Jessica Jones started messaging Trish Walker

Jessica Jones (3:48am): hey

Jessica Jones (3:48am): so

Jessica Jones (3:48am): you remember earlier today (yesterday?) when we were talking about how college is filled with "fresh starts" and all that bullshit

Jessica Jones (3:48am): i know you don't think it's bullshit but just

Jessica Jones (3:48am): just roll with me here

Jessica Jones (3:49am): anyway we were talking about fresh starts and rules regarding said fresh starts and how important it was to not make everything like it was in high school because people don't know us here and its our first day of classes tomorrow and i was nodding at you as if i was paying attention but it wasn't really sinking in at all

Jessica Jones (3:49am): uh

Jessica Jones (3:49am): well

Jessica Jones (3:49am): on a scale of one to ten

Jessica Jones (3:49am): out of curiosity

Jessica Jones (3:49am): how bad would it be if i said i punched a blind guy

Jessica Jones (3:50am): trish?

Jessica Jones (3:57am): fuck

Jessica Jones stopped messaging Trish Walker

Franklin Nelson started messaging Karen Page

Franklin Nelson (3:59am): hey Karen! :)

Karen Page (4:02am): This is Foggy right? Your name says "Franklin" in my contacts.

Franklin Nelson (4:02am): yep! Foggy's my (unfortunate) nickname. either name works, really.

Karen Page (4:02am): Oh! Cool!

Karen Page has changed Franklin Nelson's contact to Foggy Nelson at 4:03am

Foggy Nelson (4:03am): i hope i didn't wake you

Karen Page (4:03am): You didn't, don't worry! I'm too busy being nervous about today's classes! But good morning if I can even call it that! The sun isn't even up yet!

Foggy Nelson (4:03am): haha! yeah sorry about that. i know we legitimately met less than a day ago and usually midnight texting is reserved to friends who know each other really really well but i wouldn't message you at such an ungodly hour if it wasn't an emergency

Karen Page (4:04am): Are you alright? Did something happen?

Foggy Nelson (4:04am): me? i'm fine

Foggy Nelson (4:04am): thanks for asking!

Foggy Nelson (4:04am): but i don't know if you remember my friend Matt?

Karen Page (4:04am): I'm not sure that I do. But that might just be my exhaustion talking.

Foggy Nelson (4:05am): he's tall with brown hair

Foggy Nelson (4:05am): and strangely pretty for a guy if i'm going to be completely honest

Foggy Nelson (4:05am): he's my roommate

Karen Page (4:05am): You mean the blind guy? I didn't end up talking to him! I think I overheard him saying he was studying law at the dorm party…

Foggy Nelson (4:05am): my brain isn't exactly working at full capacity i really should've started with that but yeah him

Foggy Nelson (4:06am): he's less than fine at the moment

Karen Page (4:06am): Oh no! Is there anything I can do?

Foggy Nelson (4:06am): yeah actually! your roommate's studying to be a doctor right? Cleo, or something? it was Cl and then letters. i can't exactly remember. my brain is a little… fuzzy right now

Karen Page (4:06am): Claire?

Foggy Nelson (4:06am): yeah! her! can you wake her up and send her downstairs to that weird garden area outside our dorm?

Karen Page (4:06am): Sure thing.

Karen Page (4:15am): She's on her way with a first-aid kit. Be prepared, she's not very happy because she likes her beauty sleep (or that's at least what I got from her incoherent mumbling).

Foggy Nelson (4:15am): noted!

Karen Page (4:16am): Hey Foggy, before I go back to bed I forgot to ask… What happened to Matt?

Foggy Nelson (4:18am): some girl punched him in the face and Claire's here! thanks so much Karen! i feel like this is the start to a long and lasting friendship! if you ever need anything in the wee hours of the morning don't hesitate to let me know i seriously owe you one!

Karen Page (4:19am): Woah wait, Foggy!

Foggy Nelson stopped messaging Karen Page

Karen Page (4:19am): You can't just leave on that note!

Karen Page (4:19am): God dammit Foggy!

Trish Walker started messaging Jessica Jones

Trish Walker (7:15am): Jess.

Trish Walker (7:15am): Jessica Jones, you'd better pick up your phone and text me back immediately.

