Show: General Hospital

Title: Las Vidas de los Corinthos': Chapter 32

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One week later

A misleading modicum of calm had descended on Port Charles, and the superstitious part of her that she thought had been buried deep below years of pain, and anger and disappointment, threatened to rear it's ugly head, just waiting for something bad to happen.

Taggliatti's body had been found floating in the Port Charles River three days after Kristina had been returned to her parents; there was no word from his Enforcer Thomas Scaduto or three other employees: Sean Cassidy, Antonio Carelli and Phillip Newman. it was as though the four men had disappeared off the face of the Earth. More than likely, thought the cynical and definitely *not* superstitious Marcus Taggart they were probably all rotting in shallow graves in the middle of nowhere.

Not that she cared. she didn't. and she felt no guilt. An eye for eye.. My, my revenge was a bitch!

Elizabeth was set to be released from the hospital tomorrow. She had recovered quickly. physically at least. But at night her mind was plagued with nightmares. She had not told this to her parents herself. Francis had been that particular messenger. She'd 'healed', but there was no sparkle in her eyes, and her laughter was not as quick to spill over as in earlier times.

Alexis's heart ached for her daughter - with the wish to help her, to make things right. But she knew if she pushed, Liz would block her and pretend that everything was fine, even if inside she was dying. No, she would wait. Liz would talk to her when she was ready.

Alexis sighed in fatigue and shifted to her side, glancing at the clock: 2:14 the fluorescent digital numbers read. After two in the morning, and she was wide-awake in bed. alone for the first time in a week. After that amazing interlude in the bathroom, and a *real* breakfast, Sonny had taken Alexis and Kristina back to her house. Alexis had been astounded by the destruction that had greeted them as they walked through the foyer and the living room. Broken glass was everywhere, lying on the floor, on the upholstered furniture, winking like diamonds in the sunlight that streamed through the windows. Bullet holes riddled the filmy curtains at the window, and furniture was splintered. The telling brown stain of dried blood stood out starkly against the creamy carpet. It looked more like Beirut than Alexis's classy feng-shui inspired house.

"Oh my," she had gasped. Alexis had swayed on her feet as she sifted through the destruction, and only Sonny's strong grip on her elbow had kept her from landing on her jean-clad buttocks. Kristina had clung to her mother in fear, as bad memories of that night resurfaced, and regaining her wits, Alexis had swept her into her arms and up to her room.

She had adamantly refused Sonny's offer to have someone come and clean up the mess, instead she sank to her knees, and righted the furniture, and swept away the broken glass and various knick-knacks while he had silently watched from the doorway. When she was finished, and the room was returned to a state of semi-order, excluding the glaring brown bloodstains and bullet-ridden curtains, she had allowed him to take her into her arms. Surprisingly, she didn't cry. She was through shedding tears. She had retained her control and her temper through the next obliging interview with Taggart. He had tried to trap her in her lies, but as with many other times, he had failed yet again, forced to stomp away angrily in the face of Sonny's sarcastic amusement tinged with the slightest pang of anger that he would try to bait her so obviously.

They hadn't been separate since then. He hadn't returned to the penthouse. Instead, he had instructed Johnny to bring some of his things over, they ate together, they bathed together (much to Alexis's delight) and he had spent the last seven nights in her bed, their bodies nestled together like spoons after he worshipped her with his body.

The only night she had felt a fear that he would not come 'home' was when the eternally destructive Hurricane Carly blew back into Port Charles. She hadn't seen her since she'd come back, but she'd known that she was back - Benny had called, warning Sonny of her premature arrival. And despite everything she and Sonny had shared in those few short days, she couldn't keep that niggling fear from rising in her throat and threatening to choke her. He had been gone for the entire day, and she sat upstairs in her bedroom, surrounded by unlit vanilla candles in the darkness, crystalline tears streaming down her face, so sure he wasn't coming back.

When he had finally strolled into the bedroom well after midnight, she could barely see his face in the pale moonlight that filtered through the window. At first he didn't see her there in the corner, knees drawn to her chest, silently watching him in the dark. He had carelessly dropped his jacket on the floor, and exhaled a shuddering breath. She had known something was wrong then, and her concern for him had overwhelmed her fear, and she snapped on the bedside lamp beside her, bathing her side of the room in soft light.

