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Veronica walked towards Surtr. "What the hell do you want, Thanos?" Surtr frowned. "That's...not my name-" "Kill Loki already." "I told you, THAT'S NOT MY NAME!"

Pouting, Veronica compared Surtr to Thanos. "Then why are you two gigantic burly looking men with darker skin color, and have some sort of crown on your head, and have a super broken weapon/skill? And have two daughters that you'll be willing to sacrifice?"

Surtr glared at her. "Okay, seriously not helping the situation now." Veronica pointed at Loki. "You would gladly kill her if she tricked you, correct?" Surtr nodded. "Yes...I mean, no! Damnit, stop tripping me up!"

However, Surtr was not here to play games. He was not there to negotiate either. "I want you to return with me to Muspell." Veronica frowned. "Why? When did you become so interested in lolis?"

Loki responded, "There's just the matter of a small rite we need to take care of. The king himself has invited you to join us. You ought to be grateful."

Veronica retorted, "Well, I'm not! Besides, can't you use other lolis for this?" Surtr roared, "Veronica! I'm not inviting you to Muspell! I am ORDERING you to Muspell! You better cooperate, or I'll break you and drag you over there."

Veronica glared at him, pulling out Elivagar. "You dare..." Xander drew Siegfried. "Surtr, let's settle things, right here, right now! I've fought someone just like you, and I didn't lose to him! I won't be losing this battle either!"

Surtr roared in laughter. "Ha! So the little paladin comes to challenge me again! You shall die before my might! May your charred corpse run with blood, all over the floor!"

Xander glared at him, as he helped Veronica get onto his horse. Veronica held her hand out at Surtr. "You know what we say. We ride together."

As the order of heroes arrived at the temple, Fjorm started to become Ms. Exposition. "This is the temple of the Rite of Frost, a ritual spoken of in the legends of my people... I've never seen it before. In fact, without the divine weapon that Kira carries... I don't think we'd ever have found it at all."

Kira croaked weakly, "My legs are killing me! This damned thing was dragging me all the way there! It didn't even care that my boots were coming off!" Alfonse looked at the inscriptions. "These...are ancient. Could...we have ever been allied together?"

Cutting down the enemies as if they were made of paper, the order of heroes reached the center of the temple. Fjorm looked at it, wide-eyed. "Yes...it is with that altar...the key to defeating Surtr..."

She pointed at a wall. "See it? These are the inscriptions of the dragon god of ice, Nifl. They're written in our ancient language..." Anna looked at the heroes approaching. "Okay, this is just BS. Fjorm, you said that not even the people of Nifl knew where this was, right?"

Fjorm nodded. "True..." Anna pointed at the heroes preparing to fight. "Then how the HELL do these heroes, by Veronica's contract, know where this temple is? This is bullshit! Hax, I call hax!"

Alfonse looked at them. "Wait, they were here all along?" The enemy heroes just stared at them. "Did you seriously not notice us?" Kira shook his head. "Nah, I was just desperately checking when the next legendary banner would come out so I could get a Katarina."

Hinoka, their apparent leader, drew her bow. "Sorry, Rinea. We don't have time for middle-aged women here. Hoshidians, prepare to fight!" Kaze drew his dagger. "This is a new dagger that will be limited. Just like Gerome."

Kana and Kana transformed. "I am Kana, your virtual child! And I love mama/papa!" Kira rolled his eyes. In his play through in Fates, he had never married. So, that way, he didn't connect much with Kana. Besides, he wasn't exactly the most supportive about the fact that he would have to send a ten year old off to war.

He sighed. "Sorry, but in a way, I am your mama slash papa, and I'm not exactly fond of you." the two Kana's started to cry, and grow angry, basically starting to throw temper tantrums. "KANA SAAAAADDDD!" The two of them ran towards the squad of heroes that was sent to fight them, consisting of Not Marth, Gay boy of Valentina, Deidere's airy daughter, and Cow Knight.

Kira immediately dragged not Marth towards Female Kana. "Do you know what this is?" Kana shook her head as she saw the dragonlslaying sword. "Er...no?" Not Marth yelled, "This is Falchion!" Silence spread across the room as Female Kana had no idea what Falchion was. "What?"

Masked Marth blinked. "Falchion...you don't know?" Kana shook her head. "No." Masked Marth sighed, worried about the future of kids and their history. "You'll find out now." She brought it down, immediately destroying the young manakete.

Male Kana screamed. "NO! How could you kill me?! I mean...female me...but HOW DARE YOU KILL ME!" Kira sighed. "Enough with this foolishness." he moved Julia towards the blue dragon, and a white dragon of light appeared, blasting him into the sky.

After the two of them were gone, Leon blasted both of the flyers down from the sky. "Get lost!" Camoo then charged towards Kaze, finishing off the dagger user with his lance.

Veronica cast a spell on Surtr, but the legendary tome dealt no damage. Xander was equipped with Embla's ward, hacking away at Surtr. He activated Ignis, and flipped his blade. "You're going home-in pieces!"

Dashing at him, Siegfried dealt no damage to the flame gorilla. Surtr then activated Ignis. "You dare oppose a king?!" Sinmara dealt no damage to Xander either, as it bounced off his armor harmlessly.

The two hacked at each other, dealing no damage. "Die already!" "Burn, burn!" Xander stabbed at the Flame Gorilla, leaving no dent. Then, the Flame gorilla targeted Veronica. "MY BLOOD BOILS!"

Veronica stared in fear as the axe came towards her. Xander dashed to her side. "Veronica, no!" The axe then left a huge gash at his armor, as Xander stared at it. He wasn't supposed to get hurt...a few streaks of blood were leaking out. This could only mean one thing: Embla's ward had worn off.