Trish Walker (7:16am): You can't just say "I punched a blind guy" and then just disappear. It doesn't work like that. It doesn't work like that at all.

Trish Walker (7:16am): You're my best friend, Jess. You have to answer me.

Trish Walker (7:16am): Please.

Trish Walker (7:16am): Jess, I'm starting to get really worried.

Trish Walker (7:18am): I'm about to start heading to class, so…

Trish Walker (7:19am): Text me when you get a chance.

Trish Walker (7:19am): Please, Jess. I just need to know that you're okay.

Trish Walker (7:19am): Well, and…

Trish Walker (7:20am): And that you won't be expelled from college on the very first day of class.

Trish Walker stopped messaging Jessica Jones

A Memo from Claire Temple

To: Karen Page

From: Claire Temple

Subject: Matthew Murdock & Franklin Nelson


Good morning. I didn't think the "memo paper" they gave us at orientation would ever come in handy and yet, here we are. I'm leaving this on your desk because my classes start earlier than yours, and I didn't want to wake you. But, I did want to talk to you about your new friends.

I woke up this morning thinking about the events of the middle of last night, and I realized that I do not have any contact information for Matthew Murdock or Franklin Nelson. (Please, don't give them my number, Karen.) I wanted you to let them know that what happened last night—me, going out of my way to help the two of them out—that is not going to be ever happening again in the near future.

I'm not a qualified doctor yet, and I don't exactly know what I'm doing. Murdock was just lucky that the shards from his broken glasses didn't severely injure him—at most he'll have a black eye and a few cuts. So, please let both of the boys know that they cannot continue to go to me for medical help. In case they've forgotten the most important phone number to call when anyone is hurt, please remind them that it's 911.

I hope you have a good first day of classes and, I'll see you tonight. Maybe, we can get dinner together in the cafeteria sometime this week, I'd love to get to know you better.


From: Residential Life reslife

Date: September 4th, 2019

To: Undisclosed Recipients

Subject: Safety on Campus!

Hello Freshmen!

As I'm sure many of you have heard, a fight broke out against one of our own on campus in the early hours of last night. Although nobody was seriously hurt, it may come of interest to all of the freshmen to check in with their RAs just to talk about how they are feeling regarding the incident, or any incidents like it.

Although the one who caused the fight has still not been found but, the victim has stated confidentially that they feel as though the attacker is not a threat, and will not cause an incident again. Still, it has never hurt anyone to keep a an eye out, and we (at Res-Life) feel as though vigilance is our freshman middle name! It is important on our campus that all the freshmen feel safe. So, don't hesitate to speak up if something seems amiss, or if you simply just want to talk.

Just remember, we're always willing to help you with whatever you need, and we're only an elevator ride away!


Residential Life Staff

Foggy Nelson started messaging Matt Murdock

Foggy Nelson (2:34pm): hey roomie how're you feeling?

Matt Murdock (2:37pm): Fine, for now. The bridge of my nose still hurts and the area around my eye is still tender but, it's nothing an icepack and some time won't fix.

Foggy Nelson (2:37pm): that's good!

Foggy Nelson (2:37pm): you didn't really miss much today if you're worried? I picked up a second copy of all the work from our classes!

Foggy Nelson (2:37pm): Oh and Karen says hi

Matt Murdock (2:38pm): Thank you, Foggy. You're the best roommate a guy could ask for. Karen was the girl you met yesterday that you kept talking about, right?

Foggy Nelson (2:38pm): that'd be her!

Matt Murdock (2:38pm): Please tell Karen I say hello as well, and thank her for all she did last night.

Foggy Nelson (2:38pm): she says you're welcome

Foggy Nelson (2:38pm): she also says Claire doesn't want us to go to her for help if you're bleeding out on the sidewalk anytime soon

Matt Murdock (2:39pm): That sounds like Claire expects I'm going to be bleeding out on the sidewalk a lot in the near future.

Foggy Nelson (2:39pm): to be fair her current impression of you isn't that great? in fact, my current impression of you isn't that great either? you have a lot more of a mouth on you than i was expecting

Matt Murdock (2:39pm): Why do you think I want to become a lawyer?

Foggy Nelson (2:40pm): oh my god?

