AN: So here is another story that I wrote, I thought up the idea and decided to test it out, hopefully people also like it. This will be a powerful Percy Jackson in the Fairy Tail world, it will be character driven. Percy will have a complex back story and complex relationships with the people around him.

Anyway on with the story I hope you all enjoy it.

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Chapter 1

( - )


Quiet is not a word one would use to describe Tartarus, terrifying and soul crushingly dismal however would be very good words to describe the hellish place that he was currently in. These were the thoughts of one Percy Jackson as he lay on his back looking up at the red burning sky of the hell he found himself in, Tartarus.

He was not however alone as around the dark haired young man were mounds of golden dust and dozens of dying monsters, Greek and Roman monstrosities empowered by human belief. Many of these creatures called Tartarus home, whether they wanted to or not. Even as Percy lay there exhausted, his heart beating like mad, some of the monsters around him began to dissolve into golden dust as the wounds the Son of Poseidon inflicted on them finally took their toll.

Groaning in both pain and exhaustion Percy tore his eyes away from the burning sky and instead turned to look across the desolate landscape he met his end in. Tartarus is a deep and dark pit, a prison where the god's send their enemies to suffer for eternity. The place lived up to its description, the land, the air, the water, everything in this hellish place was deadly, breathing felt like inhaling razor blades and drinking felt like pouring acid down your throat. But for Percy his time here was drawing to an end.

Even with the Curse of Achilles he knew he was dying, his skin might be impenetrable in all but one place, but that did not make him invulnerable. Even now he could feel Tartarus killing him, the very air he breathed was toxic.

He had first come down to Tartarus for a girl, Annabeth Chase the Daughter of Athena. She had fallen into Tartarus and he being an idiot had jumped in after her. Their time together in Tartarus had been thankfully short but certainly not sweet, it had been a constant struggle as they traversed over the inhospitable landscape in search of the way out. There only company being Iapetus or as he now referred to himself Bob, a former Titan Lord who was now a glorified janitor with partial memory loss and a renegade giant, Damasen. Despite the challenges though they had been successful in reaching the gate and Percy had been successful in getting Annabeth out of Tartarus even if in doing so he had had to stay behind.

The gate had had a nasty little quirk to it, it had been similar to a lift in its design and workings, but with a difference as for one to use it to exit Tartarus and another must stay behind and press the up button. Which when you take into account the army of monsters and Titans that had been at the gate waiting to use it themselves so they can escape Tartarus and join Gaia in her current uprising against the Olympians. Was not an easy prospect, as such three of the four had opted to stay behind so Annabeth could escape and go help the Olympians and their chosen champions with the ongoing war.

Bob and Damasen had opted to stay behind and hold off the oncoming forces because they were immortal and naturally suited to the climate of Tartarus. Percy however had done it for a more idiotic reason, he had done it for loyalty his defining trait, it had not been in him to run away and leave two friends to face their deaths so instead he had pushed Annabeth into the lift and sent her up to the mortal world, after which he had taken out Anaklumous and charged the massive and overwhelming enemy forces a war cry on his lips.

This is what had led to him lying here dying surrounded by massive mounds of golden dust and rapidly dying monsters, the hilt of his now shattered blade Anaklumous still held tightly in his hand. For two days and two nights the three add fought against the overwhelming odds before them.

The three working in perfect synchronicity as they became a maelstrom of death. But as could be expected they had fallen one by one to their enemies. Bob had fallen first impaled through the stomach by his own brother Koios the Titan of the South's Stygian Iron great sword, but he had gone down fighting, the two of them had disappeared in churning mass of monsters, whether his friend Bob still lived or not he had no idea.

Damasen had gone down next caught in a death grip with Kampe as he fell into the convergence of the five rivers of the underworld, Acheron the river of lamentation, Cocytus the river of woe, Lethe the river of forgetfulness, Phlegethon the river of fire and Styx the river of unbreakable oaths.

That had left only Percy left fighting against the forces arrayed against him using all at his disposal including using his power to control water to wield the five rivers of the underworld against his relentless foes. It had been while he was wielding the five rivers, that he had once again gained the Curse of Achilles, dousing himself in the unforgiving water of the Styx, he had used his own desire for survivable as his mortal point.

