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Chapter 9: Battle Training and Class Reps

Entering through the rooftop door, Izuku and Momo started making their way to the sixth floor. Momo was creating several small dolls that looked like her.

"What are those?", Izuku asked, looking at her weirdly as she stored the dolls in her belt.

"Oh, these are Russian Matryoshka dolls."

"That's uh, Nice. Why are you creating them though?"

"You'll see", was her only reply as she smirked at him.

When they reached the staircase that led to the sixth floor, Izuku motioned for Momo to stop. He took off his headphones again to ensure Tenya and Katsuki's locations. Katsuki was on the third floor now while Tenya was still guarding the bomb. He put his headphones back on and motioned for her to move.

"This is the room", he whispered to her after reaching the door of the room where the bomb was kept.

Inside, Tenya was talking to himself. "Bakugou is a natural at being bad, but that fits this training perfectly. Then I must also devote myself to being a villain. That's right. This is another trial to turn me into a man who'll not bring shame to the Iida family. Become a villain! Be dyed with evil to become a hero!"

He did a poor imitation of an evil laugh before continuing, "I am extremely evil!"

Outside the room, Momo was trying hard to hold in her laughter.

"Well, he's into it", Izuku murmured, shaking his head.

Meanwhile, Katsuki was on the second floor looking out for Izuku and Momo. He went over to each window and saw that there was no sign of entry. He had assumed that if they entered, it would be through the second floor. He was about to go down to the first floor when a thought struck him.

"Did the nerd enter through the roof?"

As soon as the thought entered his mind, he turned and started running up the stairs. He tried calling Tenya through his earpiece but received no answer.

"Goddamnit! How could I have been so careless! That nerd would totally plan to enter through the roof."

After regaining her composure, Momo whispered to Izuku, "Shut your eyes. Now!"

As soon as Izuku shut his eyes close, Momo threw the Matryoshka dolls she created inside the room. Tenya was alerted by the rolling dolls towards him, which opened up to reveal flash grenades that exploded, blinding him.

"Let's go", Izuku said while rushing in. He tackled the blinded Tenya to the ground, tying his wrists behind the back with the capture tape provided. Momo quickly retrieved his earpiece.

After restraining Tenya, they could hear footsteps rushing up the stairs. Izuku nodded to Momo and she nodded back, creating a stun gun as fast as she could. Izuku just walked up to the weapon and touched it.

"Retrieved", he said as soon as Katsuki entered through the door and was shot by the stun gun. He fell down to floor paralysed, glaring hotly at Izuku.

"Good job", Izuku said, going over to Momo and raising his hand.

"Yeah", she said as she high fived him.

The rest of the class was gaping at the screen in the monitor room.

"The Hero team", All Might said as his smile grew even bigger, "Wins!"

"That was a sick plan", Denki said.

"Did you see how he took Iida down so easily", Mina said, bouncing on her feet.

"And they restrained the villains without even needing to fight them", Eijiro said, grinning widely.

When both the Hero team and the Villain team were present in front of All Might and the rest of the class, All Might said, "The MVP for the match is Young Midoriya. Anyone wanna tell why?"

Shoto raised his hand and said, "Yes All Might sir. Midoriya was the one to come up with the plan and he provided the mobility required for them to enter through the roof. He also cooperated splendidly with Yaoyorozu, having her play a part in the capture and retrieval. It was obvious that Bakugou decide to go by himself due to some personal grudge and Iida wasn't paying much attention to his surroundings."

"He said more than I expected", All Might thought, trembling slightly.

"Well, Young Midoriya was splendid out there. He showed that he had both fighting skills as well as good cooperation and is able to come up with plans on the spot. But, that was correct", All Might said, giving Shoto a thumbs up.

Izuku was rubbing the back of his head bashfully and Katsuki was trembling with rage.

"Am I not even worth fighting with the nerd? Is that what he thinks?", he thought, snapping out of it as All Might placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Whether you win or lose, looking back and learning from your experiences is a part of life."

Katsuki took a deep breath on hearing that as his rage cooled down a bit. Maybe All Might was right. Maybe he needs to reflect back on his actions.

"All right everyone, let's change locations and start the second match. Tackle this training after thinking on what we just talked about."

"Yes, sir!", everyone responded with renewed enthusiasm.

