Booth was waiting for the case in the South Pacific.

Booth and Brennan there were because cases of the pirate attacks and their kidnappings. Brennan was there to investigate the skeletal remains of kidnapped people killed by pirates.

Booth belonged to the FBI agents who were tasked with getting pirated here.

"It's okay Bones. I just get those criminals and we return to the home." Booth said when they sailed on the ship. The ship belonged to the police and armed guards were here. It was dark and the Moon shone like a fairy tale.

"You act as if you back in the army Booth."

"You're here for bones, I for the pirates Bones."

"The soldiers had been investigating here, the other American soldiers here were supposed to see paradise in the bloody bath..."

Sweets probably thinks that chemistry is right between us. Booth said to himself.

"I'm going to lie down, tomorrow I have got a hard day like you Booth." Brennan said and she left.

The other FBI agents were also very curious about who the pirates were doing. Booth thought it a little odd that he and Brennan attended it because the team had to cope without them.

"There are Rook Islands. The home of the pirates. Nobody returned live." Booth heard captain of the ship this said.