Chapter One The Themyscira.

A young girl in a tan dress, hurried down the stone pavement, giggling and smiling brightly. Her black hair flowed as the wind from her speed blew through it. At side her came a bluish gray kitten, with green yellow eyes. He too was happy as he ran upright on two legs with the girl. The girl came and looked out over the stone siding, spotting her aunt Antiope training the Amazonian warriors.

Antiope was the General and sister to Queen Hippolyta, the girls mother. The General was a strong and powerful looking woman. Not only did she seem strong, wearing her armor of gold, with a brown leather belt and straps, but her aura gave off a don't mess with me kinda attitude.

As the pair stood, a woman in a blue tunic stood, looking around. Spotting the pair she called.

"Diana! Tom!"

The pair turned with surprise, seeing the babysitter caught up with them.

"Hurry Tom."

"Right behind you!" signed Tom, gesturing quickly with his paws.

With determination, they ran passed other women in the street. The women seeing the girl said hello, followed by the babysitter. The pair made their way through the stone street, heading to a grassy field.

"Diana! Come back here!"

Tom grinned and continued to run along side Diana, to where the obstacles courses were set up. At the coarse, a woman leaped up and flipped in the air a couple of times, throwing her sword to it's mark. Another rode horse back and hung backwards, shooting an arrow. Watching over them was Antiope, who admired the strong warrior women. Some fought in hand to hand combat, showing off their strength and high pain endurance. A black warrior was struck across the cheek and only to turn to punch the other off the stand. The women were different types of race, not just one single color.

From atop the hill stood Diana, who punched at the air, imagining herself as one of the warriors. Tom's own eyes lit up, watching them fight with spears, swords, and other weapons. He couldn't help but get pumped up scene, finding himself pretending to fight as well. It was a comical and cute sight, seeing Diana and Tom play fight like the adults down below did.

On the grass field stood Antiope, glancing over her shoulder to spot the young girl and the cat. A smile crossed her face as she saw how into it they both were, knowing they had a great fighting spirit.

"Diana!" came the voice of the babysitter, who caught up with the two.

Diana gasped and took off, with Tom not too far behind. Both laughed and ran with all their might, hoping to lose the babysitter once more. Diana went to the stone wall and climbed up, thinking she could jump to the farther one. With Tom clutched to her side she went for it and felt herself flying through the air. Unfortunately, she didn't make it and fell farther down, until, suddenly. A hand grabbed her right arm, keeping her and Tom from going any farther. Looking up, they saw the Queen of the Amazons herself, Hippolyta. Hippolyra gave her a stern look that made the two smile sheepishly, hoping they wouldn't get into too much trouble.

"Hello mother. Lovely day isn't it?"

Diana, with Tom hanging onto her side, dangled in her mother's hold. He stared below, seeing they were only a few feet from the pavement. He gulped and hoped she'd pick them up soon, not liking the feeling of hanging in the air. Once Hippolyta pulled them up, she took them on horse back with her. Diana sat in front of her mother, smiling with a bright round face. Tom yawned and nuzzled into Diana's lap, feeling her hand stroke him gently.

"Mother, I'm old enough to start training. Why wont you let me?"

"I second that," added Tom.

"Because you are the only child here and I want you to live a normal life. You are young and have so much to learn, Diana. You too Tom, you're eager to bite off more then you can chew."

Hippolyta hugged them close, gaining a giggle from her and a purr from Tom. From the time he was young, Tom grew up along side the women, so he held great respect for them. He may have been a male, but he knew the Amazonian were a amazing and wonderful people. They were kind to one another and to the animals that lived there with them. The island was truly a paradise and flawless to say the lest. (Probably because men weren't there to screw it up. Tom often thought)

They rode off and soon day became night as everyone went home to sleep. That evening, Hippolyta made her way over. to the bed She took the sheets, pulling the blankets back for the pair to get in. Diana came in with Tom by her side, wearing her nightgown. She walked over and crawled into bed, adjusting her body under the blankets. Hippolyta saw Tom pawing at the blanket that hung down, seeing he was too small to leap up. She leaned over and gently picked him up, setting him by Diana. Diana smiled as Tom rubbed against her, purring with happiness. Hippolyta continued to tuck the, in, but Diana couldn't help but push to be trained.

