Author's Note: HORRAY MY FIRST REQUEST! From the writer of The Reverse Diamond Falls, 626mcu for the Wonder Over Younder song I'm the Bad Guy.

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We're The Bad Guys.

Within the ship, unknown by any foot soldiers, two intruders carefully sneaking about.



Well most of them.

Pacifica quickly grabbed Gideon's mouth to prevent him from letting out any more sounds of pain due to triping over his banjo.

"Gideon please we don't want any to find us here, epically Ms. Cheeto Puff," said Pacifica with a brave face.

"Sorry, I still think it's a bad idea coming here without Connie or one of the Gems," said Gideon looking around. "Are you sure we can trust him?"

"Well of course we can, if any one can tell us about what the short overlord Steven is planning, it's my Dippy," Pacifica said with determination.

Gideon chuckled at Pacifica's nickname for her quote on quote boyfriend.

"I wish you would not call me that."

Both of them jumped at the sound of the voice, epically as said voice covered Gideon's mouth preventing a scream.

"Dippy," said Pacifica in relief.

"What did I just say?" growled Dipper.

"Aww, you grow like a grumpy kitten," Pacifica smiled.

Dipper frowned but blushed at that statement.

Gideon let out a small laugh only for Dipper to tighten his hold over his mouth.

Dipper let go of Gideon and looked back in the hallway of the ship.

"Ok follow me."

Pacifica and Gideon followed their guide away from any danger, Pacifica feeling confident about their mission while Gideon is feeling a sense of danger.

Dipper stopped in his tracks and opened a door, motioning them to come in.

Pacifica and Gideon entered, the room they where in was all dark and the only light was out the door.

Gideon started to shake with nervousness while Pacifica looked at Dipper with a confused face.


Dipper looked at her with a face trying to look cold but showing sadness.

"Sorry, they saw you coming ahead of time."

Soon bright lights shine and both Pacifica and Gideon where grasped by an unknown force, their eyes adjusted to see their surroundings to see, the brute Jasper, the smirking Peridot, and solemn Lapis trying to avoid any gaze looked towards her.

But what caught them both was behind the Homeworld Gems is a throne and on it, giving a small wicked smile is Steven Diamond and leaning next to the left arm rest is Dipper's twin sister Mabel twirling her hair, mainly her pendent that was holding them at bay.

"Welcome to my ship," said Steven his fingers pressed together.

"Haven't any of you herd of calling ahead before you come over? So rude, right brother?"

"Right," said Dipper walking up to the throne, carefully avoiding the look of hurt from Pacifica.

"I knew it, it's a trap and we're all gonna die!" cried Gideon in mortal terror.

"My Diamond may I silence this pathetic human permanently," Jasper said crunching her fist with a smile.

"No I like to here the sounds of screams of weak minded fools," said Steven.

"Oh, that is so hot when you talk like that," swooned Mabel.

"Careful, Sister you'll drool with stain the floor," said Dipper rolling his eyes.

"Why don't you Peridot and Lapis go deal with those pesky Crystal Gems, we can handle things from here," said Steven getting up from his throne.

"That will be all." He clapped and the three gems bowed and walked out of the room but not before a small handful of Ruby guards came in just in case.

"Here I was thinking the Crystal gems might come in or that silly Maheswaran girl at least, but you two?" said Steven chuckling, "This is just so pathetic it's sad."

"Well we would not have to come here and stop you guys if none of you where bad guys," said Pacifica.

"Pacifica, please don't make it worse," whispered Gideon trying to keep his friend form getting them killed faster.

Then Pacifica was suddenly pulled forward stopping mere inches away form Mabel's snarking face.

"Oh is that so?" said Mabel taunting.

Pacifica gulped as her eyes glanced at Dipper who looked away almost as if her gaze might make him turn to stone.

"Eh ya, why don't you guys try to be…good guys?" Pacifica said, nether of them said anything.

"I mean I get why all of you are they way you are, I mean you don't have to follow the path of your parent/ great uncle, you can be your on persons, be friends to everyone and…"


Mabel's laugh cut off Pacifica's speech with Steven Diamond letting out a cruel chuckle and Dipper giving a slight snort at that.

Pacifica sprit started to fall down because of this of course it was forgotten immediately as Mabel used her powers to push her back roughly near Gideon.

"Well boys let give her something she and that little budderball can understand," spoke Mabel.

Steven and Dipper glanced at each other.

"I don't see why not," said Steven.

"Whatever," shrugged Dipper.

Steven clapped his hands and the room started turn off and on and repeat.

As this was going on Mabel started shaking her hips and Dipper snapping his fingers, while Steven tapped his foot.

Pacifica and Gideon watched in confusion over this.

