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The *'s, if any, are Japanese. They're all translated at the end of the chapter.


When I got to one of those damn shops, Maxima was there and yellin' something at me. I stopped to push some of the people that were cowering from the scene so I couldn't really hear him past all of their screams. All I heard then was their pleas for mercy and fear.

And then the only thing I was thinking about was Kula… and what I had done to her earlier. Was she better now? She better be; that way I won't feel so bad when I encounter her then. Why was I suddenly feeling so bad about that now? Thought that was outta my system. She and me are enemies now; no holdin' back now. Now? Wasn't she always against me? What am I doing wasting time thinking about that girl? Isn't Maxima in danger? Maxima…?


Before he could respond, something shot him into the sky. Had to dodge the crap that went flying with him and tried to make my way to him. Tried to see who the hell could've done that to Maxima through all the dust.

Well… Didn't need to see to know who it was this time. Heard her buzzard voice jeer from the dust and recognized it on the spot. Even I couldn't forget her werid-ass voice.

"Teyah! Look at Mr. Moron fly!"

That's what she said. And it made my blood boil.

I say that everyone from NESTS are a bunch of shitheads and she's no exception. Probably the only one who isn't ashamed to admit it either. Heard she was taken away from her parents like I was but I don't believe that crap. Saying that her clothes are normal and wonders why she gets funny looks because of them. Wouldn't doubt it if she got raped once or twice in those ragged things. That could explain how she could stay in NESTS. Musta've already lost her mind somewhere along the way.

"Oiya?* Well if it isn't K-De-dadm Fuu?" –sounded more like 'K the Damned Fool'- "I've been looking for you~~~! 3"

Yeah, Angel was that tramp that would linger around me like she owned my ass. Memories of her constant pestering came back to me. Would prance her way into my cell at NESTS and whine at my laziness or something. She would try to drag me everywhere and be her damn "prince-in-shining-armor". More like she'd picked a fight with one of the other brats and expect me to defend her. Every time calling me a different name since I couldn't remember the rest of mine. Mocking me with that smile that we were all taught to have for co-op missions.

The smile we were supposed to have before we assassinated the targets.

Think what killed me more than anything was how easily she had played me. Such a dumbass I was… doing what she wanted without question. Dumber than when I didn't rebel against those rat bastards in charge. At least with them I knew that I hated following their orders. But with her… I just didn't know what I was doing.

Did I hate her? Hell yeah, of course I did. Was there a time that I didn't want to be near her? Never. Every time she was around I'd blindly do as she bid like the whipped runt that I was. Then she'd throw herself on me and …

Why did I do it? I should have just thought about being strong enough to get outta there alive. But when she was there…it's like she'd sucked my brains out with her very being. She'd be the only one hugging me and kissing me like mad and lead me into some sort of smackdown afterwards.

Think the only thing that made me get over her was when she told me that her antics were just her assignment for her rank. That she thought I was just a snot-nosed brat.

That I was worthless.

"Still look as trashy as usual," I retorted.

"Aw~~~, what's wrong, K-Decue-tuu? (K the Cute Tool) Didn't you miss me?"

She bounced and posed like it would win me again. Must've been grinning like a maniac when she NESTS-smiled. There was a good thing about these shades that Yabuki gave me: they made everything look like crosshatches. Made the urge to blow her apart all the more satisfying. Was about to until-

"K'! Go find Whip!"

Maxima got my attention as he blocked a hit that came from Angel. Saw her fly with a Vapor Cannon before he faced me. Saw that for the first time in awhile he was serious. 'Cause even though he knew that I was safe, he still cared for …Whip. Worrying over us like lost children. Knowing that if something happened to the other, we'd never be the same. Trying to keep the two of us together despite our differences. Maybe… he was always like this. Maybe I was just too blind to see it till now.

Tch, but I'm not that soft yet. The stupid whore that should have been knocked out was getting up with her mocking NESTS smile. Made my blood boil to see that she could still move. Pushed Maxima aside as she charged, readying myself for my version of her beatdown, saying,

"You go. She's mine."

Yeah, that bitch ain't going anywhere without some payback from me. I didn't want to let Maxima have all the fun of bashing her face in. Was about to Iron Trigger Angel when he caught the back of my collar and yanked me behind him, taking her hits in my place.

"Didn't you hear me the first time?!"

Was stunned as all hell. This was the first time that I saw Maxima like this. Was something else happening? Looked like he was being hunted down by a pack of bloodhounds. Didn't give a damn what Angel said then. Zoned her out and heard only Maxima repeating,

"She's in danger! Go to her now! She might not make it alone!"

Was that what he was yellin' about earlier? Was it something more than his "duty" this time? Was Whip…?

"Heh, she'll be lucky to have hair when those clones are through with her. Better save her, K-------."

Clones. That was all that I needed to hear.

When I started to veer away from them, it sounded like that whore was about to persue me. Good ol' Maxima took care of that with his customized grapple move, kicking her back a good several feet. Caught his eyes for a moment. Seemed to be threatening to do the same to me if I didn't go for Whip. But for some dumbass reason, I stuck around for another second or two. 'Cause…well…

I wanted to say something to him… something to express how I felt at the time. Before I wouldn't have wasted my time but… I ended up muttering,


It was enough to make Maxima smile.

Then I ran off. Like hell I'd know where though. Just back to the same blind instinct like before. Back on those godforsaken missions again. Nothing was different. Felt like the same fearful brat that I was in NESTS again: doing anything for survival and living only to see my-

Damn you, Kula. Damn you, Yabuki. Why'd you guys give me a reason to care again?

Where the hell was my sister?

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* Just an expression of surprise or greeting. Basically equal to "hey" or "yo" in English. Literally could be translated as "Huh?"

** Means "Sorry/Thank you" but, in this case, it's both at the same time. In other words, K' appriciates what Maxima's doing but feels bad that he's dumping the liability of Angel's defeat to him. Good way to explain a lot with one word, huh?