Foggy Nelson (2:40pm): speaking of people with mouths on them are you going to looking for that girl? the one who punched you

Matt Murdock (2:40pm): I don't know if I'm ready for a rematch, Foggy.

Foggy Nelson (2:40pm): not for a rematch! just some casual college detective work!

Matt Murdock (2:41pm): "Casual College Detective Work"?

Foggy Nelson (2:41pm): Yeah!

Matt Murdock (2:41pm): I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that, but I haven't decided. It's a bit early in the year to make enemies, and I feel like if I seek her out I may be doing just that. Perhaps getting punched in the face was just a one time thing. I don't want to make it anything more than a one time thing.

Matt Murdock (2:41pm): I don't want to be a blind guy with enemies.

Foggy Nelson (2:41pm): you mean a blind LAWYER with enemies!

Matt Murdock (2:42pm): That too.

Foggy Nelson (2:42pm): Karen's just told me to tell you that she would like to get to know both of us better so she said she's going to bring some of her day-old Chinese food leftovers to our room later tonight and she's going to bother us until we're all close friends!

Matt Murdock (2:42pm): Please tell her there is nothing I would like more than that.

Foggy Nelson (2:43pm): do you know how big a flirt you are?

Foggy Nelson (2:44pm): oh my god! You do don't you!

Foggy Nelson (2:45pm): don't leave me on read Matt!

Matt Murdock (2:45pm): I can't leave you on read, Foggy. I'm blind.

A Memo from Patricia Walker

To: Jessica Jones

From: Patricia Walker

Subject: I know you're getting my messages but, are choosing to not respond to them.

Dear Jess,

I believe the subject of this message says it all. I know you've read my text messages. I'm just worried about you, please call me, or text me, or even just write me back. I need to know you're alright.

I read the Res-Life email that they sent out, I presume it's you they're talking about but, the person you punched was nice enough to not say who it was. Or, he just didn't know who you were, which is also a really high possibility. I'll probably say this again when you text me or call me or something, but you really need to apologize. It's too early in the school year, too early in college in general to pick a fight with some blind guy.

This isn't like you, Jess. So, please just… Try to explain it to me. Help me understand what happened.

I'm sliding this under your door so, at least, when you get back to your dorm, you'll see it.

With love,

Karen Page started messaging Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson

Karen Page (8:13pm): For the record I didn't think it would ALL be expired. It's only been a few days!

Foggy Nelson (8:13pm): u can't dig yourself out of the hole you spent time digging yourself into Karen! it doesn't work like that. u dig your hole and you're stuck down there and we're allowed to make fun of you for it!

Karen Page (8:13pm): You're not even going to give me a hand to get out of the hole I dug for myself?

Matt Murdock (8:14pm): You are a lot further down in said metaphorical hole than either of us can reach, Karen. You're stuck there.

Karen Page (8:14pm): Wow. You are both SUCH good friends. I am SO GLAD I met you both.

Foggy Nelson (8:14pm): careful Karen! like regular texting Matt's phone can't audibly translate sarcasm! He might actually think you're being genuine!

Matt Murdock (8:14pm): That's so sweet. I'm glad I met you too, Karen.

Foggy Nelson (8:14pm): do you see my point?

Foggy Nelson (8:14pm): you're just going to spinning in circles trying to jab him with your biting comments but he'll just see right through it!

Karen Page (8:15pm): I can tell why you think he'd be a good lawyer.

Matt Murdock (8:15pm): Yeah, if I was in a texting court, I'd make an excellent lawyer. I'll just have to become a texting-only lawyer.

Foggy Nelson (8:15pm): the future will be bright when Matthew Murdock: Text-Lawyer Extraordinaire is at the helm!

Karen Page (8:15pm): I can't believe I went out of my way and befriended you two weirdos.

Matt Murdock (8:15pm): Well, you can't get rid of us now.

Foggy Nelson (8:16pm): yeah. besides u still owe us some actually fresh Chinese takeout!

Karen Page stopped messaging Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson

Foggy Nelson (8:16pm): Karen! i'm going to hold you to this!

Foggy Nelson (8:16pm): this is what you wanted! friendship! you're stuck with us!

Matt Murdock (8:17pm): We're not even one full day into the school year and I think you've made her regret her decision, Foggy.

