It had only been a few days, but Morticia and Gomez knew they were meant for each other. Their souls were mated, pulling them towards one another from first sight. Neither could deny the overwhelming passion that consumed them entirely, yet they were forced to try. Despite Gomez's dislike for his betrothed the wedding was still on. In a few mere hours Morticia would watch as the love of her life dedicated his life to love her sister. Gomez was not shy about his objections to the arrangement, but the Addams' pride prevented him from slighting the Frump family by breaking off the engagement. They each tried to subtly encourage Ophelia to escape the agreement, but it was to no avail. Ophelia was oblivious to the fact that Gomez was uninterested. She lived in her head, meaning her circle of existence did not have a wide range which kept her naïve. Ophelia continued to try and impress Gomez with her various skills, never noticing that his eyes were always on her sister.

The time was nearing for everyone to get ready for the ceremony. Gomez sought out his somber love, desperate for one last stolen moment before his fate was sealed, and she was taken from him. As he entered the conservatory, a whiff of perfume assaulted his nostrils. It was a scent he now knew by heart, even smelling it in his dreams. The freshness of the aroma told him that she had just passed by, the air still holding on to the small piece of her that she left behind. Then he spotted her, and in a fraction of a second he had enveloped her in his arms.

"Tish," He inhaled the intoxicating scent of her hair. "I've been looking everywhere for you."

"Oh Gomez." She turned in his embrace, blue eyes lifting slowly to look up at his face. Tears brimmed her large eyes as she stared desperately into his hazel depths. "What are we going to do?" The question stabbed Gomez in the heart, each whispered word creating a new wound in the racing organ. He squeezed her against him, the force of his hold momentarily stealing her breath.

"Cara Mia," his voice stopped after uttering the term of endearment. His darling was looking to him for answers, yet he had none. There was only one thing that Gomez Addams was sure of, so those were the words that graced his tongue. "I love you, Morticia." Her tears began to fall with his gentle declaration. "That will never change, querida. For all eternity, I will only breathe your name, every thought will be of you." Warm lips captured hers with desperation. He could feel her fingers caressing the side of his face as he delved into her inviting mouth. When they pulled away, they gasped for air. The need to breathe had been overruled by their need to taste each other.

"I love you, Gomez. I always will."

Once again, their lips met aggressively, trying to possess one another through their aching mouths. Morticia's lithe body melted into Gomez, erasing all space that existed between them.

"Morticia!" Hester Frump's voice bellowed throughout the house. The unwanted sound pushed Morticia out of Gomez's embrace. Hurriedly she tried to compose herself, running a hand down her plaited raven hair and down each ivory button of her modest dress. She felt as if her love for Gomez was radiating off her, making her secret known to anyone that looked at her.

"Tish," Gomez took her hand in his, not ready to surrender her. She paused, frozen in the moment between their affection and their damnation. Sapphire eyes conveyed a heart full of sorrow and longing. The realization that this was their last intimate moment crushed her. She could not imagine loving anyone other than the hot-blooded man that was now crushing her hand in his. The future seemed black, as if it could not exist if she was not with him.

"Morticia!" Hester's cry grew louder. Gomez watched as a tear slipped from his beloved's eyes and rolled down her alabaster cheek. Without another thought, she kissed him. The kiss was soft and loving, gently stopping the ominous progression of time. When Gomez opened his eyes, Morticia was gone.

He sighed and went to prepare himself for his death sentence. He felt nothing as he got dressed, the image in the mirror was an ignorant stranger not himself. Numb, he seemed to float through the next hour not really living, just watching as time passed him by. Mama came to bring him down to the parlor. Gomez didn't hear a word she said to him, he just mindlessly followed. He stared unseeing at the staircase, awaiting his doom. A spark of life jolted through his eyes, ignited by the sight of her winsome figure descending the steps. Her shapeless, collared dress was gone, replaced by a form fitting black gown. Gomez stared, practically salivating at the exposure of her feminine curves which had been previously hidden. Her long dark hair gracefully framed her face and accentuated the deep sweetheart neckline of her dress. Gomez had thought he was hopeless an hour ago, but now his obsession with Morticia was penetrating every fiber of his being. He felt himself gravitating towards her, the need to feel her controlling his every movement.

Morticia's heart sank when she finally looked at Gomez. He was so devilishly handsome, and the way he was looking at her sent shivers down her spine. She didn't know how she would live without him by her side. Morticia took her place, stealing glances at Gomez who was gaping at her. When Ophelia appeared, Gomez didn't even notice. He was a zombie reciting his vows, but Morticia heard every word with stinging clarity. When at last the priest announced them husband and wife, Ophelia pressed herself against Gomez. He stood still, arms still at his sides, lips unresponsive to the kiss. Morticia silently wept as her heart broke while watching her true love's lips become one with her sister's.