The second match was between Shoto and Mezo as the Hero team and Mashirao and Tooru as the Villain team. Needless to say, Shoto froze the whole building, making the villains unable to move and gaining an easy victory over them.

The rest of the class was shivering while looking at the screen. Izuku and Momo marvelled at Shoto's strength and Katsuki was actually afraid at seeing more people that were stronger than him.

One by one each team finished their matches. At the end, everyone was gathered before All Might at the place where they had gathered at the start of the class.

"Good work everyone!", All Might said to the gathered students before him. "We didn't have any injuries during the matches either. You guys took this on seriously! You all did a great job for your first training!"

"To have such a proper class after Aizawa-sensei's class", Asui started to say, "it's kind of anticlimactic", she finished as some students around her nodded.

"We're free to have proper classes as well! Well then, I have to dismiss the class now. Change and return to your classroom!", All Might said before vanishing in a cloud of dust.

When they all were changed and back in the classroom, everyone surrounded Izuku.

"Man, you were so cool out there", Denki said.

"Yeah! No one else's match went as fast as yours", Mina said, bouncing on her feet.

"After seeing you guys' performance, how could we let down on ours. So, we did our best as well", Sato said.

Izuku was just scratching his cheek bashfully.

"You guys are giving me too much credit. Without Momo, we couldn't have pulled off that plan. So, she did her best as well", Izuku said, nodding towards Momo, who blushed as the group's attention shifted to her.

"You were really good out there, Yaomomo", Jirou said.

Izuku smiled on seeing Momo getting the praise she deserved. His attention shifted towards the door as he saw Katsuki leaving. He excused himself from the conversation and went after Katsuki.

"Bakugou", Izuku called out when they both reached the gates, "A moment please, if you don't mind."

"Deku", Katsuki said with a sneer, "Did you come here to gloat about how you beat me without even using your quirk? Is that it?"

"That's not it, dammit! This is why we can never have a proper talk", Izuku said while rubbing his temples.

"Then what did you want to talk about, nerd?", Katsuki asked, turning towards Izuku fully.

"Pride is a good thing to have, Bakugou. You have all the abilities needed to become a pro. But you can't let that pride get to your head."

Katsuki grit his teeth and yelled, "Shut up! You think I don't know that? After seeing that ponytail girl defeating me so easily. After seeing that Ice guy, I thought that they're too strong for me."

He wiped the tears of frustration that sprang to his eyes before continuing, "I'm just starting out, dammit! This is the place where I'll take the top spot. And not even you, ponytail girl or Ice guy can stop me from becoming number one."

"Heh", Izuku said with a smirk, "Just what I expected of you. Don't go back on your words, Katsuki. After all, we're rivals."

Katsuki allowed a small smirk to adorn his face before saying, "Just you wait till I crush you, nerd."

Meanwhile, All Might was looking at them from behind one of the columns.

"I came to counsel Young Bakugou, but what the hell Kid! You just gave him a hell of a pep talk yourself. Looks like I made the perfect choice when I chose you as my successor", he thought as a grin came to his thin face.

(The next day)

A reporter raised a mic to a bored Izuku's face while asking, "Hey, you. How are All Might's classes?"

"I think I have to go to the nurse's office. Please excuse me", he replied before pushing through them and entering the school.

Ochako, Tenya and Katsuki were interviewed by the reporters as well. Ochako didn't say anything meaningful, Tenya bored them with his explanation and Katsuki nearly exploded when one of the reporters mentioned the sludge incident. The reporters were shut outside when UA's security kicked in after one of them tried to enter the gates.

Aizawa was addressing class 1-A about the training they underwent the day before.

"Good work on yesterday's combat training. I saw the videos and results", he sighed before looking towards Katsuki.

"Bakugou, you're talented so don't go acting like a kid."

"I know", Katsuki muttered, averting his eyes.

"And Midoriya. You settled it without using your quirk? That was impressive. Your plan and cooperation with Yaoyorozu were flawless as well. I expect you to keep this up."

"Yes, Sensei!"

"Now let's get down to homeroom business. Sorry about the late notice but today, I'll have you.."

"Take another special test?", the class thought with dread.

"Decide on a class representative."

"Oh, it's actually a normal school activity", everyone thought with a sigh of relief.

To be continued..

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