In the end Percy and his companions had succeeded the enemy was all either vanquished or had fled leaving Percy the last one standing, which lasted all of thirty seconds before he collapsed onto the floor his exhaustion and the toxic environment finally taking its toll on him. This is where he found himself now his eyes blurring as the life in him drained away, his last thoughts not being for himself but for his friends who were probably even now on the surface world fighting the good fight against the forces of Gaia.

( - )

As Percy was breathing his last another being appeared onto the field of battle, the being was a tall muscled being, with sliver skin and glowing silver eyes. Currently though he was cover in dozens of wounds, and his golden blood, the blood of the immortals was flowing from a massive wound in his stomach, a wound courtesy of his brother Koios.

Held tightly in his hand was a four foot long sword, which had silver on one half and gold on the other. It was a sword his brother Koios had somehow acquired and tried to use on him, though in the end Bob had disarmed him and cut him down with the blade, a blade that had once belonged to his younger brother Kronos.

Spitting out a glob of blood, Bob, or Ipateus as he was also known began to stagger his way to his fallen friend Perseus. Already the mighty Titan could feel the life leaving his body, he knew he was dying; soon he would crumble to golden dust, a state in which he would remain until he eventually reformed. When he would reform though he had no idea, it could take a year or it could take a thousand years. Either way it would be too late to save his young friend Perseus, not unless he did something now.

Collapsing to his knees in front of the young man the sword falling out of his hand and landing in the golden dust at his feet, Bob quickly realized Perseus had no visible wounds. No he did not have a scratch on him, or at least none that Bob could see, which must mean that his wounds were internal, no doubt caused by being in Tartarus, a place that was meant as a prison for immortals.

Placing his bloodstained hand on Perseus's barely moving chest. Bob used the last of his power to bestow his blessing to Perseus, no more than that, Bob willed all his remaining power into Perseus with the single thought in his mind. 'Live'

He continued to do this even when he felt his body beginning to break apart into golden dust; still he tried to save his friend. Within a matter of minutes Bob died, his body turning to golden dust and joining the huge mound around Percy's body.

With a gasp Percy sat up, his eyes wide as he began taking deep breaths of air, air that no longer poisoned him with his every breath.

Clumsily pushing himself to his feet, no longer feeling as exhausted as before Percy looked around himself in confusion. He had though he was dead, in fact he was almost certain he was dead, this begged the question though of how he was now not only alive, but more alive than he had ever felt before.

Taking a step forward, Percy felt his foot strike against something partially hidden in the golden dust at his feet. Nudging it with his foot soon revealed a very familiar looking blade, Backbiter, the sword that had once been wielded by Kronos in their final battle on Mount Olympus.

Looking down at the broken hilt in his hands, Percy could see that Anaklumous was broken. Slipping the hilt into his belt, Percy instead picked up Kronos's sword. Not caring that he was wielding the blade of his enemy, no all Percy cared about now was getting out of here, and if he had to take an old enemies blade for his own to do so, then so be it.

( - )

(In Earthland)

"I can't believe how long that trip took…" Natsu Dragneel groaned out as he fell onto the plush carpet of the Blue Pegasus Guild Master's second mansion.

Natsu was a pink haired young man in his late teens; he was also a member of the most famous Wizarding Guilds in Fiore, Fairy Tail. Natsu was one of the Guild's more prolific members, known by many as 'The Salamander' due to the unique Lost Magic he used, Fire Dragon Slayer Magic.

"Fucks sake, Natsu, you really need to grow up and stop being such a pussy about traveling." Gray Fullbuster spoke up as he entered the mansion behind Natsu, a distinctly disgruntled look on his face as he looked down at his fire breathing rival.

Gray like Natsu was a member of Fairy Tail, as could be seen by the Guild mark he had on his chest, the same mark that Natsu had stamped on his shoulder. Gray was also quite famous and skilled wizard, known for his Ice Make magic and for his rivalry with Natsu.