He had seemed surprised to see her there. Her eyes had been huge in her face, and she looked like a child there, sitting like an overgrown doll in the darkness. They had widened even more as she gazed at his tired face. Three vicious parallel scratches lined the golden plane of his cheek. They didn't look deep, but they sure did look painful, and Alexis had known what had happened over at the Penthouse had *not* been pretty.

Alexis has risen to her knees then, and crawled toward the edge of the bed. Her crimson silk pajamas rustling against the crisp cotton sheets. Gazing into his fathomless eyes, she lifted a leaden hand to his cheek, ignoring his slight hiss of pain as she softly caressed the scratches. Reverently, she softly kissed each painful looking line before moving to his mouth and gently molding her mouth to his.

What had started out so innocent had turned into something so wild and feral, she would have been frightened if it were any other man who had pushed her back onto the bed, all but ripped her pajamas from her body and made love to her so desperately, like a drowning man looking for driftwood, or a ghost searching for a soul. And much, much after when the sweat had cooled on their naked bodies and their heart rates had finally returned to normal, he had wrapped his hands in her hair and fiercely whispered in her ear, "*Now* do you *truly* trust me enough to love you, Alexis?" She had been speechless for once in her life, and if the situation hadn't been so intense, Sonny would have found the strength to chuckle. Instead, she had pushed him to his back, sliding her nubile golden body over his and shown him without words just how much she trusted him.

That in it self had been a mere three days ago and now, yet again, she lay wide-awake at a Godforsaken hour in the morning, waiting for him to come home. She was a little alarmed and a lot curious. He had been acting strange all day, but that didn't matter. for the time being. As if some divine entity had heard her thoughts, she heard a heavy footfall coming up the stairs. Alexis quickly shifted back to her side again, her back to the doorway, feigning sleep. She kept her eyes closed and her breathing deep and even as her ears strained listening to his rustling movements as he came fully into the room. But she soon stopped pretending, and her practiced breathing calmed her, and she fell asleep.


Sonny hadn't bothered to flip on the lights when he stepped into the bedroom, not wanting to disturb the beautiful woman slumbering so peacefully on her side between the crisp white cotton sheets. The covers were tucked under her arms, and Sonny could see her nightclothes: peacock blue this time, and satin instead of silk, but alluring nonetheless.

He stood there, he didn't even know how long, just watching her sleep, her delicate features bathed in milky moonlight. The love he felt for this extraordinary creature, was astounding. any other experience he had gone through didn't even come remotely close: not with Lily, not with Lois, not with Brenda, certainly not with Carly. Alexis was unique and he wasn't ever going to let her go.

As he divested his clothing, he thought back to the past seven days and nights that led to the present. They certainly had been the most taxing but amazing days of his life. When he had first brought her back home, he had allowed her to stoically clean up the mess those bastards had left behind though every protective instinct in him was screaming at him to whisk her and their daughter away from the scene, but he some part of him knew that Alexis did not want someone else solving her problem, even if it was something as simple as cleaning up her living room, and he wasn't going to press her. It would have just been a waste of his breath.

After she was finished, he sat through the interview with that insufferable 'little' bastard, Taggart, knowing with every fibre of his being that Taggart was looking for the slightest infringement to hook and gut her with. But he failed. again, and Sonny had found it hilarious, and had told him so though under his words and dimpled smile was the edge of steel, and the murderous urge to just punch out the inquisitive bastard.

Four days later, it went from bad to worse, when his estranged wife decided she'd had enough with the covert hiding out, and had hopped on a plane, leaving her son in the care of Courtney and his nanny, back to Port Charles. When she finally made her way back to Penthouse 4, of course it was empty, and not even a guard was stationed at the door.

In true Carly fashion, she had proceeded to throw a hissy fit, smashing anything breakable against the walls that she had so painstakingly consulted with her interior designer over. Sonny had been alerted that "Mrs. Corinthos was causing quite a ruckus in the apartment, sir," by the dry-humoured British building superintendent. He was dreading having to face Carly, and he put off, until well after eleven, two hours after she'd arrived in Port Charles from the Caymans, before he strolled into the apartment, just barely avoiding serious bodily harm to his head after she'd thrown a porcelain vase at his head when he stepped through the door.

