He's let me out again. I'd be ecstatic about being able to run wild, except that I'm only free because he needs me. He only lets me out when he needs me.

He says it's because I'm the stronger one, but if that were true I wouldn't have to wait on his whims. I understand more, but he's the aggression behind my attacks.

Sometimes I even wonder how much of me is left. I have his form and his voice, and his malice too, even if none realize it. My own is still there, but why would I want to destroy his friends? They mean nothing to me. He would be nothing to me, except for his control.

So he wants to ingratiate himself to the boy with the Puzzle and he uses me. "Death is better than being controlled by an evil spirit."

And then he pulls me back.


If I were truly in control he would never have survived that, even if it meant pretending to be him all the time. Instead I was locked up again, while he uses me as an excuse.

What would I want with that little brat? He used my power to kill the guards, thrilling to the destruction all the while, and made the others believe that I wanted technology. What for? I wouldn't know how to use it.

So he's let me out again. Someone stole the Puzzle. He'd do it himself if he didn't believe me when I tell him that the boy needs to have it.

Power. It's all what you make of it. With my power I can do anything I want. Except free myself of him. And his power is to control me.

Which way do I go? What do I do? I'm the one who finds the way, but he's the one who decides. And then he acts like a friend to the boy while I'm told what to do with the piece we've found.

When the door opens, who will get the power behind it? I want it, but somehow I think he'll cheat me out of that as well. So I find myself hoping, as I leave the burning building, running away from the boy who's the key to it all because I have no choice, because the one who controls me is afraid. I find myself hoping that he'll be cheated of the power too. That the boy who is the key will find a way to cheat us all and keep it for himself.

Because the death that would come from that is better than being controlled.
[Note: This is just a one shot.]