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Author's Note: This is written in the perspective of K' so blame him for the array of curse words you'll see in this. Setting is around…2000-2001, I guess; sometime after '99 and when K' meets up with Whip (It's been awhile so let loose, ne?). Since they're siblings (and we all know how some siblings just hate the guts outta the other) there is a bit of Whip bashing in here. If you wanna a literary example of this story, go read Catcher in the Rye. Enjoy!

I don't wanna be here. Risking my sanity by hunting a shitty past, this whole tournament's a freaking waste of time. NESTS can go to hell for all I care. In fact, why the hell should I care? Why can't I just let those bitches spend all of their money on more worthless clones? Hell, it'd be so easy to. I'd just wait for them to attempt to kick my ass and then I'd just…I'd just…

Damn it… it's happening again. Those damn freakin' feelings that that damned Yabuki gave me! I could just kill that…that—damn it! I can't even come up with a decent threat anymore! I don't have the will power to kick his ass! What the hell's wrong with me?

Wait…wait, I gotta think about this. When did all of this crap begin? Maybe it was with my whiny-ass sister, or at least I think she's my sister. God, I don't even know anymore. When I first saw her, she was all disciplined and crap, and now all she does is nag my god-forsaken ear off. She wants to have this whole long-lost sibling thing to just morph have this automatic 'family bonding'.

All I gotta say is bonding my ass. She's all of the sudden ghetto as hell. She's trying to make it seem like she's my all-so-cute sister. Tch, I don't even know her real name! What made her think I'd be so damned interested to hear her life in the military?! Yak, yak, yak, and on it goes until I just wanna blow her bleeding head off.

Anyways, I just thought of when these damn feelings came around. Summer. That's right. That's when this whole mess started. And it pisses me off.

Yeah, that's right. Summer had to have been the worst time for me. I swear, I just wanted to kill the morons I had to put up with. We were hunting down NESTS and Maxima and Whip were being whiny as all hell. They kept saying that I had to take it easy and relax. To take a break from my only remaining pleasure in life. They kept suggesting it so often that I had just about enough of it. It was like 'suggesting' me to gag myself and roll myself off a cliff.

"Break my ass," I snapped. Random destruction really appealed to me at the time so I smashed a nearby panel. The whole freaking base was another craphole anyhow. So I was pissed off about two damn times that day. I kept pounding it even though it already looked like shit. It was all spite.

"You're all giving up because you're all worried that I'll chip a goddamned nail, is that it?! Or maybe you're all damned worried that that cyborg's cheap-ass batteries will run out?! Or are you thinking that I need a god-forsaken psychiatrist to fix up my damn problem about family bondage?! You're all hypocrites who need to get slapped and shot!" They were so damned shocked by my sarcasm that I just wanted to laugh at their stupid faces. I almost did too. But then they gained their wit again and began to piss me off…again.

"Hey, man! It's not like that!" Maxima stated defensively as if he wanted to agree with me. I knew he was just coned by Whip but I didn't say anything. "It's just there's nothing new on NESTS yet, buddy."

I was just thinking of how I was not in anyway Maxima's 'buddy' when my whiny-ass sister stepped in like she always did.

"Besides, we've been hunting them down for two weeks straight. You look like you haven't eaten for days and there's no point on following anymore empty leads. I'm sure we'll all need the rest."

I snorted. I knew when she meant 'we', she actually meant 'me and brother' because then she went into this whole long lecture that she memorized from a magazine about how we should be "more like a family". She would say it over and over again, word for word, like it would actually 'help' me in my 'problems'.

Wasn't she used to be in the army? You'd think she'd be used to pushing herself to the limit. That's how that god-forsaken NESTS trained me. Thought they were the same.

She was still repeating the "we should be a family" lecture so I just zoned her out for a while. I glanced over to Maxima and he looked like he was about to fall asleep. This coming out of a high-powered cyborg. Come on, that's gotta be one of the sadist sights to see. Whip's so boring that even a 'mild-mannered' Canadian cyborg gets bored outta his mind listening to her.

After her fifteenth thousand repetition of the same exact lecture and I after getting my ears back, I replied, "Doesn't matter. I don't want a shitty break."

"Have it your way."

Damn straight, I thought. This was probably one of the few times where she had actually agreed with me on something and I felt proud. I could do whatever the hell I wanted alone. I began to feel pretty superior over her.

That's when Maxima hit me with his SDM.

The bitches.

Next thing I knew, I was in this snazzy hotel that looked like it was trying too hard to look good. I could just see the new paint layer peeling off the wall and I could easily smell how much starch they use on the bed I was laying on. It sickened me. If this place was such a craphole, why try to make it look decent? It just showed how fake the people were and how much they cared for a cheap buck.

