Chapter One: A new beginning

Elizabeth shifted in her seat and looked out the window. There was another 30mins left before her plane was to due to land. Doesn't seem to matter how often I fly, it's always my least favourite part of travelling she thought. The rest of the fight was rather uneventful and spent most of it wrapped up in all the new changes happening in her life. This was her first big break so to speak. She was nervous about how her family would react once they found out she had decided to pursue acting. As luck would have it she decided to take a chance and try out for a new series and ended securing a supporting role. This ended up being one of best decisions of her life thus far.

Jack was running late. His plane had been delayed and he ended up missing the last flight of the night. Needless to say by the time he reached Vancouver he was feeling agitated. "Figures the first day of a new job I end up running late," he mumbles to himself. He had a family name to uphold, coming from a long line of actors and directors. The last thing he needed was more negative press.

Lost in thought he didn't notice the woman getting off the escalator before it was too late. In a matter of seconds there was suitcases everywhere. "Hey! Watch where you are going," he glared at the woman who had just run into him. He didn't have time for this, the director was expecting him 2hrs ago. "Wow, I'm sorry but I believe you ran into me. Most people apologize NOT yell at the person they just knocked over," Elizabeth responded. She didn't have the energy to deal with this guy's crappy attitude

"Whatever, next time watch you are going. I don't have time for this!" He responded in the same gruff tone he'd used previously and made no attempt to help Elizabeth with her suitcases. By the time she had gathered up her things the man was gone.

"What a jerk!" she said out loud to no one in particular. Despite the rather rude interaction with the strange man she wasn't going to let it bring her down. This is an amazing opportunity, she smiled and made her way to the arrival gate to collect the rest of her luggage.

A few hours later and Elizabeth had finally settled into her hotel room. "Guess this will be home for the new 6months," she said aloud to herself as she stared out one of the windows. The hotel was well situated, close enough to downtown and had lovely view of the pacific ocean. The rest of her evening was spent unpacking and prepping for her early morning meeting with the director and fellow cast-mates. It took a few hours but Elizabeth managed to fall into broken sleep. Images of a new life and all that she left behind filtered their way into her dreams.

Jack had finally managed to get a hold of the director, Kerry , they agreed that it would make the most sense to meet up in the morning. Jack let out a sigh of relief. He had been waiting at the baggage claim for 20mins and still hadn't seen his checked items. "This day just keep getting better and better" he bemoaned to himself.

3hours later than planned Jack made his way up to his hotel room. He took a quick inventory of the space, close to downtown and view of the ocean. "If this is home for the next few months, I think I can get used to it." Jack said to the empty room. It took no time for him to crash, falling into a deep sleep. The days events had finally caught up with his body.


Elizabeth woke up with a start trying to quickly locate and silence the obnoxious sound coming from her phone. She quickly got showered and dressed making her way down to lobby with 20mins to spare. Given the extra time she had to wait and the fact her nerves were on overdrive she decided to grab a coffee from Starbucks just outside the hotel.

"At least this will keep me busy." She thought to herself.

Just as Elizabeth had left the lobby the elevator doors opened and Jack walked out. "So far this day is off to a good start" he mused to himself, "I'm ready early and I have the chance to grab a coffee."

Elizabeth looked up from the newspaper she was reading just in time to see a tall man walk in. He looked vaguely familiar but she couldn't place him. It wasn't until she heard him order his drink that it finally clicked. "I KNOW that voice! That's totally the guy from the airport." She could feel the anger from yesterday bubbling to the surface. Typically Elizabeth wasn't one for confrontation. In fact most of her life was spent running from it.

Today was different, This is a new me, she thought. I need to start learning how to stand up for myself.

By the time she had talked herself into saying something Jack was already out the door. Grabbing her coffee and purse Elizabeth quickly hurried out the door.

"HEY, EXCUSE ME!" Jack spun around to see young woman standing before him. She looked vaguely familiar and none too impressed.

"You ran me over in the airport yesterday. Not only that, you YELLED at me and didn't even stop to check to see if I was okay." By now Elizabeth was feeling somewhat better that she had taken the opportunity to speak her mind.

Still the stranger from the airport hadn't attempted to say anything and continued to look at her sheepish grin that Elizabeth found quite irritating.

Jack had finally put two and two together. This woman yelling at him in the street was the one he had knocked over yesterday. In all honesty he had completely forgotten about their meeting. Far too wrapped up in his own thoughts.

After what seemed like hours, Jack spoke, "Look I'm sorry. Yesterday was really terrible. I was late for a new job and frustrated. Clearly I took that out on you and our suitcases." He ran his hand through his hair. "I don't make it a habit of running people over in airports." Jack tried to break the tension a bit. The woman's mood seem to soften a bit after his apology. She was slender and well dressed. Jack inwardly chastised himself, now was not the time to be checking out this woman.

Elizabeth broke through his thoughts. "Umm….well okay then, thanks for the apology." Clearly she wasn't expecting that reaction. "I'm Elizabeth," she smiled shyly. This tall man with piercing green eyes seemed to intrigue and frustrate her at the same time. It must be my nerves and maybe a bit too much caffeine Elizabeth thought to herself.

"I'm Jack" The man interrupted her internal dialogue. He offered her a smile. Elizabeth glanced down at her phone. 7:05am…. "Oh no! I'm late." Before Jack could even form a sentence she was gone.