Foggy Nelson stopped messaging Matt Murdock

Jessica Jones started messaging Trish Walker

Jessica Jones (9:30pm): hey trash

Jessica Jones (9:30pm): *trash

Jessica Jones (9:30pm): *TRISH

Jessica Jones (9:30pm): i got ur massages and im alive sorta

Trish Walker (9:30pm): Jess! What do you mean? You're alive sort of? What's going on?

Jessica Jones (9:31pm): hahhahha

Jessica Jones (9:31pm): trash talker what if your name was trash talker

Jessica Jones (9:31pm): hi im jess jones and this is my friend trash talker

Trish Walker (9:31pm): Jessica, please!

Jessica Jones (9:32pm): sorry

Jessica Jones (9:32pm): k so

Jessica Jones (9:32pm): instead of going to my classes today i got super wasted

Jessica Jones (9:32pm): more wasted than i was last night

Jessica Jones (9:32pm): which is kinda incredlbe if you think about it

Jessica Jones (9:32pm): n before you get mad

Jessica Jones (9:32pm): i had a good reason

Trish Walker (9:33pm): You'd better have a good reason! This was our first day of classes, Jess!

Jessica Jones (9:33pm): yea yah i remember a fresh start i have a fresh start right here and his name is matthew murdock

Jessica Jones (9:33pm): i know what ur thinking

Jessica Jones (9:33pm): who the fuck is matthew murdock

Jessica Jones (9:33pm): i know i was thinkgni the same thing

Jessica Jones (9:33pm): long story short

Jessica Jones (9:33pm): its a lot easier to find the only blind guy on campus than i thought

Trish Walker (9:34pm): How did you find him?

Trish Walker (9:34pm): Please tell me you found him in a legal, non-incriminating way.

Jessica Jones (9:34pm): im not gonna answer that

Jessica Jones (9:34pm): just like how i didnt somehow get into the university's system to find out the info

Trish Walker (9:35pm): Okay, let's say that I am okay with all of this. That it's normal, and I'm not going to say anything to administration. Why did you go out of your way to find out who he is?

Jessica Jones (9:36pm): i had to b sure

Trish Walker (9:36pm): Be sure of what?

Jessica Jones (9:36pm): ok so the res whatever sent out an email about how the "victim" isn't saying anything about who it is that attacked him

Trish Walker (9:37pm): That's probably because he's blind. He won't be able to "find you in a crowd of people" if that's what you're worried about.

Jessica Jones (9:37pm): no you dont understand

Jessica Jones (9:37pm): he wasnt alone when i punched him

Jessica Jones (9:37pm): in fact i ended up punching him instead of his stupid friend because he stepped in the way

Jessica Jones (9:37pm): which is fuckin g suspicious

Jessica Jones (9:37pm): bc its almost like he wanted to get punched in the first place

Jessica Jones (9:37pm): which made me think

Jessica Jones (9:37pm): and i know its a stretch i know i fuckin know i get it you don't have to tell me because i know i really do

Trish Walker (9:38pm): Maybe he knows you because of something K's done?

Jessica Jones (9:40pm): yeah

Jessica Jones (9:40pm): i wanted to get away from all of his bullshit trish

Jessica Jones (9:40pm): you said going to college would help me get away from this get away from all this people would know me here and i could just be jessica jones

Jessica Jones (9:41pm): just jessica jones

Jessica Jones (9:41pm): not k's

Jessica Jones (9:41pm): whatever the fuck he was calling it

Jessica Jones (9:42pm): i dont want to be paranoid i don't want to be but i think its too late i don't think anything is ever going to change I'm just going to spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder thinking that he's going to be there and hes going get me I'm just going to be stuck like this forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and

Trish Walker (9:42pm): Jess. Take a deep breath.

Trish Walker (9:42pm): I'm already walking to your dorm, so sit tight.

Trish Walker (9:42pm): I'm sure this Matthew Murdock isn't who you think he is. And, if he is? We'll deal with it together. You're not alone in this, Jessica.

Trish Walker (9:43pm): I will always be here for you. You will always have me.

Jessica Jones (9:44pm): k

Jessica Jones (9:44pm): see u soon

Jessica Jones stopped messaging Trish Walker

From: Patricia Walker pwalker

Date: September 5th, 2019

To: Matthew Murdock mmurdock

Subject: Hello

Mr. Murdock,

My name is Jessica Jones. I'm the girl who punched you a couple days ago.

