Dog Days (Or The Canine Caper)

By: ChocolateEclar

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Chapter 6: In Which Everything Turns Out All Right

At that moment, Damodar (my dear friend) was getting ready to strangle his kid brother. "HOW COULD YOU LOSE, RHYS?!" he shrieked.

Damian, who had been cringing during his brother's rant, replied, "He turned into a human and left!"


"I think he got his memory back," mumbled Damian.

Damodar threw up his hands in exasperation and turned away from his sibling. 'Rhys, I thought I had rid myself of you…' he thought.

"Hey, Dar, the next time you try to get rid of someone, FINISH THE JOB!!!" I yelled from behind him.

Damodar whipped around in surprise. "H-How did you get in here?" he stammered stepping back a few paces.

I grinned. "Your dear, easily manipulated brother allowed me to enter your humble home," I replied coolly.

He slightly gulped; then he tried to run. Let me tell you, that was a big mistake. I had my friend hoisted up by his britches faster than you can say 'you are so dead!'

He yelped and glared down at his kid brother from the ceiling he was hanging from. "Why did you let this ingrate do this to me?!" he shouted down at him.

"Because he was going to hurt me," answered Damian truthfully.

I smirked innocently and held out my hand. Suddenly, resting on my palm, appeared a dangerous looking sickle, its semicircular blade glinting from the light shining through the windows.

Damodar's eyes widened and I chuckled. "Don't worry, I don't want your blood tainting this," I said. With a flick of my other wrist, the weapon was gone and I stepped closer to Damodar.

"If you ever try something like this again, Damodar, I will personally make you hurt more than my siblings, friends, and I made Apocalypse do the same," I threatened.

With that said, I left through a pair of wooden doors and out into the wide, open space surrounding the Reskins' residence. I snapped my fingers and listened for the cry and thump that would signal that gravity had captured Damodar again. It soon came.

Life feels so good.


 "Did ya see it?" Vihari asked hopefully.

I grinned at the boy. "Sure did. That was a real Paiw." We were gazing transfixedly at a strange kitten-like creature's enclosure. Every once in a while we would see the animal peek at us from behind a large tree. It had small rounded ears and a short bushy tail. Its glossy coat was smooth and a dark bluish lilac color. We were in a sort of Ingary version of a zoo but with the strangest animals known to man.

Vihari, who was bouncing on his heels now, asked, "Why is it dangerous to come near it, Rhys?"

"The sign over here says its fur's poisonous to the touch," I explained pointing at a large tan poster sticking in the ground in front of the fence surrounding the pen.

Vihari grinned as if that was the most remarkable thing he had ever heard. Was I ever like this? (Most likely now that I think about it.) The squirt grabbed my wrist and pulled me along behind him to another cage.

I seemed to have taken on the role of Vihari's baby-sitter that day. Mayuri, who finds Ingary amazing, was out shopping in Market Chipping with Wyn, my mom, Aunts Lettie and Martha, and Mac while the men (also known as my dad, Aidan, Morgan, Uncles Ben and Michael, and myself) took the children to the 'zoo.' The 'children' consisted of Mac and Morgan's Evan, Stephen, and Oliver, Wyn and Aidan's Nesta and Nate, and Mayuri's little brother Vihari of course. It was a nightmare keeping six little kids under control.

Tiny one and a half year old Evan cried constantly, causing the great 'Pegasus Emperor' to groan. As for the twins, they kept trying to sneak into the animal pens. (I strongly believe their father was ready to scream by the end of the trip.) My dad, on the other hand, was extraordinarily calm and helped the young dads out. Vihari wasn't so bad. He listened to me and acted relatively normal. I suppose I was just lucky. Think what my kids would act like if I married Princess Talitha?

Speaking of whom, she's actually been acting pretty nice around me. I bet its just because Queen Valeria told her off though. Oh well. At least she's not trying to kill me. Then again, she's attempting to be my girlfriend again and has been following me around a lot.

Mayuri and her have been giving each other what can only be called 'the evil eye.' Mayuri always raises one of her dark eyebrows and scowls while Talitha frowns and rests her hands on her hips. I don't understand why they do this, but I suppose they just don't like each. (A/N: ^_- Hehe. What a clueless boy I've made Rhys but isn't that always the way it goes? *readers glare at her causing her to gulp* Whoops! Sorry! I'll stop now! -_-)

At that very moment, Nate and Nesta were climbing over a railing while Aidan practically yelled bloody murder at his father-in-law who had been supposed to be watching them at the time. My dad laughed and plopped the twins off the fence. He really is good with kids its just sometimes he's not terribly responsible. I laughed and followed Vihari to another animal pen.

Yea, like I said, life is so good.

Oh, wait, scratch that! The 'girls' are back and Talitha and Mayuri look ticked.


The End


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