"Shut… up… stripper…" Natsu grumbled in response his head buried in foyer's plush blue carpet.

Gray Fullbuster was also known as a prolific stripper, often unconsciously stripping his clothes off in public, uncaring of the effect it might have on others.

"It looks like we're the first ones to actually get here." Lucy Heartfilia said as she also entered the mansion a look of wonder on her face as she ignored Gray and Natsu's usual arguing and instead looked around the luxurious house they were in.

Lucy was a blonde and busty Celestial Mage and one of Fairy Tail's newer members. She was also on the same Wizarding team as Natsu and Gray, often joining up with them when it came to fulfilling requests and missions for the Guild. Wizards often created such teams as it made missions easier, and meant they could more regularly take higher paying mission and split the reward.

"It is possible, but I would not be surprised if the representatives from Blue Pegasus were already here. This is one of their Guild Master's homes after all." Erza Scarlet said as she entered the room, her sharp eyes flicking around the room looking for any threats, even as he scarlet hair drifted behind her as she moved.

Erza Scarlet like the other three was a member of Fairy Tail; she in fact was an S-Class wizard, one of the strongest people in the Guild. She was known by many as Titania the Queen of the Fairies. She was also renowned for her many unique armours and weapons had her exceptional ability to re-equip and wield her many magical weapons. In fact Erza was often referred to as one of the most powerful women in Fiore, and like Lucy she often teamed up with Natsu and Gray when it came to taking missions.

"Aye!" Happy said exuberantly as he flew into the mansion and came to land on top of the still slumped over Natsu. Happy… Happy was a flying cat… that could talk…

Ignoring Happy's now customary catchphrase, both Natsu and Gray shivered in horror as they thought about the bald, overly clingy and downright disturbing Master Bob of Blue Pegasus. If it wasn't for the importance of the mission they had been sent on and the need for them to meet up with members of the other Guilds to complete the mission, neither of the two would have come here.

Before anyone else could speak or say a word they were cut off, as the lights in the room suddenly dimmed and some rather sensual music began to play, and spotlights began to roam around the darkened room. All four Wizards instantly tensed, even Natsu dragged himself up from the carpet as he prepared himself for a fight. They were here in the Woodsea forest for a reason after all, they were to hunt down Oracion Seis, one of the most powerful Dark Guild's in Fiore, and none of them would put it past a Dark Guild to preemptively strike a group of Light Wizarding Guilds meeting gin their territory.

"We've been waiting for you…" A soft voice spoke out, a comment that was echoed by two other male voices.

Ezra let out a sigh at that, no longer standing on guard as she just gave the other confused members of her Guild a resigned look. "Be patient and deal with it." Ezra said as she brought her armoured hand and began trying to massage away a growing headache.

The other four shared a strange look at that, even as the sensual music continued to play and the sound of clapping could be heard ringing around the large room. The as if to answer their confusion the spotlights ceased roaming around the room and settled on the area at the bottom of the staircase.

Three well dressed young men were now in visible, each of them having a very distinct appearance, wearing smart suits and silk shirts, their hair perfect and their faces set in a range of pouts. In short, they looked like a group of over effeminate men who thought themselves skilled womanizers, ones who had an affinity for theatrics if the light show and music was anything to go by.

"Gah! Too much …" Natsu gagged as his heightened sense of smell, courtesy of his Dragon Slaying magic picked up the sheer amount of aftershave the three men were wearing.

"Oh wow, the Blue Pegasus Trimans! So cool…" Lucy suddenly gushed, a light blush on her cheeks as she stared at the three handsome men. Lucy was a regular subscriber to Sorcerers Weekly, a weekly magazine that focused on the; hottest, most powerful and most famous wizards and Guilds in Fiore. As such she was prone to bouts of 'fangirling' whenever she met a famous wizard she had read about.

"You know these losers?" Gray asked bluntly as he looked t Lucy incredulously, casual throwing away his shirt as he did so leaving him bare-chested once again.