I'm writing from Trish Walker's email account for reasons that don't matter to you.

I wanted to apologize for punching you in the face the other day. I was aiming for your friend and you stepped in front of him. I think I broke your glasses. Sorry. I'll buy you a new pair.

Also, I wanted to ask why you've decided not to say anything to the administration about me. I know your friend saw my face. You could easily get me kicked out of the school in a heartbeat. But, you haven't done anything yet. Why?


Matthew Murdock started messaging Foggy Nelson

Matthew Murdock (10:15am): Do you happen to know somebody named Patricia/Trish Walker, or somebody named Jessica Jones?

Foggy Nelson (10:15am): uh i don't think so? i can ask around

Foggy Nelson (10:15am): why?

Matthew Murdock (10:15am): I received an email from, I guess, both of them.

Foggy Nelson (10:15am): we are only two days into college and you already have girls sending you private emails?

Foggy Nelson (10:16am): i really need to get a blind thing going. maybe that will help me get girls

Matthew Murdock (10:16am): I think you're fine as you are, Foggy.

Matthew Murdock (10:16am): From my perspective, I think you're very handsome.

Foggy Nelson (10:17am): that's so sweet!

Foggy Nelson (10:17am): WAIT

Foggy Nelson (10:17am): i am changing what I said before: you're the worst roommate

Matthew Murdock stopped messaging Foggy Nelson

Foggy Nelson (10:18am): the worst Matt!

Trish Walker started messaging Jessica Jones

Trish Walker (10:32am): Nothing yet.

Trish Walker (10:32am): I can feel you worrying from where I'm sitting.

Jessica Jones (10:32am): we're not even in the same classroom

Trish Walker (10:33am): We've reached the "Friendship Level" where I can tell how you're feeling, even if we're not in the same room.

Jessica Jones (10:34am): god dammit trish

Jessica Jones (10:34am): you really are trash

Trish Walker (10:34am): I love you too, Jess.

Trish Walker stopped messaging Jessica Jones

Matthew Murdock started messaging Karen Page

Matthew Murdock (10:45am): Good morning, Karen. Do you happen to know someone named Jessica Jones, or someone named Patricia/Trish Walker?

Karen Page (10:45am): Hey Matt!

Karen Page (10:45am): Oh! I know Trish I think! There can't really be more than one person nicknamed "Trish" at this school.

Karen Page (10:46am): She sits a couple rows down from me in Writing The Essay.

Matthew Murdock (10:46am): Writing The Essay?

Karen Page (10:46am): I want to be a journalist and (unfortunately) this is one of the required freshman classes.

Matthew Murdock (10:46am): Is it really that bad?

Karen Page (10:46am): The class is called "Writing The Essay" Matt. Even the title of the class is boring.

Karen Page (10:46am): But Trish? Do you want me to talk to her?

Karen Page (10:46am): Or just give her your number? Is that wing-man enough for you?

Matthew Murdock (10:48am): Oh, no, don't do that. Just ask her if she'd like to have lunch with you in the cafeteria. Foggy and I will meet you there coincidentally. I'll tell you more about Let me know if she says yes.

Karen Page (10:48am): I know we don't know each other that well but that seems kinda suspicious Matt.

Matthew Murdock (10:48am): Please?

Karen Page (10:48am): Fine. But if it all goes south you owe me some fresh Chinese takeout.

Matthew Murdock (10:49am): It's a deal, Ms Page.

Karen Page (10:49am): Pleasure doing business with you Mr Murdock!

Matthew Murdock stopped messaging Karen Page

Karen Page (10:50am): Wait! Even if it doesn't go south you still owe me Chinese takeout!

Trish Walker started messaging Jessica Jones

Trish Walker (11:51am): Care to join me for lunch?

Jessica Jones (11:51am): do i have a choice

Trish Walker (11:51am): Nope!

Trish Walker (11:52am): I made a new friend and we're going to join her for lunch with a few of her own friends!

Jessica Jones (11:52am): what about keeping my head down and not drawing attention to myself

Jessica Jones (11:52am): your words

Jessica Jones (11:52am): not mine

Trish Walker (11:53am): You're going to draw more attention to yourself if you don't make any friends, Jess. Just try with me, just this once.

