he was just a regular human named Jerald Hansford the 3rd, he was a normal kid with abnormal and cool powers like super strength and flight. he was the coolest kid in school and could also breath in space and make lots of friends.

however, the next turn of events would change his life forever.

Jerald was going to his regular absolutely ordinary high school that was unrelated to anime in any ways. he knew everyone there and was friends with them all and everyone liked him. what he was after was a cool and cute girl named Jennifer who he had a crush on for 5 years.

he went up to her and said "hi, I like you, want to go on a date?"

"what? yes, I have always secretly had a crush on you for like 5 years, so I would be glad to date you Jerald." said Jennifer

So Jerald flew Jennifer to go grab a soda and go on a date with her because they both liked each other for a long time.

They were hitting it off pretty good, and Jennifer proposed the idea of another date. Jerald was so happy and gladly accept it.

The next day, it was the last day of school. Jerald flew to school like always to read his report card.

His teacher handed it to him with a smile. Upon checking it, Jerald was very happy, all perfect 100% marks!

His friends went up to congratulate him for his achievement, and both of his loving parents came as well to announce that he had been accepted into a super exclusive, and high prestigious college. Jennifer also came up to him and gave him a big kiss on the lips.

Jerald was so happy that everyone in the world loved him for his heroic deed and brilliant genius.

Soon however, a detractor came into the scene. It was mean Mr. Hickory, a person who nobody liked.

"Mr. Hansford, you think you are so smart but you are actually dumb! Take that!" said Mr. Hickory with an evil laugh

"Oh yeah. Say that to your unzipped pants next time!" Jerald said, humiliating his greatest enemy, who had his pants around his thighs at this point. Everyone laughed and Mr. Hickory was shamed for eternity.

When Jerald was walking out of school, beaming with happiness, when he noticed a strange figure in the corner.

It was Eamon, the most unpopular kid in class. Not even Jerald knew him that well, because he was always in the corner.

Today this was going to change, Jerald walked up to Eamon and greeted him in a friendly way.

"Hello Eamon, how are you, my name is Jerald." said Jerald, making a good first impression.

But Eamon was more crafty then that, for it turns out her is an evil magician, and under his robes hid a magical wand.

So, using his wand, he turned Jerald into a Pokémon!

Now, that he was a Pokémon, Jerald was miserable.