"We use to want to end the war, to bring peace to mankind. But then we glimpsed the darkness in their light. We learned that inside everyone of them, there will always be both. The choice each one must make for themselves. Something no hero will ever defeat."

It was a beautiful day as Diana and Tom walked down the street. They wore modern clothes and passed several shops. They came to the place of business they worked at and made their way to he entrance. Walking, Tom saw a vehicle parked with the word WAYNE ENTERPRISE written in white on the side of it. Two men worked to open the door and pulled a briefcase out, taking to the building. With an arched brow he shook it off and kept on walking.

In her office Diana worked at her desk. Around her were shelves with ancient swords and shields. Tom was by her side when a man came in, passing her a suitcase. She thanked him and took it, getting ready to open it.

"What is it?"

"Tom, always so curious. You know what happened to the curious cat?"

"Yeah, but he wasn't a god like me."

"I knew the title would go to your head."

She turned from tome to the suitcase. She slowly lifted the lid and what she saw took her breath away, causing her hands to tremble. Tom glanced from her face to the item inside. What he saw made his heart skip a beat. Tucked away with care was the picture of them in the village, those many, many years ago. In the upper right part was a note, written in fancy writing.

Diana carefully lifted the glass picture and let Tom take a look at it. He put his paw to his chin, seeing the face of Jerry. Diana ran her fingers over it and went to her draw to pull out the watch, holding it close. She setting the watch aside and responded to an email. She smiled over to Tom, who nodded.

"This is our mission now, forever." said Tom going over to a set of armor.

Later that evening they stepped out in their warrior outfits, ready to fight for good and defeat evil. With a great bound they leap across the city, to the horizon and to their future. It was bleak, but it was worth fighting for.

The End..Or is it?

Queue the epic Wonder Woman theme.

Author's Note: To anyone who actually read this whole thing through. I thank you, as it needed some editing and spell cheeking. I'm sure there might be a few mistakes, so I apologize in advance for that. I should have checked this years ago, but I was busy working on my own set of novels. A section of books I would like to publish in this year or next year. Crosses fingers.

Again, thank you favoring, or even reading this.