Jessica Jones (11:54am): fine

Jessica Jones (11:54am): whats her name

Trish Walker (11:54am): That's better! Her name is Karen Page!

Jessica Jones (11:54am): is she blonde

Jessica Jones (11:54am): that sounds like a blonde name

Trish Walker (11:55am): I'm not saying anything. You'll just have to meet her.

Jessica Jones (11:55am): youre the worst

Trish Walker (11:55am): 3

Trish Walker stopped messaging Jessica Jones

Claire Temple started messaging Karen Page

Claire Temple (3:02pm): hey karen, are you alright?

Karen Page (3:02pm): Claire! Hi! Yes I'm fine thanks for asking.

Claire Temple (3:02pm): just making sure.

Claire Temple (3:02pm): whoever that girl was, she made quite the scene today. all that yelling…

Claire Temple (3:03pm): what was her deal?

Karen Page (3:04pm): I'm not entirely sure. Matt said something earlier about setting himself up to talk to her friend (I don't know if you know Trish Walker?) but everything went south when her friend showed up. I thought she was going to attack Matt or something!

Karen Page (3:04pm): I think the girl is Jessica Jones?

Claire Temple (3:05pm): huh.

Karen Page (3:05pm): More than anything else I'm just a bit shaken up.

Karen Page (3:07pm): I don't think I'd ever heard someone yell that loudly since I was in middle/elementary school! And then she moved our whole cafeteria table with her own two hands! I've never seen anything like it.

Claire Temple (3:08pm): yeah, i saw. i know mothers can sometimes lift cars if their child is trapped beneath due to adrenaline but, that was something else.

Claire Temple (3:09pm): just, be careful.

Karen Page (3:09pm): I'll try.

Claire Temple stopped messaging Karen Page

Trish Walker started messaging Jessica Jones

Trish Walker (3:12pm): Jessica! What happened out there?

Trish Walker (3:19pm): I left you a voicemail but, please call me back if you get the chance. I just want to know if you're alright.

Trish Walker (3:30pm): Franklin wrote you a little memo that was spoken by Matthew. I'm going to slide it under your door, so you can read it.

Trish Walker (3:33pm): I don't think they're the guys you think they are, Jess.

Trish Walker (3:48pm): Please call me back.

Trish Walker stopped messaging Jessica Jones

A Memo from Matthew Murdock

To: Jessica Jones

From: Matthew Murdock

Subject: An Apology

Ms Jones:

I believe we got started on the wrong foot.

That is actually an overstatement. We definitely got started off on the wrong foot. We started with a punch to the face—I'm still sporting a wonderful bruise, if you didn't notice—which is the furthest thing from "right foot" that we could get.

The point I'm trying to make is that, I think we should start over.

We're both adults (just barely), and being an adult is all about fixing issues correctly, before everything gets out of hand. Sure, we started off weird, with a punch to the face but, I didn't make it any better by coercing my new friend Karen into getting you and Trish to come to lunch. And thus, everything got out of hand with you, well, yelling, and then shoving the table. (Foggy tells me it was very aggressive, and slightly intimidating.)

So, hello. My name is Matthew Murdock, and I'm studying to be a lawyer here at BU. I was born in Hell's Kitchen in New York City, and I've lived there all my life. I'm not going to give you my whole life story, because that would be boring. But, I hope you'll respond positively to this note.

And, whatever I've done to you that you were so adamant about yelling in front of the whole cafeteria, I can assure you that that Matt Murdock? He isn't me. Not by a long shot. He sounds really terrible, to be completely honest. I'm not here to spy on you, and I'm certainly not here to do anything that could harm you in any way. I'm just here to get an education. I wouldn't even be able to spy on you in the first place, I feel like working eyes are pretty important regarding spying. But, if I could see, I would by all means, help you go find this "Matt Murdock" guy so we could kick his ass together.

And, to answer your question from the email, the reason I didn't "turn you in" as you so eloquently put it, was not only because I can't see what you look like. It's also the fact that this is a new school, a new environment. I don't want to make enemies right off the bat. I'd like to at least make some friends first, so I can have people to back me up when I come face-to-face with said enemies.

