Hello :P It is the 28th and I am so excited to be back for a whole new story but even more excited because this chapter goes up on the day that Misty is announced and confirmed to be coming back to the Pokemon Anime for two episodes! This is so special to Shannon and I because we met discussing how she would come back and it's finally happening. So this here is a whole new story. And the premise is that Ash and Misty's fifth baby - Baby Rey - possesses her father's aura abilities and they're enhanced greatly because she was born and conceived at times that her grandparents (on Misty's side) and angels (because they're deceased but can come back on trips to earth) Jordan and Lynne were on earth. So she can read minds and make people write her thoughts down for her in a trance like state on pieces of paper that are special and mean a lot. I think she's most powerful as a baby because she's not yet changed by the world around her :3 So I hope you enjoy!


Ash: 30

Misty: 30

Baby Rey: 5 months pregnant

Disclaimer: I own Rey, Jordan and Lynne with AAML-TAML :3

Dear Mommy,

Hi…? You don't know me yet. Well, you do. You know the idea of me. And you already unconditionally love who you hope for me to be. I love you too. More than anything I've ever known. I fall asleep to your heartbeat every night and it already fills me with the greatest comfort and peace.

It's strange in here. It's dark and I can't see anything. But it's not scary. It feels like a serene bubble. And it's the greatest warmth I'll ever know until I get to be in your arms.

I think about you all the time. Do you think about me? I hope so. And I think you do. Sometimes I feel my insides fluttering and I think that maybe you're thinking about me. Talking about me even. I think about what you might look like. I wonder if you look like me but I don't even know what I look like. I can't see. But I can see you. I can't describe it.

When I think of you, I see a silhouette with a magical glow and a blurred face. There's always others surrounding you. Somebody else with a magical glow – but a different kind of glow. I know that's daddy. Other people have silhouettes and glows too but some are more prominent than others.

I hope we look the same. We already share so much. You are generous enough to let me take up space in here so I think it would make you happy if we had similar features. Perhaps we'd have the same hair? I wonder what yours is like. Is it dark? I can't imagine that. I think it's bright like the glow around you. I think your eyes shine too. Especially when you speak of me. Especially when you talk of your family.

I know I have a big family. I can't clearly hear the words when you and daddy are speaking to me but sometimes I get these images. And I assume they're connected to the words you're saying. I see more glows and silhouettes. Very similar to yours but smaller. There's around five of them. Four very clear to me but one rather distant. Like it's far away. Like it's not really here. I don't know why.

I expect to know you the most, mommy, because we are connected by you carrying me. But I know daddy too. I smile to myself and long to know what he looks like when I feel his hand touching your stomach. It fills me with love. But it fills me with sadness too. The first sadness I've ever felt. Because I know that I'll be the reason he runs away. I'll also be the reason he comes back. But firstly, I'll be the reason he goes.

I wish I could tell you, mommy. I wish I could prepare you for the pain you're going to face. But I'll be here every step of the way, even if you stop being unable to look at me because I remind you so much of daddy. You've already shown me unconditional love. Of course I'll show you the same.

I wish I could prepare you and the other silhouettes for the long and upcoming battle. I wish I could tell you how best to deal with it. But I can't. Even though I'm the centre of it, it's up to you all to work it out yourselves. The months in the hospital will be long. All the minutes in the day will be dark. But there will be light in the end. And there will be light during too.

There's two very special silhouettes I can see. Almost as clearly as I see you, mommy. And that's because they gave me these powers. Nanny Lynne and Granddad Jordan being deceased but on earth at the time of me being made is the reason I can write to you. Hopefully you'll find this letter in your childhood diary one day. They gave me these powers. I can see them. They're both so light. And their glow is somewhat feathery. I can see them. And I can feel the love they have for you and the strength they will give to you in the upcoming battle. Jordan will know how you feel. He will cradle you when you feel all is lost. I wish I could feel that. My daddy holding me. But I won't feel that properly for quite some time yet. But I will wait for him. I'll wait for him to be ready. He'll wait for me for nine months so I think I can wait just a few extra for him.

Almost as clearly as I see my mommy, daddy, Grandad, Grandmother and siblings, there's yet another magical presence. I can tell he's there all the time. I can tell when a different hand is atop your bump containing me. I know him. I know he will take care of me when you cannot. I'm sad knowing you won't be looking after me but I'm sadder of the pain I will cause him when he has to give me back again. I wish I wasn't causing such pain. I was made to spread light. I was made to spread laughter. I was made to spread joy. But the first few months of my life, I will be the cause of such confusion.

This is my purpose, though. This is my purpose sent to me by the universe. And I understand that great lessons will come out of the sadness. Great strength too and many more amazing and beautiful relationships. If you want to see the sunny days then you must experience the darkness. I'm sorry for the darkness. But I promise you there will be better days to come.

Mommy, I will be your little sunny girl. Uncle, I will be your little sunshine. Daddy, I will be your downfall. But I will be your saviour too. And I am counting down until the days I can be held in all of your arms for good.

Lots of love always,

Baby Ketchum.

There you go! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed :3 I know the premise is a little weird and might sound confusing but I hope it's more clear after reading this chapter/the ones to come. Rey just wants to write down her thoughts and help people. She's certainly a wise and sunny soul as a baby and she'll work on being able to have these powers as she grows up. Although she controls people, it is not malicious at all. She's too sunny and almost angelic like her grandparents. I also signed her off as Baby Ketchum because they have not named her yet. She'll sign of as Rey perhaps in other chapters :P Of course the darkness she is suspecting and knowing will happen is Ash's aura going dark and coming back again after the birth of her. He's triggered worrying he can't be a good dad for her and runs off for quite a long time, leaving Misty's broken and slipping into comas because her love is gone. It was fun to go back to that time slot after quite some time :3 Thanks again and I'll be back some Wednesday with Pikachu Tales. See you then!

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