Anyhow, my head just rang like mad. It hurt too much to stand so all I did was sit up in the bed. Annoyed the hell outta me because I can't stand feeling helpless. I was a pansy now and it was all because of a metal fist to the head. I wanted to go to the window and see where the hell I was but, like I said, it hurt too much to stand. All I could do was look outside.

One or two things told me roughly where I was. Hell, everyone who didn't even know a beach could tell how it would smell like. Then, there was this loud toned-deaf idiot who tried to sing that stupid schoolgirl song 'Psycho' whatever the hell it was…It didn't take long for me to sum up that I was already on a damned break, even if I still didn't have a freaking idea where I was.

A little while later, I actually dragged my sorry ass outta the bed and limped to the window. I took a good long look and immediately saw all of the fucking fighters from KOF.

I had the feeling that I didn't belong there. Down there were people who knew me as a fighter and I wanted to keep it that way. Hate that stupid tournament anyhow, Every time I entered it, I kicked NESTS' ass -which made me feel good- and then they'd run off like the dumbass cowards that they are –which would always piss me off. Seeing any of them face-to-face wouldn't appeal to me anyhow. I bet Kula would've been down there to kick the shit outta me and that hit on the head wouldn't help any. Hell, not just Kula, anybody from NESTS would wanna do that. The whole traitor thing probably rubs them all wrong and I don't give a damn. Just come after me already!

Still, it was probably best just to stay put for now. That damn cyborg's hit had still had that ringing in my head so I still couldn't see straight. Well, just when I actually wanted to stay in the gay-ass room, Whip comes in with that fake smile of hers –something else that she had read how to do in the goddamned magazine.

"Let's go, sleepyhead!" She nearly blew me away with her damn voice. Too damn cheery and loud. Didn't sound anything like her but it I knew it was her. God, she's just a damn poser.

"Shut up." I just pointed to the bump in my head that projected out like a damn zit.

"Oh, about that," she just giggled and did a ghetto looking finger thingy, "it was for your own good, ya know?"

"Just like how you shoot people. "

I wasn't in the mood to screw around. I wanted her to leave. But apparently she just didn't get the hint, making me wish more than ever that I had no memories of my past just so I wouldn't feel too bad when I splatter her guts on the pavement.

"Wow, a comment! I should feel honored!"

Her voiced dripped with sarcasm. Probably trying to do 'conversation tip #4' from the dumbass magazine: side with the other person and try to joke around with them. I swear, if there was one thing I absolutely hate about my whiny-ass sister, it's probably how she acts in a normal society. When she was just on duty as …whatever her position was in the military, she was vicious and confident, always ready to kill. That was what I liked about. Then there was this. Right now, she's like a smart-ass kid without her mother. I mean, she's been in the military so damn long that she doesn't even know how to carry a remotely interesting conversation. Try to talk to her in slang and she'd just look at me funny. That's where she pisses me off. Just like now.

Anyhow, it didn't take her long for her to kill the jokes –good for her since I zoned her out again. She's so damn boring- and talk like a person.

"Nothing new on NESTS yet," Whip finally said after twenty god-forsaken minutes. "My contacts have been lagging lately."

I was too busy looking out the window to react right away. Eyed a couple of the bastards who had it in for me . Like that Kuzunagi bastard –or whatever his name was, the redheaded faggot, and Lin. Pretty sure there were others but they caught my attention from the crowd.

"You think they are having trouble?"

Damn it, women! Just shut up. Your need for attention is so freakin' annoying.


"K', is anything wrong? Don't you like your break?"

You can imagine how fed up I was hearing that. Yap, yap, yap. What did I deserve too have this annoying bitch of a sister? I turned around and scowled at her. With all of my bloody hatred. And what'd that do to her?

Nothing! She just smiled that damn fake smile. Goddamn it!

I felt like hurting her then. I felt like smacking her or kicking her until she bled. My damned conscience nagged me not to do it 'cause we're siblings and crap. Made me feel guilty as hell for a moment. So guilty that my urge to kill her just died on the spot. Still hadn't answered her and I didn't freaking want to. Nagged that she'll try to 'help me' again and my head was nowhere near ready to listen to that lecture again.

"None of your business."

Then I stamped out. Couldn't stand that fake smile any longer. She looked so god awful when she did it. You see, she probably never smiled too much when she was in the military because whenever she did smile, she looked like she was trying to be the next goddamn Gandhi or something. It so goddamn sickening. She didn't follow me so I felt a little better.

And then he came around.

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