Have a good night,
Matt Murdock

Karen Page started messaging Matthew Murdock

Karen Page (5:57pm): You smell that Matt?

Karen Page (5:57pm): It smells like sweet, sweet victory.

Karen Page (5:57pm): And you know what sweet, sweet victory smells like?

Karen Page (5:57pm): It smells like Chinese takeout.

Karen Page stopped messaging Matthew Murdock

Matthew Murdock started messaging Foggy Nelson

Matthew Murdock (6:01pm): Keep your girlfriend in line. She's harassing a blind man.

Foggy Nelson (6:01pm): my girlfriend?

Foggy Nelson (6:01pm): i don't have a girlfriend dude


Foggy Nelson (6:04pm): HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY IT

Foggy Nelson (6:04pm): SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND

Matthew Murdock (6:05pm): Not yet, anyway.

Foggy Nelson (6:06pm): i hate you so much right now

Matthew Murdock stopped messaging Foggy Nelson

Jessica Jones started messaging Trish Walker

Jessica Jones (1:56am): i thought about what you said last night in ur voicemail

Jessica Jones (1:65am): i slipped a note under your door

Jessica Jones (1:56am): please give it to murdock

Jessica Jones (1:56am): and don't read it

Jessica Jones stopped messaging Trish Walker

A Memo from Jessica Jones

To: Matthew Murdock

From: Jessica Jones

Subject: Replying to "An Apology" (which is bullshit by the way, you shouldn't be apologizing)


Don't apologize. Nothing that has happened in the last two days is your fault.

If anything, I should be apologizing. I overreacted, which is not something that you're ever going to hear me say ever, so I suggest you burn this piece of paper when you get the chance. Or maybe just rip it into little pieces so other people won't get the chance to read it.

Not to be heartfelt, because I really don't know you, and you really don't know me but, I thought you were somebody that you weren't. I have a lot of history with this person and I'd prefer not to talk about it. I'll just leave it at this: I thought I had gotten over it but, it turns out I haven't.

So, I'm sorry my antics were directed towards you, of all people.

And, I (grudgingly) agree. Let's start over.


P.S. Hey Matthew! This is Trish!

Jessica won't give her phone number out in a million years but, I wrote it on the back of the paper so you'll have it. I've known Jess long enough to know that she won't willingly give her number to anybody unless the number itself is forced out of her phone.

So, since you guys are starting over (not to involve myself in this but, I'm Jessica's best friend, and that's what I'm supposed to do), I thought I'd give you the benefit of the doubt. I know she seems like the type of person who'd be able to hurt you more than you'd be able to hurt her but, please, don't hurt her. I'll have to get you if you hurt her! Haha!

Also, please tell Karen that I'd love to get lunch with her again, if she'd like! Hopefully it'll go more smoothly than last time!

Thanks again,
Patricia "Trish" Walker

Unknown Number started messaging Jessica Jones

Unknown Number (12:40pm): Hello, Jessica.

Unknown Number (12:40pm): This is Matthew Murdock.

Unknown Number (12:42pm): Please… Don't freak out?

Jessica Jones (12:44pm): too late

Jessica Jones (12:44pm): im already tearing my hair out and screaming at the top of my lungs

Unknown Number (12:44pm): I see we're off to a great start.

Jessica Jones (12:49pm): quick question

Jessica Jones (12:49pm): before you start thinking too highly of me

Jessica Jones (12:49pm): bc im sure trish has done all in her power to make me seem like a better person than i am

Jessica Jones (12:50pm): shes too nosy when it comes to my business ngl

Jessica Jones (12:50pm): how does a blind guy text people

Unknown Number (12:52pm): First of all, I don't think you're a bad person. Sure, many things could've lead me to that particular mindset but, I prefer to see the good in people, instead of the bad. Or at least, I try. It is probably a Catholic thing. I also just want to start on the right foot with you.

Unknown Number (12:53pm): Which, it seems like, you want to be on as well.

Unknown Number (12:53pm): For the most part.

Unknown Number (12:54pm): At least, that was what I was getting from your letter. I had Foggy read that aloud to me.

Unknown Number (12:58pm): Second of all, there is an application in my phone that reads all the messages aloud for me. It's the same application for responding to messages. I say what I would like there to be written, adding the words , and . In between to get my point across.