"NO!" Veronica screamed, as her guardian clutched his side. Using ardent sacrifice on him, she looked at him with pleading eyes. "Please, Xander! Don't prioritize me for my sake! I only have you! And Brother! I don't know where did brother go, I don't want to lose you either!"

Xander glared at Xander, and patted her head. "Little princess, I once made a promise that I would stay loyal to you till the end of time. I intend to fulfill that promise. If there is a way to gain that power..." he held out Siegfried, pointing it at Surtr. "There is a way to lose it as well!"

The two tall men glared at each other, and charged. While Xander was only slightly shorter than Surtr himself, Surtr's gigantic body and physique made Xander seem smaller than he was. Activating Ignis once more, Xander charged at Surtr. "Begone, wretch!"

His sword clanged against the Flame Gorilla's body, dealing no damage. Surtr then grabbed him by his collar, lifting him off his horse and into the air. "Why do you still fight? This is hopeless for you, anyway. Why do you not join me? You have decent power. Are you stupid, or too foolhardy? Or are you desiring a decent battle?"

Xander felt the rage in his eyes, as his Siegfried gleamed with power. "I choose to fight you...not because I want to. Not because I'm stupid." he broke free from his grasp, landing on his horse. "I choose to fight you...BECAUSE IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!" he charged towards Surtr, Siegfried brimming with dark energy.

Surtr simply kicked the horse, sending him hurtling off, and onto the ground. "Such heroic nonsense." swinging Sinmara, he aimed it towards his left arm. Xander closed his eyes as the axe came towards him, but stopped when he realized he was alive.

No...he wasn't just alive...he was also bleeding. He looked at his left arm...or rather, where his left arm should have been. As the realization dawned upon him, he clutched the bloody stump, struggling to get up, while using Siegfried as a cane for balance. Holding the heavy blade, he snarled at Surtr. "I...will not...surrender..."

Veronica screamed at him, "Xander! Get away from here, now!" Xander scoffed, trying to put up a brave face. "Tis just a scratch, Princess." "A scratch, Xander?! This is no time to be joking, your whole arm's off!"

Surtr grasped Xander's neck, aiming Sinmara at where his neck and head connected. "You've already lost your arm. Shall you lose your head as well?" Xander spit in his face, defiant to the end. "Then we'll call it a draw."

Before Surtr could execute the prince, Veronica yelled, "Wait! I'll go, alright!" Loki glanced at her. "Let's go. No more bullsh#t, alright?" Veronica stared at her, eyes angry. "..."

Surtr glared at the young girl, and summoned the flames. "You'll pay for the time that you've wasted on me. I need a sacrifice, and you happen to be my target."

Veronica groaned. "You don't even love me...I thought the sacrifice needed someone you love...Of course, unless if you're a pedo!" Loki whacked her on the head. "Alright, shut up. Let's go."

Fjorm approached the altar, after Hinoka and her forces were defeated. She laid her hands on the altar, starting to pray. "Nifl, God of ice, we're in a really bad situation now. I am your child Fjorm, and I will use my own body as the offering...which I will probably proceed to mask the side effects as a cold. And now, I bring you a divine weapon, one with the power to rule all worlds...but is still abused by an edgy and trigger-happy teenager. I beg you to hear this prayer. We seek the strength to kill Surtr...you do know that we might as well be fighting against a dragon god, we need another dragon god to put himself into the scene as well. so please, come to us, assist us in defeating Surtr..."

Nifl spoke in her mind, "You know, you really could have just prayed, and I would come to your answer, instead of going all the way to this altar." Fjorm nearly barfed out of surprise. "What?! Then what is this for?"

Nifl chittered sheepishly. "It's just for decoration, as this would boost the hopes of the people of Nifl...and much to my surprise, they even forgot where it is...hey, you know why I haven't tried to save you from Surtr? It's because none of you wanted to pray, thinking that it was all a complex ritual, and second, because most of you don't give any damns about me. You even forget where my place of worship is! You don't even bother to create a new one!"

Fjorm replied, "So...are you going to help us?"

Nifl sighed. "Yes, I suppose I will. For my children to not care about me, and leave me ignored for centuries...I suppose I'm a bit appreciative at this point." With that happy thought, he granted the power to Breidabilik.

Kira noticed the ice growing over Breidabilik, and immediately let go of it. "Gah, I don't want to get frostbite!" After the ice had formed over the summoning device, Kira picked it up. "So...my frozen gun will counteract Surtr, correct?"

Fjorm nodded, and then sneezed. "It will-achoo! counteract the-achoo! sacred seal he has. And then we'll fight him like any opponent..." Kira rolled his eyes. "Excuse me, when has any unit that we've fought had 47 defense and 38 resistance, along with having access to a weapon that will deal 20 damage to you at the start of his turn, and has an attack stat of 59, and has his speed stat invalidated by the bullsh*t armor skills? This still isn't a fair fight."

Fjorm ignored him. "I'll kill him, even if he has triangle advantage over me. My 46 attack will definitely damage his 47 defense." Alfonse frowned. "Fjorm...that's not how it works..." Sharena nodded. "Seriously, we should leave it to someone bulky and access to insane buffs like Eldigan, or Hector."

Anna yelled, "Alright, everyone, gather your courage! We're going to kick Surtr's ass!"

Somebody yelled, "By we, do you mean just 4 units, united, and hitting him till he dies?" "That does not exceed my expectations..." "Anna, I'm the prince of Askr, can I get off my bench now?" "Wait for your refinery, you boring blue-haired lord!" "Please, stop with the alliteration!" "Can we burn him with fire?" "Will iceberg or glacier be super effective against him?"

Kira was tempted to shoot himself. "At this point, I'm going to consider this more annoying than having zero orbs."