"Of course, how do you not? They're like the hottest wizards around right now." Lucy replied as she tore her eyes away from Hibiki, Eve and Ren, the three Blue Pegasus wizards in front of them, who when working together were known as the Trimans. A look of resignation crossed her face as she looked at Gray though. "Please put some clothes on Gray! I don't want you to embarrass me in front of them!"

"We welcome you members of Fairy Tail." The three stated in chorus, each of them giving an elegant yet humble bow to the four Fairy Tail wizards and the flying cat.

"Yes hello" Erza began as she held back a sigh, having already dealt with a number of Blue Pegasus members in the past she knew what a pain in the arse this was going to be. "I take it we are the first to arrive?"

The three young men didn't answer, instead the trio then began to shamelessly flirt and converse with the two females in the group, to the point that it clearly made them uncomfortable, completely ignoring Natsu and Gray as they focused their attention entirely on Erza and Lucy.

"Can we get you ladies anything?" The three offered in unison.

Erza by this point was completely unsure what to say as both Hibiki and Eve sat on either side of her trying their best to seduce her, a part of her wanted to tell the three pests to 'fuck off', but another part of her knew that they were supposed to be working together. Lucy too was now feeling very uncomfortable as the very intense Ren tried it on with her.

"I think we're good…" Lucy replied awkwardly as Ren tried to give her a martini, pretending as he did that he did not care if she took it, a very harsh contrast to the clingy way he was acting before, and clearly a cringy seduction move.

Before anything else could be said the light pitter-patter of footsteps on the grand staircase leading to the second-floor landing could be heard, getting the attention of both the Trimans and the Fairy Tail members.

"Men…" A deep, silky smooth voice called out from the top of the staircase, gaining everyone attention as he did so.

Turning as one the Fairy Tail members couldn't help but gawp as they caught sight of the speaker. Erza though paled rapidly, the sudden urge to vomit rising up in her throat as she looked at the speaker in horror.

He had a wild mane of spiky orange hair. He wore a slightly too short and too tight white suit complete with an overly extravagant flower pinned to the lapel. His deep, sensual voice was a sharp contrast to the actual individual, who was short, stocky and oddly proportion.

"Ichiya…" Erza said wanly, a distinctly uncomfortable look on her face as the short, squat man waltzed down the stairs. The three Trimans quickly jumping to their feet and bowing respectfully to the man as he approached.

"Oh, I knew I smelt the beautiful parfum of my dear sweet Erza!" The orange haired man called out. "Everyone, allow yourselves to behold the mighty parfum of manliness that is Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki!"

With that declaration, the man quickly danced his way down the stairs, leaping off at the end as he twirled through the air, only to land ungainly on his feet a few feet from the end of the staircase.

Erza's face contorted into a rictus of horror as Ichiya, the Ace of the Blue Pegasus Guild, pranced his way towards her, pirouetting with a small measure of grace despite his stocky frame. As he reached where the female mages were, he produced another flower from the inner pocket of his jacket, before he offered it to Erza with flourish and a charming smile.

"My honey, it's been too long since we've had such an… intimate encounter," Ichiya said huskily, before he took a few deep sniffs of the air."Your parfum... It smells magnificent."

Erza gained a look of horror as she heard that.

"I demand you stop calling me that!" Erza replied harshly as leveled a finger at the man, taking a few steps back as she used Lucy as a human shield to protect her from Ichiya's creepy gaze.

Gray having once again dressed himself, decide dot come to Erza's aid. The ice wizard was already pretty pissed off after being ignored by the Trimans as they flocked around Lucy and Erza, that anger boiled over when this new odd man arrived.

"Oi, why don't you assholes back off," Gray said with a scowl as he folded his arms and glared at the four members of Blue Pegasus.

Ichiya turned towards Gray, as he spared him a lazy glance. "Ah, the other ones... You men can leave now," he said, signaling to his underlings with a nod as he instantly dismissed the other males in the room.

Eve, the shortest and youngest of the Trimensstepped forward, offering them a curt bow which the rest of the trio of wizards mimicking him. Their hands were tucked to the side as they pointed to the way out.

"We thank you for stopping by!" The three young men echoed as one as they looked at Natsu and Gray expectantly.

