Broken doll.

I cried. It's all I could do. My body shook from the force of my sorrow, my heart broke. He left you. He broke your heart. Crushed it. Shattered it. He never really cared. After all, you're just a broken china doll. Nothing more. Whispered the voice bitterly in my head.

The hole in my chest was painful. As though my heart had been brutally ripped out. And in a way it was. I had tried to chase him, but it was futile, he was long gone. In the end I just fell to the ground, exhausted. I didn't even notice it had been raining until then.

Repeating the words in my head, I realised it (the voice) was right. Ever since I came to this god-forsaken town and met him I was nothing but a mere doll: waiting to be played with. So with this revelation I decided that I would change- for the better.

With my mind now set on the task ahead, I slowly sat up, wiping the tears away, and took out my phone. I sighed in relief, I saw I had bars on my phone. Quickly I dial my dads number- anxiously waiting for him to pick up- glad when he finally answered. "Hello?"

"Hey dad. I am fine: better than I have been in a long while actually. However, when I get home, we need to talk. Can you invite some of my friends over, as well; Mike, Jessica, Angela and Eric. I'll be home soon. Love you. Bye." After that, I hung up and called Jake to pick me up.