Seeker log:
Second time period: Fighting the war to survive. Log entry 4550137.

A Seeker trine plummeted towards a group of Autobot scouts. Those scouts were even younger than any of the Seekers. Even the femme Seeker with silver-gray paintjob was older than any of the scouts, it seemed. And those scouts ran away from the deadly lasers the Seeker trine shot.
"Hey, wait a sec!" shouted the blue Seeker. "None of those youngsters have insignias of either side!"
"I noticed the same thing," said the leading red Seeker. "Let's go down and have a better look at them."
"Roger that. Even though I think Commander Dreader won't be happy about this," the silver-gray Seeker said. They went down and transformers right in front of the youngsters.
"P-please don't hurt us!" said one of the youngsters.
"We… we are factionless," the other one said.
"That doesn't help a bit!" a femme whispered to him. "No… wait, we're on your side! Just please don't hurt us!"
"So you're neutrals, huh? Why are you here?" the red Seeker asked.
"We got lost. We were moving away from destroyed Vertex, but then our group was assaulted and we got separated from our families," the femme answered.

The trine felt strong pain in their sparks; it was their remorse, a very familiar remorse. They had been part of the Decepticon group which destroyed Vertex. They had felt remorse for destroying that city. Now they saw more of the results of their actions. They felt sorry for the youngsters.

The Seeker trine looked at each other. This group had been seen as Autobots, and an order was that any neutrals must be killed as well. "Anyone who isn't with us, is against us." That is what had been said to every single Decepticon.

Yet this trine could not just go and kill these young ones in cold blood. They just could not do that.
"We… we are sorry for that," said the red Seeker.
"You are? But you're part of the same bunch who destroyed the whole place!" a very young mech said.
"Yeah, we saw YOU! We saw YOU there! YOU were the ones who destroyed my family's home! And you killed my father when he tried to protect me and my mother!" the mech who had been the first one to talk, said.

The Seekers winced. Hearing that hurt them. It hurt them so badly. They did not want to hurt anyone.
"We… we are honestly sorry. We… didn't have any other choice," the blue Seeker said. The silver-gray femme nodded.
"I saw an Autobot outpost out there," she said and pointed to the direction they were facing. "Go there and the Autobots will help you."
"Why do you…?" the neutral femme asked.
"We are Decepticons, yes, but we aren't cold-blooded. We just aren't. Now go, before any of us gets caught," the red Seeker said.

The youngsters were not needed to be told twice. They left as soon as the red Seeker had told them to go.
"Starscream sir, what do we say to Commander Dreader?" the silver-gray Seeker asked the red one.
"First of all, Silverwind, don't call me sir," said Starscream. "And we'll tell to Commander Dreader that…"
"That we got rid of them. Right?" asked the blue Seeker.
"Yes, Thundercracker, we got rid of them," Starscream said.
"Yup. Got rid of them. Perhaps we enforced the Autobot lines," Silverwind noted.
"Maybe. But I think they're too young to be trained, anyway," Starscream said, fading away the bitterness from his voice. He, just like Thundercracker and Silverwind and many other Decepticons, are war-born. They went through training way before it would have been even acceptable, if not proper, to get the training.
"Starscream sir… I… Should we go with them and defect?" Silverwind asked, unsure.
"We'd get caught. We'd get killed. And it's the same with the youngsters," Starscream said. "No, let's not risk it. Maybe one solar cycle, we'll leave this faction. But not today. On another solar cycle, when it's safer. When we won't get killed because of that so easily."

Thundercracker did not say anything. But he knew what Silverwind was talking about; he wanted to go too, he wanted to leave.

All three of them wanted to leave the Decepticon cause, so that they would not face a situation like this again. They had conscience stronger that it should have been, for a Decepticon, that is.
"I want this to end already," Thundercracker muttered. "I'm sick of this!"

Starscream put his hand on his shoulder.
"Try to hang on a little bit more, TC. We'll leave this cause soon, I promise you," the red Seeker told.
"You do?" the two other Seekers gasped.
"Yes. I promise. I promise that we leave soon," Starscream said, giving them his now rare smile. "Now let's head back and report."
"Right!" was the answer from his two comrades who had sworn to follow him, no matter what.

They transformed and flew away, full of hope. And Starscream knew that he would keep his word. He had shared the remorse with the two Seekers; they all were too sick of it. Soon they would either die, defect or lose their minds.

And now the moment, when the fate of Decepticon trine called 'The Three Seekers' would be determined, is now near.

Soon their fate will have its seal for good.

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