Gray's anger grew at that, his expression darkening even further. "Are you really the delegates from Blue Pegasus?" he asked snidely. "They send a bunch of hosts to deal with a guild like Oración Seis? Don't they know how important this mission is?"

Eve stopped in mid-bow, righting himself as he did so, his eyes narrowed. "You know, there's a reason why Master Bob sent us instead of the others..."

"It's because we're strong," Ren said, brushing up his cuffs of his black jacket as he too frowned at Gray "Really strong."

Next to him, Hibiki shook his head, seemingly nonchalantly, but his usual smile was now strained. "I'd be careful if I were you, Gray. We don't take kindly to insults on our abilities. One could be mistaken that you're looking for a fight."

"A fight?! Yeah, let's do it!" Natsu suddenly exclaimed, having become very bored of all the talking and having been completely oblivious to all of the flirting. Leaping forward his hands on fire as he drew on his magic, the pink haired dragon slayer prepared himself for battle.

As Natsu took a step forward, he suddenly let out a groan before he collapsed back to the floor, his face green, the sudden lurching motion once again setting off his condition, his greatest weakness, his motion sickness.

"Who wants to…" Natsu said wearily as he once again pushed himself to his feet only to slump back to the floor a moment later, "… fight me..."

Natsu's comments though were largely ignored as a small scuffle ensued between the Fairy Tail wizards and the Blue Pegasus wizards.

Erza who was distracted by the sudden outbreak of squabbling, failed to notice the Ichiya as he snuck up behind her.

Taking a deep sniff of the air around Erza, the orange haired man once again spoke in his deep soulful voice. "Your parfum…" his hands brushed against the bare skin on her arm as he stroked the taller woman's arm, "… is magnificent, my sweet, sensual Erza…."

Erza shivered in response revulsion once again rising up in her as she turned a dark glare on the odious little man. Finally losing her temper, Erza's hands tightened up into fists, her metal gauntlet grating together as she did so.

"Keep your hands off me!" Erza snarled as with a loud smack of metal on flesh. Ichiya was lifted into the air, and sent flying towards the open entrance of the mansion head-first.

His cheek bright red from the force of Erza's blow, and a trail of blood leaving his partially swollen nose as he soulfully cried out. "Maaaannnnnnn!"

He was saved as a silhouetted figure stepped before the on-rushing mage, stopping the human projectile with an open palm.

Ichiya was frozen solid upon impact as ice quickly covered his body, starting from the head and traveling to his shoulders. He dropped like a sack of rocks before the unknown figure stepped over his prone form without breaking his stride.

"You know," A low and soft male voice said casually. "You should watch where you throw your trash."

The occupants of the room turned as they heard the new voice coming from the open doors. The speaker soon revealed himself to be a smartly dressed man with spiky silver hair and bored blue eyes. This man was called Lyon Vastia, a former enemy of Fairy Tail turned good, and now a proud member of the Wizarding Guild Lamia Scale. This man was also an old friend of Gray's, both of whom studied ice magic under the same Master, Ur, when they were children.

"Lyon!"Gray said stunned, his hands falling to his side as he was completely taken aback by the silver haired man's appearance.

"Hello Gray!" Lyon replied his features smug as he saw Gray's surprise.

Following closely behind Lyon two other people, one of whom had been with Lyon when he had previously opposed Fairy Tail. This person was a good looking woman with long pink hair that reached down to just below the neckline of her elegant dress.

"Sherry!" Lucy gasped, recognizing the love obsessed woman she had met and fought against before.

"Oh? I see you remember me." Sherry replied with a coy look on her face as she absentmindedly twirled one of her locks of pink hair.

"You stay away from me, you hear?!" Lucy shouted in response, her hands going straight to the belt around her waist, her hands trailing nervously over the gold and silver keys she used when wielding her celestial magic.

"You should take back what you just said, by the way… No one gets away with insulting our boss like that." Ren warned a dark scowl on his face and he and his fellow Guild members started drawing on their magic, preparing to throw down with these new Lamia Scale wizards.