He had been holding his breath, hoping for the passive tear filled Carly he had spoken to when he told her she and Michael had to leave Port Charles but, alas, Lady Luck was apparently not on his side that evening.

He was prepared to calmly ask her for the divorce he so craved, but he should have known it wouldn't be that easy. What had ensued was classic Carly behaviour: cussing, screaming, more glass breaking. before it dissolved into crocodile tears, and pleading. and when that didn't work. her body. That she thought she could bribe him with her body disgusted him, and he told her as such, and she had gotten even angrier. She flew at him like a bat out of hell, pummeling him with her bony fists, and when he thrust her away from her, she had viciously scratched her long nails down the side of one golden cheek.

She had been unbelievably repentant then, settling down like all the wind had been taken out of her sails. The tears had started again, in earnest this time. and then she had played the ultimate guilt card: Michael.

Sonny had been so livid, he was afraid he would hit her. He said nothing to her, and that in itself halted her tirade in mid-sentence. The look he had leveled at her was cold, yet murderous, and all that needed to be said had been conveyed in that one look. The threat was there: he would destroy her if she tried to use their son against him. She had done it too many times before, and he had had enough of it! He had snatched up his jacket, and left her there on her knees, before him, groveling for forgiveness with epithets of forgiveness, and how much she loved him. The last thing he heard before he slammed the door on that soul sucking diseased chapter of his life was: "Sonny! Please don't leave me, Sonny! Sonny!"

On his way to Alexis's house, he had been astounded by how late it was, and all he could think about was going home, waking Alexis from her sleep, and making love to her till they both passed out from exhaustion. Of course when he came into the bedroom, he had been shocked to see that she was still awake, and he had taken one look at her tear streaked face and known that she knew Carly was home and had thought the worst.

He was prepared to tell her she had nothing to worry about when she had crawled towards him in her ridiculously sexy silk pajamas, looking for all the world like a scarlet angel, and she had kissed him with such tenderness, that he had forgotten his disgust over his whore of a soon-to- be-ex-wife. When she kissed him, it had all made sense again, and he had wanted to prove to her again beyond a shadow of a doubt just how much he did love her, drill it into her head over and over again until she knew it like she knew the back of her hand. He had made love to her, so desperately, just shy of violence, but much to his delight she hadn't pulled away, drawn into that fucking shell that she erects when she needs to protect herself, but she had been so open with him his heart sang. When it was over and he whispered to her if she could finally trust him to love her, she hadn't responded and he was scared because he felt sure that he had misread her response to him while they were making love, but she had pushed him back into the mattress and given him the best answer he could have hoped for.

That memory brought a smile to his face in the darkness and a rush of warmth to his loins, but it faded as he thought back to the events of tonight. He had finally slain the final dragon. He had finally dampened his temper enough to go personally see Ned Ashton.

It had been arranged for well after lock down, and Sonny's sleek black limousine had pulled into the Penitentiary car park well after midnight. The shifty little warden's palms didn't even need to be greased. he wouldn't dare try to bribe Sonny Corinthos! The prisoner had been roused from his sleep at 12:30 and brought blurry-eyed to the conference room.

He should've guessed then that something was wrong, but in his manifesting madness, Ned was blind to that fact. When he had seen who his visitor was, though, he had paled, and for the first time in a long while, Ned Ashton felt scared.

Sonny Corinthos sat across from him, immaculately dressed in silver-grey Armani, looking no worst for wear, and very much alive. He had picked up the phone and gestured for Ned to pick up the other line. His sunny dimpled smile was very misleading in the dark quiet of the deserted room.

"Hello, Ned," purred Sonny, his fathomless brown eyes boring into the man sitting across from him.

Ned said nothing. He lost the capacity to speak as he stared at the man across from him.

Sonny was nonplussed, "You were pretty thorough. Down to a tee. Gosh. if I didn't have an inside man in Taggliatti's operation and your own damn cousin wasn't so nosy, I might never have been able to find my daughter," he continued conversationally.

Still, Ned said nothing.

