Mika: So…umm…hello!

Medusa: Wonderful introduction.

Mika: Ok, so there's a lot of explaining for me to do. Several years ago, a friend and I tried to
write some KI stories, but we were only in seventh grade at the time so…they kind of sucked. So
now, I want to try this again.

Pit: …Who are you again?

Mika: (sighs) My friend and I wrote a couple stories, but they never went anywhere and we
disappeared for quite a while. However, I learned that this year marks the 30-year Anniversary
for Kid Icarus and the 5-year Anniversary for its sequel, Kid Icarus: Uprising. To celebrate them
both, I am determined to write a story that takes place 5 years after the reboot.

Viridi: Oh great, this nuisance is back.

Mika: You guys are not helping! Anyways, as a warning, this story will have some bloody
scenes, but there aren't many. Still, I will give you people a warning before certain chapters.
Also, I'm not planning for this story to be very long. It will serve as both a sequel to Uprising
and a prequel to another story that is being heavily revitalized. Finally, there will be an OC in
this fic. With all of that out of the way, Pit, could you say the disclaimer?

Pit: Umm, ok! Mika does not own any of us, except for her OC.

Mika: Now let's begin! This is Kid Icarus: Adversary!

Chapter 1: Servant of Darkness

Time was a variable that greatly differed in the world. To humans, five years would feel
like a long passage of time. To an angel, however, five years simply felt like five months. In the
short span of five years, Pit had grown more conflicted over the events that took place in his
lifetime. Skyworld was a safe place that had been invaded twice by the Underworld Army. Pit
recalled the first time the invasion happened. The Underworld monsters were tough, and their
numbers seemed endless. Yet, when the second invasion occurred, the monsters seemed more
desperate and their numbers were far less. Pit thought of the Underworld's leader, Medusa. He
remembered the stories of how she turned people to stone and poisoned rivers for no reason other
than spite for humanity. When he met Medusa a second time, she seemed…different.

The Goddess of Darkness was no longer as powerful as she used to be. She stayed fairly
quiet during the war, only deploying troops if her enemies got in her way. Pit thought back to the
argument between the Goddess of Darkness, and her sister, Palutena. "I find it very ironic that
you would call yourself the Goddess of Light. After all, it was you who turned me into a monster.
It was YOU who hunted me down!" Palutena spoke firmly in response, "You shouldn't blame me for that. I only reflected your appearance from what I saw in your heart." Medusa seemed to growl for a moment, "What about YOUR heart? I can only imagine what resides there…"

Pit shook his head. He knew Medusa was far from innocent in her actions towards the
humans. Yet, he wondered what she saw in Lady Palutena's heart. Pit's thoughts were
interrupted when he sensed something. The air felt colder. The sun began to fade. Then, the sky
itself turned crimson red. The Angel's heart began to race and his palms became sweaty. He
knew what was coming. "Pit!" Lady Palutena called for him in alarm, "The Underworld Army is
invading once again!" Pit felt a surge of energy course through his body and his wings lit up with
a bright aura. He quickly took off, the Power of Flight guiding him through the skies.

Within seconds, Pit found himself in the center of a swarm of enemies. He slashed at
several Monoeyes and Miks while dodging a rapid stream of enemy fire. "Lady Palutena, if the
Underworld Army is invading, does that mean…?" His Goddess answered his question before he
could finish, "Yes, Medusa has been resurrected once again, and you must put an end to her
before she starts another war on humanity." Pit nodded and dove through the Underworld
minions, attacking as many as he could. The air was as cold as ice and a large apparition stopped
the angel in his tracks. The illusion was of a woman, wearing a long purple dress, sickly pale
skin and snakes tangled in her black hair. "Medusa!" Pit shouted. The Goddess of Darkness
grinned, showing her sharp teeth. "Hello again, Pit. You as well, Palutena." She growled her
sister's name in disgust. "Here to stop me once again?" Pit listened to Lady Palutena's angered
reply. "You have caused enough harm to the humans and Skyworld, we will not allow you to
start another war." Medusa's sinister smile grew, "Oh? You think this is all about war? You
never learn, dear sister."

Pit took down several more Underlings, though they seemed to ignore him for the most
part. "I have returned to put an end to humanity, and this time, I will not let anyone stand in my
way!" Medusa's gaze then focused on the lone angel. "Oh Pit, I have someone I'd like you to
meet." She raised her staff and summoned a strange looking creature. It appeared to be a woman,
though she had several elements that certainly were not human nor Angel. Her brown hair was a
tangled mess, she wore two cloths the same color as Medusa's dress, her legs from the knee
down resembled those of a bird and in place of arms were a pair of brown wings. She had the
Power of Flight activated, as if she could not fly on her own. The woman looked at Pit with dark
brown eyes and, to his surprise, she spoke. "I am Aeria, servant to the Goddess of Darkness, and
I shall be your demise!"

Pit quickly found himself in a heated air battle against Aeria. Despite her strange
anatomy, she was quite skilled in combat, evading Arrows of Light and striking with ease. Pit
heard his Goddess speak in bewilderment. "A Harpy?! I thought they were extinct!" Pit narrowly
dodged a head on attack. "What's a Harpy?" Lady Palutena explained, "A Harpy is a vile
creature that tears their victims apart before devouring their souls! Medusa, how were you even
able to train one?" The Goddess of Darkness seemed infuriated by her sister's judgement, "You
speak of them as if they are mindless beasts. Harpies are far from extinct and Aeria has proven
herself as a worthy Commander!" Pit was surprised that Medusa would defend the creature.
Aeria growled and attacked relentlessly, "I will not be insulted by you, Goddess of Light! I shall be victorious for Mistress Medusa!" She grabbed Pit's wings with her sharp talons, unaffected by its light energy, and dove straight down.

Pit yelped as he was thrown into the ground below, Aeria landing a few feet away from
him. "Pit! Are you ok?" His Goddess asked worriedly. "Yeah…I'm fine." The Angel stood up
and grabbed his bow. They watched in astonishment as Aeria's wings suddenly changed into
arms. She grabbed two blades attached to her skirt and lunged at the angel. Pit dodged just before
she could land the attack. Aeria was just as effective on the ground as she was in the air. "I won't
let you stand in the way of Mistress Medusa!" Aeria hissed. Pit knocked the Harpy back with a
kick to the stomach. "Medusa is trying to destroy all of humanity and seize control of
Skyworld!" Pit shouted. Aeria shook her head and lunged at him again. "Mistress Medusa does
not want control! It is you who has been misled. The humans are causing our destruction!" She
tackled the angel and sent him flying several feet.

Pit struggled to stand. "Pit! I have to pull you back! You won't be able to take another
hit." Lady Palutena said in alarm. Pit opened his mouth in protest, but he already felt himself
being pulled back. For a moment, he could have sworn he heard Medusa praise her servant.

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