"Hn, as if I'd everbother taking back words that ring true. Doing so is just as pointless as fighting someone weaker than me…." Lyon replied haughtily, his lips curling as he looked at the three wannabe playboys. "Like you three…."

"Why you…." Eve replied, the air around him getting colder as he began to draw on his 'Snow Magic'.

"What the hell, Lyon? This is our fight, so you back out of it!" Gray demanded his anger at the Blue Pegasus members only spurred on by the arrival of his old rival.

"You intended to actually fight these three? Ah, my mistake, I had forgotten that you are a fool who would lower himself to fight with such weak and feeble wizards such as them." Lyon replied the look of distain on his face turning to a satisfied smirk as he saw how worked up Gray was getting. His fellow ice user always was short-tempered; it was amusing for Lyon to see that things had not changed.

"That's it!" Gray exclaimed, slamming his closed right fist against the palm of his left hand, an ice blue magical circle appearing in front of him as he prepared to use his 'Ice Make Magic'.

Just as everyone seemed like they were going to start fighting again, with the younger members of Blue Pegasus, Fairy Tail and Lamia Scale all at each other's throats. All of them beginning to draw on their magic, showing that this was not just going to be a little scuffle like before, but that it instead was going to be a full blown magical fight.

The growing tension in the room was suddenly broken by a sharp rapping sound, as a wooden staff struck the stone steps leading up to the mansion. The sound echoed loudly, attracting the attention of the mansions other occupants to the person stepping through the door.

A tall, muscular man stood in the doorway, giving off a commanding presence that was difficult to ignore. Entering the mansion the man's bald head gleamed against the sun's glare as it streamed through the open doorway. In his hand, the large man held a simple wooden staff as tall, if not taller than him; it was with this staff that he had made the noise that gathered the room's attention.

"Stop!We were brought here for a reason! What hope will we have to defeat Oración Seis if we're fighting amongst ourselves?" The man spoke, his voice very deep and baritone, just as imposing as the rest of him, instantly it got the attention of everyone in the room.

Some of the occupants had the decency to look embarrassed or ashamed of the way they had been acting, whilst others merely stood there stoically, grim expressions now replacing any notions of a fight. Even the now fully recovered Natsu paused in mid-step, his fire covered fists still raised as if ready to punch someone.

"Good. I am glad you all understand the gravity of our current situation. For now, I hope that we can put our differences aside to combat the threat that threatens our world," The man continued before he looked around taking note of the three Guilds that were currently assembled, frowning slightly the man looked around before saying. "Now... Where are the delegates from Cait Shelter?"

"Iron Rock Jura." Erza said as she took a step forward, a look of surprise one her face as she saw who Lamia Scale had sent. It was even more surprising than the four former Dark Wizards they had sent along with him.

"Erza Scarlet." Jura replied with a nod of his head, before he looked over to the now recovered Ichiya. "Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki."

"Man…" Ichiya replied as he nodded back to Jura, recognizing the man's strength as he along with Jura and Erza were the only S-Class mages here, Jura was in fact even higher ranked he was one of the Wizard Saints, the ten most powerful wizards in Fiore.

"Hm? Who're we waiting on?" Natsu asked confusedly, his eyes still fixed on the hulking Jura, noting as he did how the three nominal leaders of the three guilds represented here greeted each other respectfully.

"The wizard from Cait Shelter. They should be arriving shortly." Hibiki answered as he relaxed slightly, noting that the rest of the wizards in the room had also relaxed, though they mostly remained with members of their own Guild, making three distinct groups.

"Wait, they're only sending a single wizard?" Lucy questioned in disbelief, as she stood looking suspiciously at Sherry and instead looked over at Hibiki startled.

Her surprise was not really that surprising, Fairy Tail had sent its most powerful team, Lamia Scale had sent their most powerful members, and Blue Pegasus had done the same thing. However, this one previously unknown Guild was sending a lone single wizard to assist them against the powerful Dark Guild Oración Seis. Whoever they were, he or she had to be very powerful.

"Yes, that is correct. I am given to understand that it is their most capable member." Jura said with a resolute nod of his head as he looked over at Lucy.