"What's wrong, Nedley? Cat got your tongue?" asked Sonny, inky eyebrows lifted high. "I would have thought a man with iron balls like you would have been a lot more vocal." The silence stretched longer. Sonny lost his interest in the game. "I thought you would have learnt by now, Ashton," he hissed. "All those years in fancy schools, weaned on your Quartermaine blood money, I would've thought you would've been a helluva lot smarter. But I guess old habits die hard, Ned. You always were a sick *stupid* sonofabitch. I think you like getting your teeth kicked in."

Sonny leaned forward, not letting Ned lose eye contact. "You ever wondered why you're still alive? Nah, I don't think you ever wondered. it's because I let you stay alive! Because countless women have begged for your life: Lila, Lois, even Alexis. you're a miserable excuse for a man, Ashton, you don't deserve their love. I don't think if they knew what a sick sonofabitch you really were they'd still be pleading for you! But I do it for them, because I care about them.. But let it be known Ashton, you try something like that again, the next time, I won't be so nice.

"Remember, I got your number, Nedley." he purred, "Cell block A. 241.. Remember, accidents happen. be careful.." He let the insinuation hang in the air, before slamming the phone on the cradle and making to leave. "Have a nice night, Ned," he mouthed, heading to the door. When the metallic door slammed behind him, he slipped each of the two guards three crisp one hundred dollar bills. The brawnier guard grinned while accepting the money, and flexed his baton. "Have fun, boys," instructed Sonny in morbid humour. Ned didn't think he would get off so easy, did he?

He had instructed his driver to drive like the hounds of hell were snapping at his backside, and he had arrived back at Alexis's house just after 2. 2:24 to be exact, but who's checking? He still thought of it as Alexis's house, but when he had permanently removed Caroline Corinthos nee Benson from his humble abode, he'd make sure to give Alexis carte blanche with the decorating. *and* get her a new mattress. He sighed. that bed had some fond memories. after all Kristina had been conceived there. But he'd give it up if she wanted him to. he couldn't keep making love to her in the shower; he wasn't as young as he used to be!

By that time he had undressed and slipped into his black pajama bottoms. He slid into the bed, his side cold, and he cuddled up to Alexis, using her body heat to warm him up. She was wearing a nightshirt, and her thighs were bare and silky against his. He could feel the heat again, and his hands reached under her shirt to glide against her smooth skin and he cupped a bare breast in his palm. Alexis moaned and wriggled her bottom against his lap in her sleep.

He kissed the sensitive spot just below her ear, as his fingers gently caressed her. she was slowly coming awake as he pressed soft wet kisses along her neck and she finally opened her sleepy brown eyes and turned in his arms. She grinned devilishly, and hooked a long leg around his hip.

"Hi," she whispered, her voice husky from sleep.

"Hi," he whispered back, capturing her lips with his.

She let him kiss her a little longer before she pulled away. "Do you want to talk about it?" she asked pointedly.

"Nah," he muttered dismissively, as he gathered the satiny folds of her nightshirt until it was bunched around her waist. "Not right now."

He pulled the nightshirt up and over her head, leaving her body half exposed before him, her nipples tightening in the cool of the air- conditioned room. Alexis wrapped her arms around his neck and let him kiss her again.

Sonny pulled the tiny bikini briefs down past her hips until she was nude beneath him, and her hands delved into the waistband of his bottoms and she held him hot and hard in her hand. He had gasped at the contact, and his arms, holding him above her were trembling in exertion.

He had kicked off the pants in quick succession and slid into her without warning. She moaned at the sensation of being so full, and their hands entwined over her head as he drove deeper into her, sending them both mad with the sensation. Alexis gave up all thoughts to heaven or hell. wherever thoughts go, and she reveled in her senses as she moved beneath him. their bodies perfectly in sync with one another.

They fell off the cliff together, blinded by the bright light that exploded behind their eyes, and neither could move or speak. Sonny buried his face in her hair as Alexis clasped her legs and arms around his slick body. Finally, after seemingly an eternity, Sonny eased out of her, and onto his side, bringing her with him until they faced one another.

Alexis smiled sleepily as Sonny tucked a sweaty strand of hair behind her ear. "I love you," he whispered fiercely, his brown eyes burning into hers. Alexis smiled. Everything was perfect in that moment. not good. perfect. For once! She mentally shoved away any misgivings on how nothing lasts forever. Fuck superstition!

"I love you, too."


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