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This is what happens when an extra two hours is added to my daily commute. An idle mind breeds plot bunnies. This fic will be different from what I've written before. In college one of my writing teachers called this exercise a kaleidoscope story, the idea is that you pick a genre, and draw from works in it to piece together a work of your own. A character from here and a plot point from there, but it keeps the reader guessing, because they don't know what might be borrowed next. There will be clich├ęs, but there will also be new ways of seeing the familiar, that is what makes it fun. This is a kaleidoscope of fairy tales. I will be proofing this myself, but no official beta for this. It's just a little fun I'm having while waiting for connections. I hope you come along, this promises to be interesting.

For those of you who read my other fics, this will not keep me from updating those. I'm currently working on finishing Want/Need, I've sent some chapters to mizzdee and I am continuing to do so, that is my weekend work, and this is something quick I can work on while on the bus. No set posting schedule. Whatever gets finished during my work week will be posted over my weekend. Want/Need will be updated once I have it complete, which I hope will be soon, so you get uninterrupted posts once it reappears. Thank you for your patience in what has been a difficult year so far. I've gotten my writing groove back and I'm looking to hit complete a few times before 2017 ends.


Once upon a time, in a far away land, two old kings planned a union. Princess Renee of Lakewood would marry Prince Charles of Swan, and from their marriage the new kingdom of Swan Lake would be formed.

The hope was that a dynasty would begin with the couple, one to bring strength to their new land.

But that was never meant to be, as Renee gave birth to a single living daughter, Isabella. Within months of her birth, King Charles died suddenly, leaving the queen without a husband with whom to grow their family.

For two years, Renee put off her advisors wish for her to remarry, until the day they brought a young prince before her. Prince Phillip was a second son, his brother already on the throne with an heir to succeed him, so Swan Lake was his chance at a kingdom of his own.

Though he was young and handsome, there was something about the prince that Renee didn't trust. But with no alternative, Renee was forced to marry again.

Through two more years, Renee suffered loss after loss, until she noticed a change in her young husband. He didn't pay her any attention outside her chambers, but when she saw the way his eyes followed young Isabella, her heart grew cold.

Terrified for her child, she called on Alice, Isabella's fairy-godmother, to help her protect the girl.

Knowing that she couldn't be the one to take the child away because the king would try to get the information from her, Renee kissed her daughter goodnight, never to see her again.

Alice stole the child away, placing her in a tower in the wood, knowing few would dare venture that deep into the dense forest. With a powerful magic cloaking the tower, and Jasper, the young elf standing guard, Alice stayed with her charge, keeping her safe and trying to lift her spirits.

For years, King Phillip searched, and for years, nothing was found of the princess. He grew angry, and that anger was directed at Queen Renee. Renee swore that he would never find the child, and that when her daughter returned, he would lose his power and his life.

Realizing that his best chance at remaining king would be if Isabella stayed hidden, he ended his search for the child and began his next plot.