"So, tomorrow maybe?"

"It's time to sleep."

"Mother I promise I'll be careful. What if I didn't use a sword?"

Diana looked up to her mother with large brown eyes. Tom heard this and sat up, hoping to help persuade the Queen as well.

"If you trained me as well, I could help protect Diana."

"Yeah right Tom, I'd be the one protecting you."

"Regardless, we should be trained," signed Tom, as he was mute. "Please say yes. I too would love to learn how to do all those cool flips and fight like a woman."

"Diana, Tom, fighting does not make you a hero."

"Just a shield then? No sharp edges."

"I'd prefer to fight with my paw."

Diana snuggling into her bed. Tom burrowed down and glanced from Diana to the Queen.

"Diana, you and Tom are the most precious things in the world to me. So much so, I sculpted you both from clay, and begged Zeus to give you life. I wanted you to have a normal childhood. Man kind do not deserve you, Diana. Either of you."

"You told me this story already."

"Oh, no. It's the Zeus sculpted us from clay story," signed Tom with a yawn.

Diana lean back in to her pillow, sighing aloud. Tom too seemed uninterested, turning over in the bed. The Queen nodded and stood, going over to a wooden table. She picked up a book and returned, sitting along the bedside. She held the book out, so Diana could see its pictures. Curious, Tom peered over, propping himself on Diana's shoulder.

"Which is why I will tell you a new one. A story of our people and my days of battle. To show you war is nothing to hope for."

Hippolyta opened the book to reveal a beautiful painting, so detailed and bright colored. Diana and Tom sat up and studied the picture, amazed by the great detail. The ancient Rome like paintings seemed to move as the older woman spoke.

"Long ago, when time was new, and all of history was still a dream. The gods ruled the earth. Zeus, king among them. Zeus created beings over which the gods would rule. Being born in his image, fair, good, strong, and passionate. He called his creations man, and mankind was good.

But Zeus's son grew envious of man and seized to corrupt his fathers creation. This was Ares, the god of war. Ares poisoned mankind's hearts and filled them with jealousy and suspicion. He turned them against one another, and war ravaged the earth. So, the god created us, the Amazons, to influence men's hearts with love and restore peace to the earth. And for a brief time there was peace. But it did not last.

Then I, the Amazon Queen lead a revolt, freed us all from enslavement. When Zeus lead the gods to our defense, Ares killed them one by one, until only Zeus himself remained. Zeus, used the last of his power to stop Ares, striking such a blow, the god of war was forced to retreat. But Zeus knew one day, Ares might return to finish his mission. An endless war, where mankind would finally destroy themselves and us with them.

Zeus left us a weapon, powerful enough to kill a god. With his dying breath, Zeus created this island, to hide us from the outside world, where Ares could not find us. And all has been quiet eve since. We give thanks to the gods for giving us this paradise."

The Queen stopped and took a breath, glancing down Diana and Tom.

"Dang, that was quite the history lesson. Surprising I didn't fall asleep."

"Oh, Tom," said Hippolyta with a laugh.

"Where is the god killer?"

"Oh, yeah, I took would like to see it." Tom clapped his paws, eager to know as well.

"Now you must sleep. I'll take you to it tomorrow." said

Hippolyta kissed Diana and Tom on the head, watching them lay back down. She sat up and went to blow the candles out, seeing her the pair snuggle close. She watched as Diana held Tom close like a stuffed animal and smiled before drifting off to sleep. She blew the candle out, the room becoming dark.

Author's Note: Hope you enjoyed the first chapter are-write of the Wonder Woman/Tom and Jerry fanfiction.