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Rebirth of a Siren

Note: Adaption of the original Chapter 16 The Watcher's Visit – Steele, story has been edited and changed. The other chapters have been removed temporarily as they are being reviewed and edited.

Note 10/02/2021: Sorry this chapter took this long but life got in the way. Will try and update as soon as possible.

Chapter 16: Steele's 2 Visitors – Steele

Steele was lying in a moderately comfortable bed after Maya laid her there. It was all hazy form around when Knuckle Dragger went down. Steele was just enjoying laying in a comfortable bed after the day she had. Everything suddenly grew colder. Forcing Steele to reopen her eyes. Steele then found that she and the bed were on the slope of a large volcano. A frozen volcano. Steele climbed out the bed and saw in the distance an army of Dwarves, Golems, Savages and Guardians (constructs of the ancient race of the Eridians) fighting an epic battle against The Dragon Knights, different group of Savages and The Frost Nippers (the living snowmen). A giant snowman soon emerged from the ground. This snowman was wearing a large black hat with a golden gear embedded within it. The Guardians, Orcs nor Dwarves were no match for this snowman.

"Chilblainer the Invincible, The Snowman King." A voice next to her spoke making Steele jump. A strange alien that Steele somehow knew was called The Watcher was standing next to her. The bed had disappeared. "A magical monster known as a Seraph Guardian created by The Handsome Sorcerer. He tried to bring Pandora into an eternal winter so that the planet becomes covered completely in ice. For what purpose we didn't know."

"We created the Warrior to try and stop him" Steele was forced to watch as the other great beast, The Warrior attacked Chilblainer. The Warrior easily defeated Chilblainer with a laser of slag energy from its long tail. The army of Dwarves, Golems, Savages and Guardians easily overwhelmed The Dragon Knights, the enemy Savages and The Frost Nippers. "The Warrior was then sealed it away into a vault just in case Chilblainer or another monster reared their ugly head" The Watcher then said, "I brought you here for a couple of reasons. The first is that Chilblainer's son, Mister Snowflake has risen to power and I need your help in stopping him."

Steele asked confused, "Why me?"

"The one who has been branded with the Vault symbol and is the reincarnation of The Handsome Sorcerer has upset the balance of the universe and since you released The Destroyer on the universe again by opening the vault…."

Steele said interrupting, "…. and The Destroyer was killed."

"You think that a creature that wiped out my entire race would be killed by three humans and a siren," The Watcher said with a sound that Steele took for laughing. He then said, "As I recall so was you, yet you came back."

"You know why and how I came back don't you?" demanded Steele wanting to know.

"Perhaps" was all The Watcher said. He then said, "I did not bring you here to tell you why you have been brought back."

"Then why?" Steele said getting frustrated.

The Watcher said, "As I said I brought you here since The Destroyer…" They are suddenly interrupted by an evil lady's laugh.

A voice that sounded like an eviler and crazier version of Angel's dark voice said, "Watcher, I have found you at last." A manic looking Angel materialised. Her eyes were glowing the same colour as Eridium. They were filled with madness and power.

"Archangel." The Watcher said with fear. He said trying to hide his fear, "You and The Handsome Sorcerer will not…."

"Don't mention my father." Archangel, The Handsome Sorcerer's Daughter said rather angry. "I detest that man and what he has become." She waved her hands and The Watcher vanished. "I will deal with you later." She told him. She then turned her attention to Steele. Her eyes lit up with a strange look of worship and lust. "My Lady Steele, it is a pleasure to meet you at last in this form. I am Archangel, the daughter of The Handsome Sorcerer and you biggest follower." She bowed confusing Steele even more.

"Don't I know you?" Steele asked as Archangel looked like Angel.

Archangel said smiling a dark smile, "Ah yes you seen me in my normal pathic weak form. This is my true power form due to all the Eridium I have absorbed over the decades. It has awoken my true self, The Daughter of The Handsome Sorcerer who has seen what is inside of you my Lady Steele. Your true power which can only be awakened by the help of our dear Anarchist."

"True power?" Steele said almost smiling manically much to the glee of Archangel.

"Yes, my love, you have been blessed by the dark god itself, The Destroyer, I saw it the moment I saw you comeback from the dead." She strolled up to Steele and whispered in her ear. "I knew that I was to be your humble servant. I will do whatever you want me to do." Steele felt her tongue in her ear. "And do whatever you desire." Steele became lost in a fantasy. It was her with Archangel / Angel standing on her left and an evil mad looking Gaige wearing sexy clothes, a metal collar with Steele's name on it and staring at Steele with loyalty and lust. She was sitting on the ground at Steele's feet. Her loyal pet, The Anarchist. They were overlooking Pandora from Helios. The entire planet was under Steele and Atlas' control. Atlas had been returned to where it should be, at the top of the food chain. She was enjoying the thought of killing everything that was not her sweet Moxxi, her pet Gaige, her best friend Nisha and her loyal Crimson Lance. The Four Vault Hunters (and Claptrap) were be punished for killing a god. Steele had a sadistic smile at the thought. She does want to say to them "I told you that you belong to Atlas" especially to the red-headed siren who she wanted to put into place. Mostly just to have power over another siren. She when through a lot of options from forcing them to work as her slaves to fighting in exhausting matches in the Underdome against the most powerful horrors she can create for her and Moxxi's entrainment. Then a strange mix of sadistic and loving look when she thought about Moxxi. Moxxi was so sexy and it would be nice to find her again. The thoughts of finding Moxxi herself that she could surprise in person just to see the look on her face would be worth her brief ire ended her power trip. Archangel looked annoyed at the interruption to the fantasy seemly knowing what it was about.

Archangel said rather calculating, "I see that I still have work to do." She went deep in thought. "Perhaps…." She then said still thinking, "I will contract you again my love when I had figured out a plan. But first I have to deal with a little problem." She then turned Steele around with great strength, "I will awake your powers first my love." She kissed Steele on the lips before Steele jolted awake back in bed. She pressed her fingers to her lips feeling that they were warm.

Maya then entered and seeing a dazed Steele asked concerned, "Are you Ok?"

"I am fine thanking you." Steele said amazed that she was feeling more then 100% as she felt power flowing through her veins that was not there before her kiss with Archangel. It had been a great kiss but not as great as Moxxi. God, she missed that woman. Not only did she had a body to die for but the brains to match. She loved a woman with brains like Moxxi (and Gaige if she thought about it). She decided that the first course of action was to find her Moxxi and never letting her go again. Then perhaps including Archangel / Angel and Gaige.

Maya said next, "I brought you this shield that Hammerlock gave me". She held out a shield and Steele took it. She was not surprised to find it being a standard shield that will fail after a few shots to it.

"It will do." Steele stated, "I have a little Bandit to visit." She will make Midge tell her where Moxxi is.