Then the room shined bright again and then all three of them came walking down the stairs of the throne.

Mabel: I'm not the damsel in distress.

Both Mable and Dipper used their powers to suddenly appear before the two prisoners.

Dipper: I'm not the white knight or you handsome prince.

Steven then walked slowly towards them.

Steven: I'm not a little bird that needs some help to fly.

Mabel: Nope.

Soon the Twins stood side by side with Steven.

Steven, Dipper and Mabel: We're The Bad Guys.

Then Steven snapped his fingers and one of the Rubies pushed a button on the wall reveling cages filled with most of the weird and mystical creatures of Gravity Falls, such as Gnomes, Manotaur, and Unicorns.

Steven: All these wretched creatures that you see.

Mabel came up to a Gnome and pulled on his beard.

Mabel: Each of them, with shaking knees has knelt before me

So we're not your teammates or your partners in crime.

Mabel then yanked the Gnome's beard hard and as let go causing the poor creature to fall hard on the floor.

Dipper: What are we fools?

The Gravity Falls creatures: There the Bad Guys.

Steven smiled and walked up to a screen showing a planet and lots of Gem Drills in a simulation.

Steven: Oh, it's magic to watch a planet.

With a push of a button the Drill start to activate

Steven: Shrivel up and die.

Making the planet turn form full of life to a cold dead Gem Colony.

Both Pacifica and Gideon turn pale at the sight, then Gideon let out a shriek as Mabel grabbed him for a mock dance.

Mabel: Oh. It's Thrillin to be a Villain.

She then tossed him back to Pacifica hard as they knocked into each other. Both of them landing near Dipper's feet

Pacifica tried to reach for him only for him to lift his head up.

Dipper: We destroy their homes and then we watch them cry.

Pacifica and Gideon felt a shadow over behind them, they turned to see Steven with his whole body electrifying.

Steven: Cause We're The Bad Guys!

Meanwhile at an abandoned Gem Kindergarten deep underground, the Crystal Gems haven finished up a few of the Gem Experiments.

"Good work Connie," said Garnet finishing up one of them with her gauntlets.

Connie holding her blade up looking over her work while the feral corrupted Amethyst stayed as lookout.

"Oh no!"

Connie and Garnet look to large monitor where Pearl was trying find more information about Yellow Diamond's spawn's plans.

Garnet came up first then Connie, "Pearl what is…"

Connie stopped as her eyes widen in terror at the screen.

Garnet clenched her fists making carefully sure she would not crack her gems.

"You've gone to far this time Diamond," snarled Garnet.


All three of them turn to see Amethyst being pushed back and at the entrance stood Peridot using her hands as a blaster.

"Well look at what I found Malachite," Peridot snickered.

Then the whole room shook as the top was lifted up.

The group looked up to see the horrible fusion Malachite looking down on them baring her sharp teeth.

Connie and the Crystal Gems ready their weapons for the coming battle.

Back on the ship Pacifica and Gideon tried to avoid the lightning coming form Steven's hands

Steven: Oh, aint it fantastic? I see something. I blast it!

Steven smiled as he electrocuted some of the rubies causing them to poof.

Steven: And we will tell you why.

Pacifica and Gideon ducked as a lightning bolt headed their way.

They turned back as they saw Dipper and Mabel walked towards them as Dipper tossed Steven's lighting like a ball.

Dipper: We've always had a weakness for barrenness and bleakness.

Mabel then grabbed Gideon's banjo.

Mabel: We crush all your hopes and then we watch you cry.

Smiling wickedly she slammed the instrument hard breaking into pieces.

Gideon sniffed as a small tear fell down on his face, Pacifica tries to comfort him but both are grabbed once again by Mabel's powers making them face the terrible trio.

Steven: See we find this business rather fun.

Dipper: We don't want your assistants

Mabel: Or you adulation

Mabel grabbed Steven's left shoulder while Dipper grabbed the other one.

Steven: We'll vaporize all that you love and bid you bye-bye!

After that Steven and the twins glowed, causing them started to fuse before their prisoners very eyes. The fusion before them was more monster looking then human.

They had the lower body of a centaur, four arms two where arms should be and two attached to the back. The fusion's hair was ragged and wild and it had four eyes set up like a circle


Soon Gideon and Pacifica where both grabbed by the fusions back hands.


Gideon and Pacifica: Cause you're The Bad Guys?

"Better believe it."


The Mad fusion laughed as it echoed across the ship and out into the woods where behind a tree a small blue triangle with a single eye observed the ship shacking in fear for what is to come.

The End.

Author's Note, Well that was a bit longer then I expected it to be, but I think I did okay…I'll leave you guys to judge.