Chapter 1

As the Christmas ended and a new year has began, me and Alice were preparing our first year at Kennet School. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and brushing my short hair from a haircut. I looked in the mirror and still see myself as the gray rabbit I once was. I revealed my Bob-Stone necklace I was given. My fingers rubbed the sides of the stone. As I started to miss my friends from Watership Down, I started to think about them while rubbing the stone.

"Mason, are you coming down?" my mother shouted in question.

"Yes, I'm coming down." I shouted.

I finished rapping up on getting ready. I went back to my room and grabbed my school stuff, my hat, and my phone from my charger. I went down stairs and met with Alice by the front door. She looked at me as I had my necklace out and I was staring at it.

"Are you serious about sharing your stories at school?" Alice asked.

"I don't know. Not immediately." I answered.

"Stay away from me, I don't want you to tell your stories with my 'real' friends." she warned me.

I still knew that I had not made a single friend since I moved at Ecchinswell, except for the rabbits of Watership Down. I've been encouraged since I returned from Watership Down to make friends. During the winter break, I barely made any friends since I got back. I would be outside near the garden to watch for stray rabbits passing by to get some carrots. I remember a rabbit that came by a week ago in my backyard. Even though a carrot hasn't grown to it's size yet, but the rabbit appeared to be hungry. I had a bag of carrots, when I was outside watching the back. The rabbit sniffed and I saw he dared to hop towards me. However, I grabbed a carrot and slowly gave the rabbit a carrot. The rabbit took it and wander off. I never saw the rabbit dared to come close to me, except the first day that I met Hazel and Fiver.

My mother was walking towards us as she was already for work. "Kids, ready?"

"Yes." we both said, as all three of us were gone outside to the car. After we got in, Mom started the car and drove from the drive way.

The car was on the dirt roads, as we're heading off. Every time I leave the house and/or come back home, I always look at the tree of Watership Down. I know I was going to say 'goodbye' when I'm away, and 'I'm back' when coming home.

"Kids ready for the first day?" Mom asked.

"Yeah. Just hopefully I could be able to make some friends." I said.

"I'm sure you will." she encourages.

"Hopefully, not the same friends I'm making." Alice selfishly said.

I looked down than back at the window. "How long Dad will be gone?"

"Your father has be gone for two weeks in London, he's hoping to have your story approved, however he should be coming home today." she added.

"Can't you be another teenage boy in your age, like hang out with boys, or play online with other boys." Alice said.

I choose to ignore her as she is only being a tease, while I put on my headphones and listen to some country music.

About eighteen minutes after we left, we saw other students heading into the entrance. Apparently, we're all prepared because they're wearing uniforms and I was wearing mine, so too was Alice.

"I'll see you kids after school, okay?" mom said.

Alice acknowledges and left the car. I continued to look at the car and I was nervous. My mother knew I was much thrilled like Alice.

"Still nervous?" she asked.

"A little. I just don't everybody sees me as 'odd'." I worried.

My mother just placed her hand on my cheek. "Just be 'Mason'." she encourages.

I nodded. She kissed and I kissed back. I exited out the car, as I placed my headphones in my backpack. I started to head towards entrance, as I looked back at my mother. She waved with a hand blowing kiss. I repeated back and I opened the door to mark my first day back in school.

I made it inside and saw other students socialized. I could already see Alice getting acquainted with a few girls in school. I saw a group boys being boys, girls being girls, and myself... I feel like I'm the shadow as everyone goes on. I head for mine locker and managed to get it unlocked. I managed to grab the school supplies and textbook for my first class, which is history. I knew that the teaching will be different from what I learned from the states. However, I decided I should embrace the learning I could.

I went inside the classroom and they're mostly fifteen years old. I felt like I was back in states starting my supposed to be freshmen year. The row of desk chairs singled line of 5 rows. I managed to find a front row seat and I sat down. As the bell rang, everyone sat down, before the instructor came in and walked towards the front of the class. She looked young like she's in her 30's. After she set her materials onto her desk, she began to spoke to the class.

"Good morning class." the instructor greeted the class.

