Undertail fanfiction: The Becomaning

Twit waz ad radicool days in the grund uder, ton the skelton whent to the house nad jumped on his bad.

"Off, watat night and the lavb. Just got down me atts and xray Ds. Tome ti do jumpripe. But not 4 RRREals… just int da TB. Hit ba, wyat aout ya daing with yourself in you." Mands sad tute hits bother.

"Ya dude nowt, I'm am tooolking tad my … partments." Papmas rebosted

"Twhis is seret, you orphan. Partments orf meo is nit yo, sorry" Mands sad tute hits bother.

"Oh, BUT WHOM IS REEEL famfam!? Dem." Papmas watconfud. It was only his birth he

was concerned, it shodend be problem, nO? Papmas did scess relieve by running to shore. Up to cahser.

"Do you buy?" Papmas sad ont dismaiss in head.

"YEH" tye shopcop wet to be avalible rom fidget spinners.

"How about Fam Emily Info amation" Papmas skip to cas and paint dim makuy

"No, you fam! Yo dead anyhey whod care more. The chas man of shoe repondid

"ok dem" Papmus bitter widlyly

Dem Pap wet do libatory, ask for bok on par, and only left vicotryless. "darn" wast his wrd

rhen his bod wey home to horse in homplace. "MAndss, where is me birth home when I am die all ready!?"

"In ye hatr" Mands spek only note li

"Skels have not organ" Papmus sayzzz

"Ok, dem and soul" Mands spek in wholey and relgion way.

"Oaky, then I don't ned to search" Papmus conclude