Show: General Hospital
Title: Las Vidas de los Corinthos
Rating: R
Pairings: Sexis, Elizabeth/Jason/Courtney, Ric/?
Other Characters sure to make an appearance: Carly (of course); AJ, Skye, Jax, Ned, Luke (hell: everyone in the whole town!!)
Disclaimer: Blah, Blah, None of these characters are my own. I'm sure the folks at ABC would appreciate me saying this. Really doesn't make any sense suing me, 'cause I don't have any money.

A/N: I just wanted everyone to know that this is my first GH story, so please R&R. All criticism is greatly appreciated. Also, this story is slightly AU: Sonny and Alexis met 22 years ago as teenagers, and by mistake, Alexis got pregnant. That baby was Elizabeth Webber, who was raised by Audrey until Alexis and Sonny came of age. In this story, Sonny, Ric and Courtney are brother and sister, Carly and Sonny are still married, Kristina is still dead, and while Alexis blamed Sonny for a while, she's come to terms with it. Kristina the baby is here, Alexis is not loca and they are kinda one big "happy" family. Now, on with the story....
They had to stop doing this. He knew it - they both knew it. But like heroin addicts, they just couldn't help themselves. Alexis shut the door and turned the lock, its sharp metallic click deafening in the near silence of the warehouse office.
His eyes drank in the sight of her form from behind the gigantic oak desk. Tall and slender, smooth olive skin with large expressive doe eyes. And lips... God! Like ripe strawberries... magic!
She didn't say anything as she swayed slowly toward him. She never did. She set her briefcase carefully on the desk and rounded the desk. He swiveled to face her. They stared at each other for what seemed an eternity before Alexis reached up and unclasped the silver clip that held her hair in place. The rich wavy chestnut mane cascaded around her shoulders, enveloping her face.
Wordlessly he reached up and began to unfasten the buttons on her crisp white blouse, revealing more and more of her as each button was released. Slowly, she sank down onto his lap before doing the same for him. He had already removed his jacket. **Thank God for small favors** she thought.
Frantically she dipped her head and captured his lips with her own. Their tongues battled before he teased her into a tender battle of wills. She broke the kiss and felt him lifting her skirt. He cocked an eyebrow as he realized she wore no underwear.
She ducked her head in embarrassment as she unbuckled his belt. She closed her eyes in pleasure and she felt him slide into her. "Just once more and then I'm done." She hadn't even realized she'd spoken out loud until Sonny tipped her head up to meet his gaze. He didn't bother to reply just captured her mouth with his.
He knew she was lying....


A/N: Well that's it for now. I had no idea how to start this. Don't even know if I should even bother continuing. Please R&R. If I do continue, the next part will contain some Liason/Journey angst.