"Good morning Miss Mckenna." everyone said including myself towards the end because I didn't know her name.

"Welcome back for your second quarter and hopefully you had a wonderful winter break. As you may notice or be aware that we have a new student joining us. He's has moved here from the United States and I wanted to make him feel welcome. Why don't you introduce yourself?" she added.

I stood from my desk and introduce myself. "Uhh... hi. My name is Mason Smith. I moved here from California and I'm looking forward to learn about history, since it's my favorite school subject."

"Well, Mason, we're very happy to have you in our class and welcome." Ms. Mckenna smiled.

I took my seat and I turned at my left and right, and they stared at me. I felt that being a new kid at school isn't going to be easy as what my parents say.

"Now class, as we left off from our last lecture in our last week before the finals. We discussed about the rise of Hitler into power and the starting battles of the Second World War, now we'll discuss about Hitler's and Nazi Germany's biggest atrocity that any world power and leader has committed. How many people have perished during The Holocaust?"

The class started to raise their hands including mine.


I cleared my throat. "Six million Jews including millions of others adding up to the lowest estimate of 10.9 million people altogether."

"Very good. We'll know about the numbers, but what was the biggest reason of Hitler's crime to rid of the Jews?" Ms. Mckenna asked the class.

The class' hands were all down except mine. She was surprised that I'm the only student had their hand up.

She nodded.

"Hitler's intention of murdering Jews, is his own opinion that they're ultimately responsible of Germany's defeat of The Great War and their economic collapse from the Treaty of Versailles. He also believes that Jews were the lower species as the non-aryans unlike Germans are Aryans."

The class were silent and they continued to stare. Ms. Mckenna was thrilled of my answer. "That's correct. Hitler's rage, that he used for his political gain to eliminate his enemies including Jews, Communists, Poles, and other non-Nazi Fascism groups and minorities.

She than discussed throughout the class time about concentration camps and the six death camps that I could name the major camps. Soon afterwards, the class was over and she excused the class after giving us assignment to read the textbook. Before I was about to head out, the instructor called me over to speak with her. I went over to her desk, as she was preparing for next class.

"Mr. Smith. You seem to be very smart on some facts about The Holocaust." she complemented as I cleared my throat as I was startled that if I taught the class.

"How long since you know about The Holocaust?"

"I watched some films like Schindler's List, Escape From Sobibor, The Devil's Arithmetic, with documentaries, and I read some books about The Holocaust at home and/or at a public library, as well at my old school back in California." I explained.

"You're fascinated about history don't you?" she asked.

"Yes, I do."

"Which subject of history you like to study the most?" she asked.

"Mostly American History, however I'm more interested of topics of World War II and September 11th Attacks. I could always read about those topics everyday." I answered.

"I agree. You don't want to be late for your next class. If there's anything you need help, don't be afraid to ask." Ms. Mckenna smiled.

I nodded and head out of the classroom to my next class.

In my next class was English, our class were given the same book title as we're assigned to read. When my instructor handed us the books, I was enliven to see that I'm reading Watership Down (Funny it turned to be because I had my own book with me in class). After our class was over for lunch, I had interesting chat with my English instructor named Mr. Oliverson.

"You seemed to fall in love with the book after I handed out to you, son." Mr. Oliverson said.

"I'm, I had read the book and it's one of my favorite to read when I'm alone." I said.

"Why don't you tell me about the book's synopsis?" he asked.

"Yes sir, the book is about a small band of rabbits finding a new warren to live. Starting off with one of the main characters: Fiver had a vision of their warren's destruction of Sandleford. His older brother, Hazel had brought with his brother a small band of rabbits to journey to their new home at 'the high lonely hills'."

"I must say you seemed to know much about the book and it's characters than it meets the eye." he smiled.

I really wanted to say that I had my encounter with them, but I just wanted to keep it safe. "Do you believe that you could picture yourself or dream that you're in these stories?" I asked.

"Son, I have to say we'll have dreams and we go in deep into our own imagination to explore on the character's eyes or in third person." he added.

After we had our chat, we had to depart so we could enjoy our lunch.