"And Evelin didn't mention what her scenario is about?" Nick raised his eyebrows suspiciously when they entered Fitwik's Arcade. Judy's little sister, who had moved with her husband and four kits to a suburb from Zootopia a few months ago, had called them on this Saturday morning. She had started a part-time job for Fitwik to design new scenarios for the P.I.X.A.R. machine and as Nick and Judy were regular visitors anyway, Evelin asked them to try out her very first scenario that she had worked on for several weeks. It wasn't officially available, but only with a personal invitation for picked out testers.

"She just said, that it would fit us perfectly." Judy shrugged with a grin. It was no secret that her only one-year younger sister was a teaser and quite cheeky. Even when she did not say anything, no police officer was needed to guess that their scenario today would be rather more frisky and romantic than action packed.

Nick sighed but still smiled. "Well, seems as if we're lucky and can start right away." He nodded to the empty P.I.X.A.R. machine and sat down on one of the both lounge chairs with all the buttons on the armrest. "Do you have that invitation code to load her scenario?"

"Are you kidding?" Judy looked at him with that challenging grin. "Take that helmet so we can finally start." She winked while putting on her own helmet, entering their testing voucher code into the machine and finally flicked down the visor after some small adjustments.

The flickering light was putting them quickly to sleep, and the distant sound of voices becoming more clear… The shapes of a big building emerging – at first somewhat blurry, but finally ...


So, this is actually a new story that was first published as part of the "What if..."-Project by Cimar/WildeHopps, but there will be a few additional chapters here with ideas that didn't made it into the original project. The abrevition "P.I.X.A.R." stands for "Prototype Inhibitor for Experiencing Alternate Reality", a machine withing "Fitwik's Arcade" allows up to two mammals to experience a selected alternative reality in a dream-like sequence. That means, that the time within that alternate reality is passing a lot faster compared to the real time, making it possible to go through the time span of several days in just hours. After leaving the machine the amount of details remembered by the users is quite different, but mostly only small snippets and vague emotions / impressions. It's possible to buy the whole adventure on some kind of USB-Stick, though, and repeat it like a virtual movie later again.

While in the P.I.X.A.R. machine the users have no memory on their real live, but their characters are still the same and acting like they would do in a similar situation in real life, too. That means, that their attraction will be mirrored inside the story as well as their decisions will influence the progress of the story.

Evelin is Judy's one-year younger sister and her best friend, they had a double-wedding within my other story "Chronicles of Zootopia" - which will be canon for this story. This also means, that Nick and Judy are married and have two kits for the real-world part of this story (currently only the Prolog).

If you like this AU, you should definitely have a look at the "What if..."-Project by Cimar/WildeHopps, which contains a lot of these little AU's inside the P.I.X.A.R. machine: Nick and Judy as Hitmammals for Mr. Big, as News-Moderator and Weather-Mammal for ZNN, in a prehistoric setting, as astronauts, ...

There is also a great cover picture made by Koraru-San on Deviant Art with the title "Teach me" - or you will find new status updates to the story on my own DeviantArt account, my nickname there is "Anheledir".

I'm really eager to hear your feedback about this story, as it is also my first AU-story with Nick and Judy in non-ZPD roles. Have fun!