"Sorry, sorry! I'm so sorry everyone!" A childish voice suddenly called out from the doorway, cutting off any reply to Jura.

Everyone turned to see a young girl with hazel coloured eyes and long, straight blue hair rushing towards the group of wizards. Many, at first, didn't know what to think of it, though at the sight of the Cait Shelter Guild Mark on her upper right arm, it was clear who she was, she was the final member of their party, the only wizard Cait Shelter was sending to help wipe out Oración Seis.

Catching breath, the girl quickly dusted off her dress, before she looked up nervously at the group of much older wizards in front of her. "E-err h-hello" The girl stuttered out her face quite red as she saw the way the others were looking at her.

"You are the delegates from Cait Shelter, I presume?" Jura Neekis replied calmly, not at all taken aback by the girl's apparent youth.

"E-err yes, m-my name is W-Wendy Marvel…" Wendy replied shakily as she looked up at the large imposing wizard. "S-sorry about being late. We're uh, n-not really familiar with the area, so it was hard for us to find a way through these woods. B-but I was sent from my guild to help beat the Oración Seis since they're operating nearby. I-I know that I'm probably not going to be much help, but I…"

Before anyone else could comment or question who this 'we' Wendy mentioned was, they were once interrupted by the sound of another voice.

"Really, Wendy, you must project more confidence than that." A feminine voice chided, drawing the attention to the open doorway once again as a much smaller figure confidently strode through it.

"S-Sorry, Carla!" Wendy said, a slight blush coming to her cheeks as she spoke.

It was then that a rather strange thing occurred. From behind the legs of the petite young wizard, a white cat wearing miniature human clothes coupled with a large pinkish-purple bow tied towards the end of her tail walked out. She had brown eyes and a condescending demeanor.

"Honestly…" Carla trailed off.

"W-Whoa s-so pr-pretty…" Happy breathed out quietly.

"Hm? Oh, sorry, this is Carla! She err… she kind of followed me here." Wendy replied with an embarrassed and guilt look on her face as she once again nervously looked up at the other wizards in the room.

"Wait!" Sherry said hurriedly a confused look on her face as she looked at the little girl, before looking around at the other wizards in the room. "Now, I'm not sure how things are done in your guilds, but don't you think this girl is a little too young to be here? We're trying to exterminate one of the most powerful Dark Guilds in the kingdom here! Don't you think she's too young for a mission like this?"

"Sherry does have a point," Lyon said nodding his agreement much to the pink haired woman's pleasure.

Hearing this Wendy wilted slightly, her already low confidence becoming even lower. Despite that though she wanted to be involved, she wanted to represent her Guild.

Before she could speak though, yet another voice spoke up. By this point the occupants of the room had learned not to be surprised as dramatic entries seemed to be the norm with this group.

"Well that's a load of complete shit isn't it?!" A strong and confident voice spoke up as a man walked through the doorway, only unlike the other times this man had not been expected at all.

The man who walked through the door way was a tall lean man, with a very muscular and athletic physique. He had ruggedly handsome features, thick slightly shaggy black hair and twinkling sea green eyes. The man wore born leather boots, slight ripped and frayed black jeans, a baggy plain red T-shirt and a black knee length coat, one that look liked it had seen a lot of travelling. Around the man's neck was a necklace with a five round beads on it, each one had a symbol on it, the fifth one had the black Fairy Tail symbol on it.

The last and most noticeable thing about the man was the golden hilted sword he had belted at his waist; the four foot long blade had a plain black leather sheath and silver wire for its grip. The reason why this rather simple looking blade was so noticeable was because it was sheathed at his waist, normal a wizard would keep a magical blade like this one clearly was within their re-equip space like Erza did, this man however didn't.

"It doesn't matter how old someone is, anyone no matter their age or experience can be brave and help out if they want to. Only a fool would turn down help, no matter how old the source of that help is." The man continued a frown on his face as his green eyes locked on Sherry's.

"And just who are you supposed to be?" Lyon asked with a scowl, not recognizing this wizard. "This is a private party and somehow I don't think you were invited."