Jessica Jones (12:58pm): oh

Jessica Jones (12:58pm): thats kinda cool i guess

Jessica Jones (12:58pm): which is the probably the only nice thing youre ever going to hear from me in this friendship

Unknown Number (12:59pm): Our friendship, huh?

Unknown Number (12:59pm): I'm sorry, I don't think high enough of you to be your friend. Trish didn't end up giving me that great of an image of you.

Unknown Number (12:59pm): I said we could start over, but I never said we could be friends.

Jessica Jones (1:00pm): oh so its going to be like this huh

Jessica Jones (1:00pm): who knew the so-called "catholic boy" with his so-called "catholic things" could be such a sarcastic asshole

Jessica Jones (1:00pm): im learning something new every day

Jessica Jones (1:01pm): i was about to make your contact "st matthew" in my phone

Jessica Jones (1:01pm): but you had to go and say that bullshit

Jessica Jones (1:01pm): now youll never be a saint

Unknown Number (1:02pm): You've broken my heart, Jessica Jones. I believe we'll have to start over again.

Unknown Number (1:03pm): Is this what our relationship is to be? A constant cycle of restarts?

Jessica Jones (1:03pm): hell yeah

Jessica Jones (1:03pm): its like that movie with tom cruise

Jessica Jones (1:03pm): im sure youve seen it

Jessica Jones (1:03pm): oh wait

Unknown Number (1:03pm): Low blow, Jones. Low blow.

Unknown Number (1:05pm): For someone who is ready to yell at the top of her lungs in front of a bunch of people in a crowded cafeteria, you can't seem to really throw that high a punch when it comes to comebacks.

Unknown Number (1:06pm): You wrote about that in your letter. Mind if I ask what exactly that was about?

Jessica Jones (1:06pm): im not going to talk about that with you

Jessica Jones (1:06pm): end of story

Unknown Number (1:07pm): That sort of makes me want to press to see what you're hiding.

Jessica Jones (1:07pm): dont

Jessica Jones (1:09pm): just dont

Jessica Jones (1:10pm): if you do

Jessica Jones (1:10pm): ill give you a second black eye to match the first one

Unknown Number (1:14pm): I'm sorry, Jessica.

Unknown Number has stopped messaging Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones started messaging Unknown Number

Jessica Jones (11:26pm): no

Jessica Jones (11:26pm): stop apologizing

Jessica Jones (11:26pm): its not fucking

Jessica Jones (11:27pm): its not your fault

Jessica Jones (11:27pm): i just

Jessica Jones (11:29pm): can we start over again

Jessica Jones (11:29pm): can we get breakfast tomorrow morning

Jessica Jones (11:29pm): talking over text is making me feel disingenuous

Unknown Number (11:32pm): That's a five dollar word there, Jessica.

Unknown Number (11:33pm): I didn't know you had it in you.

Unknown Number (11:36pm): But, to answer your question: yes. Let's get breakfast. But, perhaps, not in the cafeteria. People might think you've poisoned my food and are planning my untimely death after yesterday's scene.

Jessica Jones (11:36pm): fine

Jessica Jones (11:36pm): do you have somewhere in mind

Unknown Number (11:38pm): There's a breakfast joint down the road from here called Josie's. It may not be the nicest of establishments (or so I've been told by Foggy) but, the food is good. I've heard the drinks aren't bad either but, I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Jessica Jones (11:38pm): the drinks

Jessica Jones (11:38pm): wait do you mean

Unknown Number (11:38pm): I could smell the whiskey on you the night that you punched me.

Jessica Jones (11:39pm): thats

Jessica Jones (11:39pm): no

Jessica Jones (11:40pm): we will talk about that tomorrow

Jessica Jones (11:41pm): im sure as hell not getting into that with you now

Unknown Number (11:42pm): Before I head off to bed, because I can almost feel Foggy giving me death glares to go to sleep and I can't even see him: seven o'clock sound feasible?

Jessica Jones (11:43pm): im going to be late but okay

Jessica Jones (11:44pm): not even fashionably late or any of that bullshit

Jessica Jones (11:45pm): just really late

Jessica Jones (11:50pm): night murdock

Jessica Jones stopped messaging Unknown Number

Jessica Jones has changed Unknown Number's contact to St. Matthew at 2:58am

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