-Man, and he pressed another button in the armor's fist. This time, blue flames shot from the armor's feet, allowing the Rhino to jump and land right in front of Spider-Man. The road buckled from the impact with a loud BOOM.

"Yeah, that'd be a lot easier if you told me what other 'improvements' you made to it!" said Spider-Man.

"I'll crush you!" said the Rhino, as he brought his hands together to trap Spider-Man in his clutches. But the web-slinger had a better idea.

Oh, this is going to hurt, Peter thought.

Just as Rhino's hands came together to press him thinner than a sandwich, Peter flipped his body, throwing his hands behind his head and onto the road, and allowing his legs to fly upwards. His feet slammed into the Rhino's steely jaw, sending him up into the air. The hero completed his flip, landing smoothly and keeping his body low. His feet throbbed with pain, but he was otherwise okay.

Then the ground began to shake violently. And it wasn't the Rhino, who was still in the air.

Oh, no. What's happening? Peter thought frantically. "Coulson, what's going on?"

"My team is here," came the reply.

As the Rhino came back to the ground, he was suddenly hit by a violent wave of kinetic energy, which sent him flying away into what seemed to be an electrical net, which just appeared out of nowhere. The Rhino got caught in the net, entangling him. Then, the net suddenly lit up as electricity flowed through it, shocking and overloading Aleksei's armor. Spider-Man could hear the Rhino scream in fury as the armor began to explode. After a few moments, the net's electricity stopped, and the armor, with one last mechanical whine, deactivated. The Rhino's fists collapsed to the ground.

"He's not dead, is he?" Peter said, worried.

"No, of course not," replied Coulson. "The electricity had just enough voltage to overload the armor. He's unconscious, nothing more."

"Nice flip, Spider-Man," came a feminine voice from behind Peter. He turned to see a young woman with short hair, dressed in a form-fitting black outfit with gold lines going down the suit.

"Thanks. Who are you?"

"They call me Quake, but you can call me Daisy." She held out her hand, and Peter shook it. He noted the impressive gauntlets the woman wore on her wrists.

Daisy noticed, and said "These things help me channel my Inhuman powers."

"She's an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and one of our best," added Coulson, his voice clear through the earpiece.

"If she was the one who pushed the Rhino away like that," Peter replied, "I can see why."

"It was no big deal," said Daisy. "I'm happy to help out my favorite hero."

"Aww, you're so kind," Peter said, smiling underneath his mask. "Spread the word, will ya?"

"Will do. Keep it up. Hopefully we can talk more next time," Daisy said. "Work comes first, you know?"

"More than you could know," Peter said. "Thanks a lot for the help, Daisy."

The woman nodded, then returned to the net, where a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were already descending on the Rhino, making sure Aleksei was securely restrained.

Peter touched his hand to the earpiece. "Coulson, got everything under control?"

"Absolutely, web-slinger. Thanks for helping out with that. We considered Sytsevich to be a low-level threat; we never thought he'd be smart enough to escape, especially from the Triskelion."

"That's a hell of a mistake to make, buddy. Don't do that again," Peter said sternly. "People could have gotten hurt. You should know that no prison is ever inescapable. Not even S.H.I.E.L.D.'s."

"No need to tell me. My agents are always ready, just in case something like this happens. Fury sends his regards, by the way."

"Tell Fury if he wants to thank me, he can direct deposit how much he thinks I owe him for saving New York for him. Again."

Coulson chuckled over the earpiece. "I'll pass the message along. You still owe me an autograph, by the way."

"I'll get that to you eventually, Phil. See you around," Peter said, before turning the earpiece off.

Just another day in the life of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Once Peter was sure that S.H.I.E.L.D had things under control, Peter launched a webline at a nearby building. Just he was about to go on his way, he heard a voice behind him.

"Yo, Spider-Man! Hold up a sec, will ya? Got a gift for you!"

He turned to see a man with an apron running towards him, something in his hand. It was a hot dog wrapped in aluminum foil.

"Whoa, a hot dog for me? How'd you know I was hungry?" Peter was immensely grateful. "I think I have change in this uniform somewhere."

"Change?" said the man. "Spider-Man, this one is on the house! For saving my stand and all from that stupid rhino. You deserve it! You can say New York paid for it, how about that?"

"Sounds good to me," Peter said, grabbing the hot dog. It's nice to be appreciated sometimes. "Thanks a lot! Something happens, you let me know!" Peter said, before swinging away on his webline.

"Now THAT's a hero," said the man, shaking his head in admiration.

It took a good while to find a building with a decent ledge to sit on, but eventually Peter found one, and he sat down to eat.

When he opened the aluminum foil covering the food, he realized the man had also given him chips and a soda, along with the hot dog.

Sometimes I love this city.

Lifting his mask to expose his mouth, Peter scarfed down his food, aware of how hungry he really was. Mary-Jane had been sweet enough to make him pancakes that morning, but now he needed more fuel.

Just as he opened the bag of chips, Peter heard the sound of police sirens. They weren't far, and indeed, below him on the streets, he saw a car being chased by the NYPD. A full-on police chase.

Peter sighed. "So much for enjoying lunch."

He pulled the mask back down, and webbed the rest of his food to his back. He'd save it for later.

"Time to go save the world," he said cheerily, shooting a webline and joining the chase.


To be continued...