Lyon's opinion though wasn't shared by the other people in the room.

"Perseus!" Erza cried out in surprise a brilliant smile crossing her usually stoic smile as she saw her old friend enter the building. "You're back."

Percy smiled slightly as he looked over at Erza, not at all surprised when she quickly crossed the room and threw her arms around. Chuckling slightly, Percy wrapped both his arms around Erza, his head getting buried in her crimson hair as he felt her hold him even tighter. "It's been a while Erza, I am glad you're well!"

( - )

Seeing how the usually stoic Erza was acting Lucy leaned over to Gray in confusion, noting as she did that both Gray and Natsu looked to have mixed feelings on the man's arrival.

"Hey Gray, who is that guy I don't recognise him?" Lucy said, getting Gray's attention as she did so.

Gray looked incredulously over at her as he heard that. "Seriously you have never heard of him, I thought you were a complete fan girl over famous wizards, especially Fairy Tail ones."

Lucy scowled lightly as she was referred to as a 'fan girl' but decided to ignore it for now, instead she focused on the man and could recall that he looked slightly familiar. "He is kind of familiar, though I can't remember who he is."

Gray rolled his eyes as he heard that before. "That's Perseus one of Fairy Tail's strongest members, he is also known as the 'God of Fairies'."

Lucy's eyes widened at that, before she snapped her head to look over at the handsome young man. She did know of him like Gray had said; only she thought he would look a lot older than he did. The 'God of Fairies', was pretty much a legend said to be one of the strongest wizards in Fiore and Fairy Tail's Ace. The reason why Lucy had thought he would look older was because he was already a legend when she had first started reading Sorcerers Weekly as a little girl, and had in fact been around for decades.

"If that is Perseus the 'God of Fairies' why am I only seeing him now?" Lucy asked, knowing as she did so that she had never seen the man before in person, in fact she had barely even seen him in pictures as he more often than not refused to allow others to photograph him.

Gray shrugged at that, not really caring. "He took a Decade Mission probably just over a year ago, was apparently some super difficult mission over in Seven. Obviously he has finished it and has come back."

"So cool" Lucy said in awe as she looked over at the powerful S-Class wizard, one who was said to be on a par with even the most powerful of the Wizard Saints, although that was all supposition as he had never accepted a position as a Wizard Saint. A frown suddenly crossed Lucy's face as she heard Gray's tone when talking about Perseus. "Do you not like him or something?"

Gray shrugged at that uncaringly. "I don't dislike him." Seeing the look on her face he decided to expand his statement. "When we were growing up at Fairy Tail he was the man, he was this super cool and strong guy, this role model we all aspire dot be like. He never had much time for us though, he never took much interest unless you were Laxus, Mira or Erza, those three he took an interest in, training and mentoring them so they all became S-Class, for the rest of us though…

Lucy frowned as she heard the bitterness and slight sadness in Gray's voice.

( - )

"So what are you doing here Percy?" Erza asked as she released the older man, a smile on her face as she looked up at him. "I thought you were on a Decade Quest?"

"The quest is complete. I went back to the Guild to see everyone. But was told on my way here that you had been sent on some dangerous mission to take on Oración Seis, and when I heard who they sent to support you, well I decided to take a detour and provide you some reinforcement."" Percy said with a fond smile down at Erza, conscious as he did that she was still holding onto his hand with both of hers.

Carefully extracting himself he turned to the rest of the gather wizards, noting a few familiar faces as he did, Jura Neekis and Ichiya. Giving the two a nod and receiving two respectful nods in reply Percy scanned the room, making eye contact with everyone there before saying. "Hope you don't mind if I join you?"

( - )

AN: So I know a part of this will just feel like a rehash of canon, but I feel it was necessary to outline some of the characters and help give some depth to the Fairy Tail world for those who do not know about it. Percy has arrived now and some of his character and relationships have been revealed.

With this story I am going to try and avoid making it just about none stop fighting and instead devote sometime to building up characters and their relationships. There will be some fights of course, but it won't be just sex and fights like a lot of crossovers end up being.

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